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Your zodiac sign and money.

Aries - Don’t give them a credit card; likely to make many impulse purchases; will constantly need to learn to budget their money

Taurus - They not only intend to make a lot of money, but hold onto it; likely to invest in something that will guarantee some sort of financial security

Gemini - Will likely go back and forth with their money; at times will have more than enough, other times will spend it all; always seeking a bargain; money is always on their mind

Cancer - Tends to pay things in installments a lot; very good with keeping a stash of money around; can be very frugal at times; this sign is believed to have more “self-made millionaires” than other signs

Leo - Definitely spenders; will often spend money the shouldn’t; will also spend money on those they love and will never see a problem with that; should be encouraged to keep a savings account

Virgo - Very apprehensive about spending money; can be the kings and queens of “frugality”; will likely spend more on their loved ones (especially their mate) than themselves; good with finding ways to make money

Libra - Loves to spend money, especially when entertaining; will buy what they like, even if more on the expensive side; credit cards might take a hit due to high spending; good at keeping money in some type of account or “stash”

Scorpio - What they have in their pocket is something you’ll never know; typically good at saving money or being able to keep money coming in; will spend excessively only when necessary

Sagittarius - Finances get better with age; when young, keeping a hold on money can be difficult; more is learned on the importance of holding money as they mature; may take risks with their money or have debt if luck is pressed too much

Capricorn - Knows how to manage money quite well; will likely keep good records of what is being spent; not cheap but can have a tight hold on how much money they dish out

Aquarius - Credit cards were made for them; likes the idea of spending and not having to think about it; may need help budgeting their funds

Pisces - Possess the ability to draw money to them; may be tempted by “get-rich” schemes; in any event, will do what they need to do to be economically sound, especially for their families

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