Hi, my name is Jessica Strala. I’m a relationship astrologer and dating coach. I launched The Zodiac City back in 2013 as a hub for all of my thoughts on astrology and spirituality.

How did I get into Astrology?

Back in college, I took an astrology course and was instantly fascinated by the material. I couldn’t get it out of my mind – for thousands of years, people have been looking at the stars for inspiration and coming away with answers. I had to find out more so I took an internship under a local astrologer in my hometown.

I was lucky – I grew up in a tourist town so there were 100s of different people from all walks of life who would come in. As a result, I got the chance to read tons of unique charts and help where I could.

Why did I create The Zodiac City?

I originally created The Zodiac City 9 years ago as a hub for all of my knowledge about astrology. It started out as a Tumblr blog filled with astrology quotes, notes, and articles. Since then, it has morphed into so much more.

I’ve found I really enjoy the process of helping others understand their charts and what it means for their situation. The Zodiac City is here to help you – the reader.

Meet Our World Class Zodiac City Team

It’s not just me – we have a wonderful team of writers filled with 20+ years of combined astrology experience and multiple published books.

Leah Goldberg – Astrologer/Writer

Leah Goldberg is an expert Astrologer who has studied Modern, Medieval, and Evolutionary Astrology. She is a natural psychic and Tarot card reader as well. She wrote the Horoscope column for Glamour Magazine for almost a decade, has been on radio and writes for multiple Astrology websites. She is currently working on an Astrology relationship book!

Contact Us

For business inquiries and guest posts contact us at contactzodiaccity@gmail.com.