7 Obvious Signs That an Aquarius Man is Not Interested

Aquarius men are really eccentric and hard to figure out. The main reason is that they don’t express their feelings, or emotions, easily; in fact, it makes them super uncomfortable to do so. They are rational thinkers that constantly think with their brains, and not their hearts. That’s why when they break up with you, it can be so “cut-throat” and harsh!

These men are the most emotionally disconnected Zodiac sign. They’re here to connect with people, make lots of friends, advance technology in the world, and elevate ideals. They’re the men that keep accelerating the pace of the world.

Are you in love, or “like,” with an Aquarius man, but he doesn’t seem interested? Well here’s an explanation as to how he loses interest:

Do Aquarius Men Lose Interest?

Aquarius men certainly lose interest in things that don’t challenge their brains, and situations that don’t turn them on in the least. If your Aquarius crush, or boyfriend, doesn’t find you exciting or intriguing anymore, he’ll simply lose interest really fast, and he’ll show this by disappearing, or getting really emotionally cold around you.

It does take an Aquarius man a while to lose interest though. That’s because when they first meet you, they’ll barrage you with questions about yourself. In the beginning, they’re super curious and want to know everything about you.

As their interest fades, they’ll simply stop asking questions about you, and will do their own thing, leaving you behind. They’ll be here and there, only showing up sporadically in your life, confusing you and making you ask the question, “Is he into me, or not.”

Well, the following are 7 super obvious signs that he’s just not into you. This will definitely give you the confirmation you so desperately seek as to know whether your Aquarius man likes you or not.

Get a cup of tea, wipe away any tears you might have, take a deep breath in, feel strong, and carry on reading!

7 Signs an Aquarius Man is Not Into You

1. He’ll Make Up Stories to Get Out of Obligations

Did your Aquarius boyfriend promise to take you to the doctor or lawyer to sign some documents, only to suddenly tell you he has food poisoning the morning of the day you’re supposed to go together, so that he doesn’t have to take you?

Or, do you have an Aquarius crush and you’re supposed to go out on a date, and he cancels on you an hour before?

Well these are both obvious signs that he’s just not into you. He doesn’t take your needs, wants or feelings into consideration, and would rather let you suffer the consequences of not being able to make your doctor or lawyer’s appointment, or not meet up with you, so that he doesn’t have to be with you.

Honestly, who needs this? If your Aquarius man does this to you – rather say goodbye!

2. He Won’t Care About Special Celebrations

Is it your birthday? Or is it a special anniversary? Well these days are important, and guess what? If an Aquarius man is not into you he won’t give a damn. In fact, he’ll make things painful for you.

He’ll argue about your birthday, and ask why he has to get you a gift when he can rather surprise you any day of the year, and will even give you the excuse that choosing something for you is too difficult a task.

When he takes you out, he’ll choose a really cheap restaurant that won’t cost him much. That way he can order whatever he wants, and (possibly) pay for you, and it won’t affect him, or his bank balance.

This will obviously cut deep and hurt, because men of other Zodiac signs simply wouldn’t act so callously around these special dates. Sorry if this is happening to you; it’s just a sign that your Aquarius man is not into you.

3. He Doesn’t Want to Get Intimate With You

Does your Aquarius man pull away every time you reach for his hand, or try and kiss him? He may even get angry and tell you he’s not in the mood. Remember, Aquarius men are, by far, not the most romantic of all the Zodiac signs. 

However, if he’s doing this on a constant basis, and you go on for weeks and weeks without sex, then know that your Aquarius man really has no interest in you, and would rather be taking apart his computer, or spend time gaming, than appreciating your company.

The sad thing is, the fact that Aquarius men only get emotional sometimes through sex and intimacy, so, if he doesn’t want you in that way, it’s a real indication that he has no feelings left for you.

At the end of the day, don’t take it as a sign that you’re not a beautiful woman, or that there’s something wrong with you. It’s just the way he is, and you’re not doing it for him. Often Aquarius men can find the most “unattractive” women sexy, women that would just confuse your beauty standards, but it’s what some of them like. It has nothing to do with you!

4. He Won’t Introduce You to His Friends

One of the most obvious signs that an Aquarius man is not into you, is the fact that he won’t introduce you to his friends. This is a man that is always surrounded by friends, and if he doesn’t want you near any of his close circles, it just means that he doesn’t want you in his life, and is simply not into you.

He’s not really a family man, so if he doesn’t invite you to family gatherings in the beginning, don’t take it as a bad sign. However, if there’s no invitations to meet his mom, dad or siblings, after at least 6 months of dating, know he’s just not that into you.

The sad thing is that relationships should always include friends and family. It’s what enriches a couple’s life – to be surrounded by those that love them, and those they love. However, if Mr. Aquarius keeps excluding you, rather walk away and go have fun with the gals that love you most!

5. He Won’t Put Effort Into His Outfits

Look, to start off with, Aquarius men aren’t always the best dressers. They’re extremely eccentric and can often have a wacky dress sense! 

However, if he always looks like a total schlump when he comes to pick you up, not wearing deodorant or cologne, unshaved and fitted in dirty clothes with food stains all over them, he simply doesn’t care if you find him attractive or not.

It’s an obvious sign that he’s not into you, and to be honest, who wants to be around a guy that doesn’t even put in enough effort to look good, and wear clean clothes. If he’s going to be that way around you, rather say “adios!”

6. He Hardly Calls or Texts You  

If you aren’t on your Aquarius man’s mind, he’s simply not going to call or text you – and this can go on for weeks. Even when you send a text, it will take a day or two for him to even register that it’s there and take a look at it.

It’s really rude, and trust me, he doesn’t care how it makes you feel. He wants his space away from you, and the best way to do it, is just to ignore you. It may hurt your feelings, but it’s an obvious sign that he’s just not into you!

7. He Won’t Ever Pay for Your Meals

Aquarius men can be really frugal by nature. However, when they’re not into you, they become even more super-tight with their money, and won’t want to spend a dime on you. In their minds, you’re just not worth it.

They’ll come up with lame excuses that everything must be fair, and will make you split the bill every time, including the tip! Don’t be surprised if they ask you to pay half of the gas bill for fetching and taking you home!

None of us ladies want a man that treats us like that. It’s okay to front the bill sometimes and take care of our share – but to do it every single time? It’ll definitely make you feel like a friend (if even that) instead of a girlfriend.

If he treats you like that, you know what? Choose your favorite restaurant to go to, order your favorite dish, enjoy paying for it, and when he drops you off, say goodbye!

What to Do if an Aquarius Man is Distant?

If your Aquarius man is acting all cold and distant, the best thing to do is just give him his space, to work things out in his mind. You really need to just stay away – from his emails, texts, any sort of communication.

If you want him to notice you’re gone and start appreciating you a little more, you have to disappear so that he can actually feel that emptiness in his life and do something about it!

The Worst Thing You Can Do if an Aquarius Man is Distant

The absolute worst thing you can do if your Aquarius man is distant, is talk about feelings, emotions, or the relationship with him. Do this enough times and he’ll shut you out completely. All he’ll say to you, is that you’re so draining, and he can’t handle it. He’ll cut you out of his life permanently and won’t look back, so don’t try.

Hurtful Things an Aquarius Man Will Text If He’s Just Not That Into You

Here are just a few common texts your Aquarius guy will send if he’s not that into you – just remember that these texts will usually be responses and replies, as he won’t text first if he’s not into you.

  • “Hi. I’m fine thanks. I’m just very busy now.”
  • “Hey, I can’t get together this weekend with you, I’m going out with friends.”
  • “Hi, I can’t see you later, I’m working.”
  • “Stop texting me, you’re starting to annoy me.”
  • “Hi, yeah, I’m not in the mood. Sorry.”

The Best Zodiac Signs for an Aquarius Man

If he’s not into you, it could also be that both your Zodiac signs are butting heads against each other – and remember, Aquarius men are stubborn by nature anyway. Here are the best and worst Zodiac matches for an Aquarius man. This may help you feel better after reading it, as to why things just aren’t working out!

Best Zodiac Signs for Aquarius Men

  • Aries – Lots of passion and fun!
  • Leo – Huge chemistry
  • Sagittarius – Picking apart each other’s brains
  • Gemini – Exploring the city together
  • Libra – Wedding bells are in the air!
  • Aquarius – Lots of mutual understanding

Worst Zodiac Signs for Aquarius Men

  • Pisces – Just friendship
  • Cancer – Too needy 
  • Scorpio – Way too intense 
  • Taurus – Too domestic 
  • Virgo – Too much criticism involved
  • Capricorn – Power struggles

As you can see – all the best Zodiac signs are Fire and Air, and all the worst signs are Water and Earth. Air needs Air, and Fire needs Air (oxygen) to burn. Think of it also like this – too much water and air causes hurricanes and tropical storms, and too much air can blow things like trees (earth) over!


It’s important to remember who you’re dealing with here. An Aquarius man is an Air sign. He is not a passionate Fire Sign, stable and practical Earth sign or emotional, sensitive and nurturing Water sign.

He is elusive, and always caught up in his thoughts. The only way to ever get him to really like you is with your intellect. However, if this man is just not into you, there’s an ocean of other men out there in the world that will treat you with the respect you deserve. 

No matter how much you like him, if he’s not into you, choose to rather just not be into the relationship, choose to walk away with your self-respect intact!
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