Aquarius Man

Eccentric, noble, humanitarian, idealistic and basically a bit….weird, are just some of the words to describe an Aquarius man. This man elevates everything he touches, and naturally sees the future easily.  

Aquarius Man Personality and Traits 

He is attracted to technology, as it is so future-focused, and you will find that the majority of software engineers are Aquarius or have planets heavily aspected to Uranus, Aquarius’ ruler.

An Aquarius man is on a very different energy level to his fellow man. He is extremely emotionally detached, as this isn’t what his soul’s purpose is about, and he cannot handle emotional drama under any circumstance.

If you want a man that will challenge you intellectually, widen your friendship circle, inspire you to elevate your life and expand your goals, then an Aquarius man is for you. You never quite know what to expect with this eccentric soul!

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What is an Aquarius man like in bed?

Aquarius men are honestly very kinky! They like to experiment with sex, as orgasming makes them feel so alive, and connects them emotionally. They will suggest every position under the sun, and will really stretch your body this way and that way. 

These men also rule technology, and are super into sex toys. They will peak your curiosity when it comes to this, and will want to play with your body with as many different sex toys as possible. They may even ask you to try sex toys on them. 

Aquarius is the one Zodiac sign, above all, that is open to bisexuality, so you need to be aware of this. 

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What does an Aquarius man look like?

An Aquarius man is often very tall and skinny. Food is not a big deal to this man, and he eats to live, rather than lives to eat. He’ll also wear interesting colors such as pinks, purples, oranges, yellows, greens and tie-dyed shirts. 

This man sometimes likes to wear clothes that are made from recycled fabrics, and wearing cologne is not a big deal to him. He will also often wear the same clothes a few days in a row, without it bothering him.  

His hair may be a bit long, or medium length, but never too short. His face can often be very sculpted, and a lot of Aquarian men have light brown hair and green or blue eyes. Some are very beautiful. 

Where will I find an Aquarius man? 

Many Aquarians are activists for human and animal rights, and you will find him partaking in protests. He’ll also be involved in a number of hackathons. He also usually has tons of friends, and you will find him at bars in the city, however not so much at dance clubs.

Aquarian men are also exceptionally frugal with their money, even if they’re really wealthy, so you’ll find them at discount stores. You’ll also find them at technology shops looking through the latest devices.                

What is Aquarius man’s weakness? 

These men can’t say no to an intelligent woman that challenges them. They don’t care for looks as much as mental stimulation, and find witty women incredibly sexy. They love good conversation.

However, they aren’t very attracted to obesity, or women who are extremely overweight. These men have no problem dating very skinny women. 

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What does Aquarius like in a woman?

An Aquarius man loves a confident woman who believes in herself and has great aspirations and goals in life, as he admires that. He also likes a woman that’s naturally good with technology.

He appreciates a woman that has a wide circle of friends and cares about the environment. He is turned on by a woman that puts in effort when it comes to making this world a better place, such as recycling and even becoming a vegan.   

What does an Aquarius man want in a relationship?

An Aquarius man is not a cuddly empathetic man who needs emotional bonding, no. He needs a practical and intellectual relationship where his partner is his best friend in life. What he does not want, under any circumstance, is a person that has emotional baggage and is draining. 

He also wants a partner that views money and spending the same way he does. He doesn’t want a relationship where his partner spends uncontrollably on her credit card. Spending too much money all the time is a total waste to him. 

This man wants a partner that isn’t going to rush him down the aisle to get married and have kids. It will take a while before he proposes, and you also don’t have to worry about this man rushing things in the bedroom, he’s quite a gentleman with regards to this. 

How do you know if an Aquarius man likes you?

If an Aquarius man likes you, he’s going to be super curious about you. He’s going to ask tons of questions about you. All you need to do is sit still, smile and answer his questions, and he’ll be infatuated with you!

He’ll also act a bit silly in front of you, as he’ll be a bit tongue-tied and act a bit awkward. He may even tell you a silly joke or two. He will never come up to you to tell you how sexy he finds you, he just doesn’t operate on that primal level.

If an Aquarius man likes you, take it as a compliment, as he is exceptionally picky when it comes to love and attraction.  

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How do you tell if an Aquarius man is playing you?

You really need to understand that an Aquarius man is not emotional at all. If he’s not into you, you won’t even be on his mind, as he’s too busy taking his computer apart, or fixing some other technological device.

If he’s playing you he may be having sex with lots of other people when the mood arises. He’ll never just text you to ask how you are, and when you’re with him, even if you’re having sex, he’ll be as cold as a statue. 

This man has no interest in pursuing things he has no excitement over. In that case, if you never hear from him, move on, because you deserve better!

Which Zodiac signs are most compatible with an Aquarius man?

The best Zodiac signs for Aquarians are fellow Air signs, as well as Fire signs. Fellow Aquarians “get” them, while Librans are just gorgeous and fascinating to them. They also enjoy Gemini’s curiosity. 

Aries are very exciting to them, while they completely admire the confidence of Leos, who teach them to get more into their own egos. There’s also a lot of sexual chemistry there. Sagittarians are amazing travel partners who they can have a lot of fun with. 

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Which are the worst Zodiac signs for an Aquarius man?

The Water signs are the worst matches for Aquarius men. This is because Water signs are placed on this earth to challenge themselves and people emotionally, just not the Air signs. Aquarians will hurt the feelings of Pisces, Cancerians and Scorpios, and these signs just can’t give the intellectual challenge that Aquarians need. 

The Earth signs weigh Aquarians down. Although they will have things in common with Capricorns, their constant habit of judgment will bother them, while Taurus women are way too domesticated for them, and Virgos are too timid and focused on intricate details.

What is the best job for an Aquarius man? 

Aquarians make the best software engineers, computer programmers and coders. They also make great managers in high tech companies and startups. Technology is their gift in this world, and math and science come very easy to them. 

They can also be musical geniuses playing in an orchestra, or artists creating the most exciting pieces of art in town. They make great clowns in carnivals, as they can be so eccentric and weird sometimes. They could also be fantastic Astrologers.   

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Does an Aquarius man make the first move?

Aquarius men operate on a different vibration and level, so they don’t really care about rejection. If he likes you, he’ll ask for your name, will tell you he thinks you’re fascinating, and will ask for your Facebook profile details.

Even if you reject him, he’ll ask for your phone details, as he doesn’t always understand social etiquette. 

What kinds of messages does an Aquarius man send?

An Aquarius man will usually send messages that are practical to set up dates. He’s not exactly the type to send messages like, “hey my baby, how did you sleep, just thinking about you honey.” 

Also, he doesn’t really like sending lots of messages. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you – he just has no interest in wasting time sending texts. 

Who are famous Aquarius men?  

Famous Aquarius men include Top Gun: Maverick actor Lewis Pullman, Stranger Things actor Charlie Heaton, The Dark Knight actor Christian Bale, Avengers:Endgame actor Josh Brolin, This is Us star Justin Hartley, and The Avengers star Tom Hiddleston. 

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