Aquarius Men in Bed

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what your Aquarius’ man’s “sex style” is before getting intimate? That way you’ll know what turns him on, and what really gets him in the mood. Aquarius men are a bit hard to figure out – after all, they are the weirdest, and most eccentric, men of the Zodiac!

However, they’re also often geniuses that are just trying to make this world a better place to live in. The following article breaks down all you need to know about Aquarius men in bed.  

Are Aquarius guys good in bed?

Yes, Aquarian men are great in bed, depending on whether you like their style. Normally, Aquarian men are very emotionally disconnected in everyday life. They are definitely not the type of guys to rush into sex, because sex is the one thing that really connects them to their emotions – especially when they orgasm. 

If you’re dating a mature Aquarian, aged 30 plus, he’s going to want to get to know you before jumping into bed. If he’s younger he may want emotionless sex  just to experiment. However, Aquarian men are often fabulous in bed because they like pleasing their partners, it’s not all about them. 

These men like to experiment and will want to turn and twist your body into a plethora of positions. However, they won’t do something that hurts you, and will often ask if you are okay while getting it on. 

It’s good to communicate during sex regarding whether you like, or don’t like something they’re doing – they’ll listen so they can get it right. They really want to be the best they can be in bed, and if they really like you, they won’t stop until you’re satisfied!

Want tips that turn Aquarius men on? Read on…

5 Tips to Turn on an Aquarius Man

Tip 1: Intellectually Stimulate Him

If you can intellectually stimulate your Aquarius crush or boyfriend, he’s going to really be interested in you. You’re challenging his mind, and that makes you stand out from the other girls. Once he really gets to know your mind, he’s then going to start wondering what you look like under all your clothes!

Make Sure You’re Friends

Aquarian men are only friends with people that interest them, and those are usually unique or intelligent people. Once you’ve intellectually stimulated him, make sure you’ve become good friends. 

Aquarian men enjoy sex far more with women they consider friends than just acquaintances. The emotional intensity they feel with sex is a strong force with them that they prefer sharing with a close friend, than a random stranger.

Play Board Games With Him

Games like Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit and Chess are of great interest to him, and he’ll love playing this with you. If you can actually beat him at any of them, it will really turn him on (and frustrate his poor mind!) This is a man you can cozy up to in the rain, while the fireplace is burning, each drinking a glass of wine, while playing. He’ll be exceptionally turned on by this!

Tip 2: Show Him You Care About the World

The more friends you have, and the more of a humanitarian you are caring about the world, the more he’s going to want to know you, and the more sexually attracted he is going to be! Random acts of kindness also impress him. If you like to recycle, stand up for people’s rights, and choose to live an environmentally sustainable life, he’ll want to get physical with you even more!

Things like this just show him you’re a quality person – the type of person he wants to share his naked body with. Just keep in mind that Aquarius men can be quite shy about their bodies the first time making love, so know he really likes you if he’s sharing that part of himself with you.

Tip 3: Show Him You Have a Naughty Side

Aquarian men are ruled by the planet Uranus – and they love shocks and surprises. If you turn up to every date with buttoned up blouses, show up one day with your cleavage sticking out, ever so slightly. Don’t do this often, rather let it surprise him. Then make sure to touch your chest a lot to bring his attention to it! The same applies to mini skirts and high heels.

Just a word of advice – Aquarian men aren’t turned on by promiscuity, so in the beginning, make sure to dress modestly, but start tantalizing his imagination with certain items of clothing further along into the relationship.

Tip 4: Whip Out a Sex Toy or Two

During foreplay, take out your vibration and other sex toys, he will be fascinated by them! He’ll want to watch you play with yourself, and afterwards he’ll want to move the sex toys all over your body to see how they stimulate you. Aquarian men are really into technology – so this really piques his interest!

Don’t be surprised if he asks you to pleasure him anally with sex toys, as most Aquarian men toy with the idea of bisexuality, even if they don’t ever act on it! You can also buy a silicone ring that you can place over his penis that vibrates while having sex – you’ll both love this! 

Tip 5: Do a Strip Tease 

Aquarian men can be really conservative and prudish. That’s why giving him a strip show will catch him off guard and titillate him to the max! Make sure you’ve already slept together a few times, and he’s really into you before doing this, or you’ll both feel uncomfortable.

Also make sure to wear gorgeous lingerie, so that you can peel off layers while doing your thing. Suspenders and high stiletto heels really turn him on!  He’ll be really impressed by this, and rock hard! Wear colors he’s attracted to – blues, greens and purples, reds and oranges, even virgin white! Also put on sexy music to gyrate to! 

The Worst Thing to do With Aquarius Men in Bed

The absolute worst thing you can do with Aquarius men before, or after, getting it on, is getting too emotional and talkative with them. They can’t handle this at all. If you tell them a sob story, they will just not want to get intimate afterwards. 

If you talk too much before, during, or after sex, they’ll literally tell you to be quiet – its one of the ways they express disinterest. They just want their peace during sex. It’s one of the only times they can truly connect with their emotions, and they don’t want a lot of “noise” bothering them (as selfish as that sounds).


Your Aquarian man is a whole lot of fun in bed! Let him get to know you – the real you, everything you love in this world, what your passions are, and what makes your mind tick. Once you have that down, your Aquarian man will be yours, both in your heart, and under the sheets!

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