Aries Man

The Aries man is the most impulsive man of the Zodiac. He’s a fighter and a warrior, that’s for sure! He is a leader, very competitive, can be aggressive, and is extremely active, as opposed to passive. Want excitement in your life? Get yourself an Aries man!

Aries Man Personality and Traits

This man has to get his workouts in. They’re extremely important to his mental health and feeling of wellbeing. He feels best when he’s in perfect tip-top shape, and has no problem with intermittent fasting, and eating mainly protein based diets.  

He is extremely sexual and goes after what appeals to his sexual desires. He must have what he wants, and doesn’t stop till he gets it. He is also incredibly sexy, as he gives off this energy easily. He is very passionate and can be emotional, but only at times when he must let out a cry, scream, or a surge of sudden emotion

If you want a man that is always in great shape, generally has a positive attitude, is social and extroverted, loves to surprise you, brings excitement to your life, and keeps you on your toes, then Aries is the man for you!

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What does an Aries man look like?

Aries men are usually tan, with dark hair and dark eyes, some have blue or green eyes. They work out a lot, and have big muscles and a strong physique. They tend to smile a lot and have a lot of energy, making them move around fast and efficiently. 

They like to wear warm colors, such as red, orange, yellow and white. You’ll often see them in workout clothes, as they feel so comfortable in them. They don’t age quickly, keeping a youthful appearance for most of their lives, and constantly need to move. They exude a lot of testosterone, naturally.

Where will I find an Aries man?

The number one place you’ll find an Aries man is the gym. Any place where working out occurs is where you will find him. You’ll also find him eating in health restaurants and drinking at smoothie bars, as he really does treat his body like a temple. 

If you work in a company, hang around the sales team, as you’ll most likely bump into an Aries man there. In fact, he’ll probably be the head of the sales team – he loves the rush of winning, and loves sales for this reason. 

You’ll also find an Aries man on the dance floor at a club showing off all his moves, so he can attract the ladies!

What is Aries Man’s weakness? 

An Aries man’s weakness is typically a woman who is in very good physical shape, and looks young, as he is the type attracted to his own age and younger, as opposed to older. In fact, athletic and muscular women turn him on. 

However, very feminine women with soft curves (not overweight) also turn him on. He loves long hair on a woman that he can play with. He also is very attracted to women who smile a lot and have positive energy.  

What does Aries like in a woman?

Aries men like strong, confident women who can lead. He loves women that take very good care of themselves and like to work out. He also appreciates feminine women that balance all his testosterone and masculinity. 

He’s attracted to women who walk around in fitness wear, as well as feminine flowing dresses. He appreciates women who can cook, because cooking isn’t his forte. He is also attracted to women that have long nails painted in red, wear red lipstick, and even, sometimes, have a red tinge in their hair.  

What does an Aries man want in a relationship?

An Aries man wants fun and excitement in a relationship! He wants a woman that keeps the butterflies in his stomach going, and keeps him on his toes. He wants a woman that loves being a woman and looks good by his side, as he wants to show her off – this is important to him, as it is a reflection on him. 

In fact, the woman of his choice has to look as good as him, or better. He also wants a relationship where he can travel the world with his partner and try lots of different experiences together. 

He also wants a relationship that is very physical. He enjoys a lot of sex and will want it at least four times a week – so be prepared!

How do you know if an Aries man likes you?

Just like a lion goes after its prey, so will an Aries hunt you down. If an Aries man likes you, he’ll make it very obvious. He’ll just walk right up to you, charm you with his smile and introduce himself. He’ll buy you flowers, fancy perfume, take you out to nice restaurants and will hint at getting sexual quite early on. 

Even though he loves his independence, if he really likes you, he’ll ask you to be his girlfriend quite early on. Big tip – DO NOT sleep with him too early on, or he’ll just ghost you. 

You really need to remember this going into any relationship with an Aries man – they get bored very easily!

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How do you tell if an Aries man is playing you?

An Aries man is the type that will date many women at the same time. If an Aries man is playing you, he’ll send you many “booty” call messages late at night, and won’t take you out to any fancy restaurants. He’ll text other women while he’s on dates with you, and while the sex may be good, the rest of the time he’ll be very disconnected and unintimate. If he treats you this way, it’s not going to help confronting him – rather just walk out of the relationship. 

Which Zodiac signs are most compatible with an Aries man?

Aries men definitely need excitement in their lives, so all the Fire signs work for them. They love that Leos enjoy the spotlight, that Sagittarians are so independent and love exploring so many things, and that Aries, like themselves, are just as competitive as them. 

The Air signs also work well for them, especially Geminis who have just as much energy as them. They are fascinated by feminine Librans, their total opposite, who they have immense chemistry with. Aquarians help them attract many friends, and they enjoy the mental stimulation they bring to them.

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Which are the worst Zodiac signs for an Aries man?

Aries men can’t do boring, and unfortunately that’s what they find with the Earth signs. Taurus just wants to stay at home all day and cook. This is a big no-no for Aries. Virgo just wants to work all day and clean, – no, again. Capricorn is really too adult and stern for Aries’ childish ways, so that doesn’t work either. 

Now off to the Water signs. Cancers are way too needy for Aries, and Pisces’ natural jealousy will drive them crazy. There’s a lot of fireworks under the sheets with Scorpios, but in the long run, many arguments can erupt within this relationship.

What is the best job for an Aries man? 

Aries men make fantastic personal trainers! They can do really well creating their own fitness brands on Instagram. They also do well in the military as combat soldiers. They do well as firefighters, athletes – where they need to move fast, auto race drivers, entrepreneurs, sales managers, marketers and even brain surgeons. They also make good nutritionists, hairdressers, and fitness fashion models and photographers. They may also be great at extreme sports and fighting.   

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Does an Aries man make the first move?

An Aries man definitely makes the first move! If an Aries man sees something he likes, he’s going to go for it quickly, before anyone else gets to it! If he sees you at a bar, club, gym, college, work, or at the beach, he’s going to go straight up to you, tell you he thinks you’re beautiful, and ask for your number. This extroverted man is not shy in any way!

What kinds of messages does an Aries man send?

Aries men are straight shooters. They don’t play around, and get straight to the point. Their messages can be quite primal, like, “hey babe, you’re so sexy, I can’t stop thinking of you!” to “I need you on top of me now!” They can’t help it. If he’s trying to be a gentleman, he’ll send you messages like, “be ready on Friday at 7 pm, I’m taking you somewhere special 😉!” He’s not going to ask if you want to join him, he’s going to tell you.

Who are famous Aries men?

Famous Aries men include Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man), Ewan McGregor (Star Wars), Sung Kang (Fast and the Furious), David Harbour (Stranger Things), Quentin Tarantino, Russell Crowe (Gladiator), Hayden Christensen (Star Wars), Pedro Pascal (Game of Thrones), Matthew Modine (Stranger Things), the late Marlon Brando (The Godfather) and Charlie Hunnam (King Arthur: Legend of the Sword). 

If you notice, all of these actors were attracted to roles where they were involved in combat, violence, leadership or speed. 

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