What’s the Best Zodiac Sign? Ranking the Top 5 Signs on Each Quality

There are twelve signs of the Zodiac wheel with different energies and traits. So yes, it seems like an impossible mission to rank only 5 of them as “The Best Zodiac Sign.” However, this article tackles just that!

Before beginning, let’s acknowledge that we all prefer certain Zodiac signs based on our life experiences with them. But, to be considered the “best,” qualities such as loyalty, honesty, trustworthiness, sense of humor, and valor have to be looked at. These kinds of qualities are today’s variables that help rank them. Their shortcomings will also be looked at!

1. Aquarius 

You might be surprised why Aquarius is first on the list of the best zodiac signs, as they tend to act emotionally detached and rather cold. However, the Water Bearer deserves to be at the top of the list, as they try to improve this world. 

  • Very generous
  • Humble
  • highly intelligent

Aquarians are known to be very generous, and fond of the idea of helping those less fortunate. They are humble enough not to brag about it. They rule the 11th house of the Zodiac and are the most humanitarian of all the signs. Both Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres are Aquarians.  

The second thing that makes these people the “Best Zodiac sign” is their high intelligence and thinking ahead of time. Did you know that if it weren’t for Aquarians’ unique imagination, many discoveries wouldn’t have taken place? Galileo Galilei, Alessandro Volta, Dmitri Mendeleev, and Charles Darwin were all Aquarians! 

On the downside, Aquarius tends to be selfish when it comes to letting you into their world, and yes, you can quickly feel unloved whenever Aquarians decide to withdraw into their own space.

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2. Pisces

What is the world without sensitive Pisceans in it? You can always count on these people for their support and understanding. To be fair, it might not be easy to gain Pisces’ trust and be allowed to get close to them. But once they come to trust and know you, you’ll have a true friend for life!

  • Very accepting
  • Unconditional love
  • Excellent listers

Pisces will never judge you! That is what also makes this sign the BEST! You can open your heart to them and tell whatever lies in your soul. In return, you will find unconditional love and understanding. They are excellent listeners; you can always pour your heart to the Fish and never feel guilty, or uncomfortable, while doing so.

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On the downside, the Fish can be a bit harsh if you don’t give them back the same understanding and support. So, you must carefully choose your words around these people, and make sure you open your heart and arms when they come for a good cry.

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This sign tends to raise many questions as to whether they should even be considered on this list. However, wouldn’t you appreciate having someone you can always count on to fulfill their promises, and do what they have told you they’ll do? 

  • Responsible
  • Helpful
  • Dependable

Yes, Capricorn is one of the most responsible signs of the Zodiac, which is admirable. No matter how busy their schedule is, or how many unpredictable things come along their way, Capricorn will always finish what they started!

They are also super-helpful! Capricorns are those friends you can call at 4 o’clock in the morning to ask to come to your place and help you with your flooded floor. They will never forget the date and time when they should pick you up at the airport, and being pragmatic and calculated, they tend to give the best advice. With regards to time, they are ruled by Saturn (Cronus in Greek mythology – the father of time!) 

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On the downside, Capricorns can easily neglect you and forget to give you a social call, because of their highly ambitious nature. Capricorns always strives for more, and it can be hurtful when you realize they place their career above you. 

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4. Leo

Don’t be surprised that Leo made this list! Yes, they are ego-centered and tend to overlook others, but their big and generous hearts can’t be overlooked! Leo is not selfish, and they are happy to share what they have with you! If this doesn’t make them the best, what does? 

  • Generous
  • Fun to hang around
  • Incredible leadership qualities

They are fun, innovative, and incredible leaders who will always help you rise to your potential, which is another admirable quality. When you have Leo close to you, you will always feel safe and protected, as these people don’t hold back when they need to stand and defend the people they love.

On the downside, you can sometimes get frustrated with Leo’s attitude of “Look at me, I am the best!” But this flaw can easily be overlooked when you see how hard they try to help you become the best version of yourself.

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5. Libra 

Lovable Libra is always admired and loved by everyone, so you may ask why is Libra not in a higher position on the list. Well, that is because of their downside, which will be addressed later on. However, let’s first look at the great qualities of Libra and why everyone needs them in their lives!

  • Agreeable to everything
  • Supportive
  • Calm and diplomatic

Librans find beauty in everything and are agreeable and polite. They have difficulty saying “No” to people, which can make them quite naive at times. Remember, they are the opposite of Aries; they don’t like conflict and confrontation – only peace. 

Libra is always about balance, and if you need someone to help you reach it, they are there to hold you. It is like the support you need when your legs feel shaky, and you need someone to lean on, so you can take a moment of rest.

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Ruled by Venus, Libra is all about harmony and balance. They despise conflicts and will never argue with you just for the sake of it. This makes them the best, as they are calm, understanding, and diplomatic. They are always willing to compromise.

On the downside, Librans can be incredibly needy and clingy. They are the kind of people who want to do everything as a couple, so it can sometimes be exhausting being in their company. However, you need to be ready to overlook this, as you will always have unconditional love and loyalty from them. 

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Remember that you can always learn something from this list of the best Zodiac signs, which will help you on your journey to becoming a better person. Once you heal yourself, you can start healing the world and make it a better place. 

What do you think of this list? Which signs would you put as some of the best astrological signs?

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