Cancer Man

Nurturing, kind, motherly, and caring are just some of the Cancer man’s personality and traits. However, he can also be incredibly moody, sensitive, emotional and naturally melancholy. At the end of the day, family is everything to him.  

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Cancer Man Personality and Traits 

This man can really make one of the best boyfriends, if a life of domestic bliss is what you’re looking for. He loves cooking, and will do so with joy for you. In fact, all you need to do is tell him your favorite recipe, and he’ll work hard at making it perfect for you!  

He is incredibly close to his mother, and other family members, and no matter what, they come first – so it’s important to go out of your way to get along with them. If you’re meeting his mom for the first time, it’s best to bring over a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine!

If you want a man that will connect with you emotionally on every level, care for you like no other man, constantly call and text you to make sure you’re protected and safe, and take you to all the best restaurants, then a Cancer man is for you!

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What is a Cancer man like in bed?

A Cancer man is extremely caring in bed. He’ll constantly make sure he’s not hurting you in any way and will be tender with you. He’ll particularly pay attention to your breasts, and will put them in his mouth and grab them as much as possible, since Cancer rules this area! 

He’ll also ask you to look into his eyes when he’s making love to you, as he needs that emotional connection. After making love to you, he’ll hold and cradle you tight, rocking backwards and forwards. Afterwards he’ll ask you to place your head on his chest while you fall asleep together. 

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What does a Cancer man look like?

Cancerian men are generally “cuddly.” They look like huge teddy bears in general. They carry a lot of weight around their stomach and thighs, as they love food so much. Those that take care of their health, work out a lot, ensuring a big and strong, “hulk-like” body with a great big chest.

Often, Cancerian men are quite tall, though not too tall. Their faces can be quite round and moon like, with round eyes that glisten. They like to wear different shades of blue and feminine colors like pink.

Cancer men also tend to dress really well, often with designer clothes. They like wearing nice shoes and are always very fresh and clean. They usually wear cologne that smells like the ocean, and their hair will either be a little long, or short, and if they have a beard, it will be shaped well. 

Where will I find a Cancer man? 

A Cancer man is obsessed with making lots of money, and will often be found at any convention centered around business and finance. He also adores the beach, and can sit there all day long, going in and out of the water. 

You’ll find a Cancer man eating at the finest restaurants, or even at junk food eateries – with four burgers on his plate at a time. He also loves going to hotels to eat the breakfast buffet.  

What is Cancer man’s weakness? 

Cancer men have a weakness for a woman who is curvy, with big breasts. He also enjoys women who are sweet and kind, and even mystical. He can’t say no to a woman who really enjoys food – so no need to only eat a salad when you’re out with him. 

He also has a weakness for a woman that naturally loves and gravitates towards children, and expresses the need to want a big family for herself. 

What does Cancer like in a woman?

He likes a sensitive woman who comes across like she needs protection from the outside world. This man needs that to really feel like a man. He also enjoys a woman who knows how to cook, and enjoys staying at home sometimes. 

A Cancer man likes a woman who can just be herself, and is authentic and honest with him. He likes her even more if she naturally likes animals and enjoys being around nature and the natural world.

What does a Cancer man want in a relationship?

A Cancer man wants a lot of love and nurturing in a relationship. It’s important that the woman he dates is exceptionally caring, emotional like him, sensitive and honest. She also needs to be there for him during his bouts of depression. 

He’s incredibly empathetic and wants a relationship that is pretty chill. He can’t handle fighting, as he absorbs people’s energy so easily and can’t handle too much of it that’s explosive. However, he can be extremely needy and wants a relationship where his woman can handle that. 

In winter, he’ll want to cuddle with his partner under the blanket while watching Netflix and sharing warm buttered popcorn. In summer, he’ll want to hold hands with his partner and take her to the beach so they can swim and order cocktails. 

How do you know if a Cancer man likes you?

If this man likes you, he’ll make it quite obvious. He’s exceptionally tenacious and won’t give up until you take notice of him. If he knows where you live, he’ll send you bouquets of flowers, boxes of chocolates and bottles of wine.

You’ll know he likes you if he starts making plans for the two of you to go to fancy restaurants and spend weekends together at romantic getaways. He’ll also be extremely complimentary and sweet to you.

How do you tell if a Cancer man is playing you?

Cancer men really don’t enjoy hurting people, in fact it’s their worst thing to do. If he’s playing you, he won’t make it obvious, but you won’t hear from him much, as he is busy dating other women. When you do hear from him, his messages will be vague, such as “hi, hope you’re good. Stay well.”

If he’s playing you, he’ll sit opposite you on dates, giving all his attention to his cell phone while he flirts with other women, “behind your back.” It will be painful, and he won’t really care if he isn’t invested in you.

A Cancer man can be icy and cold if he’s not into you, and if he’s acting nonchalant around you, it’s better to leave. 

Which Zodiac signs are most compatible with a Cancer man?

A Cancer man gets along best with fellow Water and Earth signs. He enjoys the company of other Cancer women, as they really understand him. Pisces offer a mystical and loving adventure full of unconditional love, while Scorpios give him a sexual intensity and extremely deep emotional connection. 

The Earth signs are incredibly soothing for him. He enjoys Virgo’s gentle ways, and Taurus women make perfect partners, as they also enjoy the domestic life and food as much as he does. Capricorns are his opposite, and they teach him to be stronger. There is also a lot of fun to be had with them under the sheets!

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Which are the worst Zodiac signs for a Cancer man?

The Air signs are generally a bad match for him. There is no common ground with emotionally-detached Aquarians, and Geminis make good friends, but are too extroverted for his nature. There is also not much commonality with Librans

Fire signs cause a lot of upset in his life as they neither “get” nor tolerate him. The reason for this is that Aries, Leos and Sagittarians are generally happy people and he is naturally melancholy. Their personalities will rub against each other. Aries is too aggressive and competitive, Sagittarius is too independent and adventurous (and he is super-clingy), and Leo is too loud and proud for him. 

What is the best job for a Cancer man? 

Cancer men make wonderful finance directors, as they are so good with money. They prefer working for themselves, or from home, so any job that allows that is good for them. 

They make the best chefs (besides Taurus men), and are great careers of the elderly. They also make wonderful nurses, and some even enjoy being kindergarten teachers to little children. They are great entrepreneurs and can create startups that make a lot of money. They also make great lifeguards at any beach or swimming pool.  

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Does a Cancer man make the first move?

Cancer men aren’t the gutsiest of men, and it’s hard for them to walk up to you at a club, bar or in the workplace and flirt with you. If he makes the first move, it will be very calculated, at the right time and place, so that he doesn’t get rejected.

They are really big gentlemen when it comes to making the first move, and will charm you. They might ask to buy you a drink and will respect you if you say no. If they are really fixated on you, they won’t stop at getting your attention until you literally tell them that you aren’t attracted to them. 

What kinds of messages does a Cancer man send?

Cancer men send messages that are loving and caring. They’ll ask if you slept well, and will text messages like, “have you eaten? If not, I’ll come on over and drop off something for you.” They really can be quite adorable.  

Who are famous Cancer men?  

Famous Cancer men include This is Us star Milo Ventimigilia, hip hop mega-star Post Malone, multiple Oscar winner Tom Hanks, actor Nick Offerman, Rocky star Sylvester Stallone, multiple Oscar nominee Tom Cruise, Chris Pratt and CEO of SpaceX Elon Musk. 

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