5 Cancer Spirit Animals that Embody the Sign

All signs in Astrology are represented by animals, except for Aquarius and Virgo. Cancer is a sign symbolized by the Crab. However, there are 5 spirit animals that best represent this sign, and that is what this article delves onto!

Cancer Spirit Animals

  1. Crab
  2. Elephant
  3. Rabbit
  4. Slug
  5. Polar Bear

1. Crab

Cancer’s constellation is shaped like a giant crab. This symbolizes the enormous crab that was sent by Hera to hurt Hercules, when he fought the Hydra. However, the great Hercules killed it with his club. There are many reasons that Cancer’s spirit animal is a crab:

cancer spirit animal

Crabs don’t let go easily

A crab is the perfect cancer spirit animal. For starters, when a crab pinches onto something with its sharp pincers, it doesn’t let go easily. That is also very true of Cancerians. These people just don’t let go. If they’re in a relationship, breaking up is an extremely hard thing for them to do, and they can hold onto the memory of that person they once loved for decades after.

The problem with Cancer men is the fact that they don’t let go easily. If you don’t want them around after a relationship, they will still call and text you, and sometimes even just show up at your door. They may even send flowers and gifts, asking you to take them back.

Crabs like to “crab walk”

Crabs also “crab walk,” walking sideways instead of forward, and Cancerians are known to do this at times. If you watch a Cancerian, look at their movements – they often walk slowly at their own rhythm. When going out with one he may bump into you at times, as you walk together, side by side. 

Crabs are nocturnal

These animals are also nocturnal, and most of their activities take place at night. Cancerians too, come alive at night, preferring to get to bed late and wake up late in the morning. These creatures also like to hide, just like Cancerians, who are introverted by nature and prefer staying home and away from the crowd.

You must remember that the Moon is the ruler of Cancer, and that is why Cancerians are so fascinated by it. The Moon energizes them, the way the Sun energizes Leo. That is why they really come alive at night, but beware the full moon, as they can be extremely moody at this time.

Also, crabs are extremely hard on the outside, but mushy on the inside. This perfectly describes Cancerians. They can be like “ice-queen” when you first meet them, but once they let their guards down, they’re soft like teddy bears.

2. Elephant

The elephant is a deeply spiritual animal, revered on African and Asian continents. They are related to the great wooly mammoth that existed millions of years ago.  Here are the reasons they are a perfect cancer spirit animal and embody a lot personality of the sign.

Lots of food is consumed by elephants

In Astrology, Cancer rules the 4th house, which is all about home and the kitchen. Cancer is most definitely a sign associated with food, and they are known to overeat. Cancerians can’t help themselves, they’ll carry snacks in their cars, bags and pockets – they’re always munching on things and can be overweight.

Elephants eat up to 300 pounds a day and are constantly munching on things to give their massive bodies enough calories. Are Cancerians like little elephants – you could say that! 

Family is important to elephants 

You will always see a troop of elephants. Very rarely do they walk alone by themselves. The older elephants will always take care of the baby elephants, and they are very much a generational animal. African elephants can live until 70 and Asian elephants can live till 48 years of age, always surrounded by their families in the wild.

Cancer is a sign that represents family. These people need family to fulfill them. They don’t just want marriage – they want children and grandchildren. Cancerians are always concerned with the well-being of their family, and will go to great lengths to keep everyone together.

Empathy and compassion are traits of elephants

Elephants are extremely empathetic creatures and have a lot of compassion for one another. Cancerians are also extremely empathetic. They absorb the environment around them, and it’s very important that they are surrounded by people who lift them up. 

They are also extremely compassionate and kind, especially to others that they are close to. This is one of the reasons that so many nurses are either Cancerian, or have many planets in their natal chart in Cancer, or aspected to the moon. 

3. Rabbit

Rabbits are beautiful creatures that pop up a lot in literature – such as the white rabbit in Lewis Carrol’s “Alice in Wonderland,” and Beatrix Potter’s “The Tale of Peter Rabbit.” There are certain reasons they are commonly thought of as a cancer spirit animal. Here they are: 

There’s a Moon connection

As stated previously, the moon rules Cancer. This makes a lot of sense, as Cancerians’ moods change as rapidly as the different phases of the moon. The moon is also associated with the rabbit, for example, the Maya moon goddess has a rabbit sitting in her lap. The Aztec moon god was represented as a rabbit.

Rabbits are easy prey

These creatures are often easy prey to animals like eagles, foxes and wolves. Just like rabbits can easily be quietly nibbling on some grass, and suddenly get swooped up by an eagle, so too do Cancerians fall into people’s traps. People are very aware of how naive Cancerians can be and take advantage of them.

Cancerians can easily fall for scams and can be manipulated by people in relationships. They really need to be careful of others and must use their high sense of intuition to weed out the bad from the good.  

These animals can be timid and shy

Rabbits aren’t animals that just come up to you to play. They can be very timid and shy – just like Cancerians. This sun sign is introverted and never just opens up easily. However, once they are familiar with you, they become quite fun and playful – just like rabbits.

4. Slug

Slugs are very misunderstood creatures. A lot of people are grossed out when they see slugs slithering slowly all over the floor leaving a shiny wet trace behind them. However, slugs can be the perfect Cancer spirit animals.

Full moons affect slugs’ activity

Slugs only come out at night, as they cannot handle the hot sun. They come out when the moon is shining down, especially when it is a full moon. You can easily see dozens of slugs in the garden when there’s a full moon.

Cancerians also operate according to the moon. They will often go out on a full moon, somewhere near the ocean or a body of water, and the full moon can really affect how they feel, depending how close it is to the earth.

Slugs are slow

These creatures move exceptionally slowly. The connection between them and Cancerians is that Cancerians completely do things in their own time, and really move slowly, processing and digesting ideas and information.

They can easily make up their minds on topics and subjects, but it is on their own terms. Everything is on their own terms. This can be frustrating when people expect them to always be punctual, or get to answers in a jiffy. They’re just not able to.

These animals are moisture based

Slugs cannot survive without water. You will find them munching on leaves, plants, flowers and fruit in the garden. They really need water in their bodies in order to survive. Cancerians are also water based – they’re part of the water element, and are a sign that is emotional and cries easily.

5.  Polar Bear

Polar bears are remarkable animals that live in the arctic. They are huge, and require a cooler climate. Here are reasons they are one of the Cancer spirit animals:

Polar bears love to swim

Polar bears enjoy swimming in the water, and unlike grizzlies and other bears, they’re able to very easily. Their bodies are made to handle the water, and they have very thick fur keeping them warm in the icy water.

Cancerians too, love swimming. They are happiest by the ocean, in swimming pools, and jacuzzis. This sign also makes good swimmers that often compete against others, for their natural ability to swim swiftly in the water. 

Cubs and polar bear mothers are very close

Polar bear mothers take care, and nurture their young for a long time, up to 30 months sometimes. These mothers take care of their young, the way Cancerian moms never really let go of their children.

Cancerians are known for being the nurturers of the Zodiac, and will do anything for their children – similar to the love a polar bear mother has for her children.


As the fourth sign of the zodiac, Cancerians are nurturing, protective, highly emotional and sensitive. Whether you’re working, or having a relationship with a crab, elephant, rabbit, slug or polar bear Cancerian, know you’re dealing with a gentle soul that needs a lot of encouragement and love!

What Cancer spirit animal do you most relate to? Leave a comment!

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