Capricorn Man

Ruled by the planet Saturn, a Capricorn man is the most stern and disciplined of all the Zodiac signs. He is exceptionally practical and is very grounded. He is the kind of man that many people lean on for support.

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Capricorn Man Personality and Traits

A Capricorn man is often very tall, and takes life very seriously. Unfortunately, he can suffer with melancholy at times due to his serious vision of the world. He is highly ambitious and exceptionally tenacious – he doesn’t give up, no matter what! Structure and order are important to him.

This man is very sexual, and once he has his eyes set on you, and begins a monogamous relationship with you, as he is extremely loyal, he will want a lot of action between the sheets. He has no problem with being the man of the house, while you raise the children.

If you want a man that is able to reach his dreams, and constantly inspire you, be loyal and practical, able to always put food on the table, and treats you like a lady, then a Capricorn is the man for you!

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What does a Capricorn man look like?

Capricorn men are often tall. This man is built proportionally, and not often very overweight. You will see him wearing all the different shades of the Earth – greens, browns, tans, blues and black. He likes to be taken seriously, so his appearance is usually immaculate, as he never wants to be made a fool of for the way he looks. He often has dark hair.  

Where will I find a Capricorn man?

Capricorn men are very much involved in high-level business. Most of them will be top-tier managers at companies, or even the CEOs. You will find this man at business expos and any talks concerning business, economics and finance. He also loves to be close to nature and you may want to take a course in botany, as you might find him among the crowd. You will also find him shopping at designer shops that sell men’s business suits. Capricorn men often like music, as it lightens their mood, and you may bump into a few at a music concert. 

What is Capricorn man’s weakness? 

A Capricorn man’s weakness is a woman that doesn’t tolerate any BS, but is extremely feminine at the same time. He admires strong and ambitious women that don’t let people walk all over them, and can hold their own. He can’t resist a woman who holds a lot of power – especially in the boardroom, and has a weakness for long hair and black pencil skirts. 

What does Capricorn like in a woman?

A Capricorn man is all about status, so many of these men like “Trophy Wives” which make them look good, therefore going for the best looking women in the room. Other than that, this usually down-to-earth-man wants a woman that is elegant and confident, without too much ego, that holds her own, and can be a good wife to him, and mother to his future children. 

What does a Capricorn man want in a relationship?

A Capricorn man wants love and respect. Respect is very important to him, as he will walk out of any relationship where his partner disrespects, or tries to humiliate him. He wants to look good in his relationship, able to show off his wife to the world. He also wants a relationship that is physical and highly sexual, where he can relax with his partner in bed without feeling inhibited. He wants love, and eventually, the ability to be with someone that allows him to let his guard down. 

How do you know if a Capricorn man likes you?

A Capricorn man is usually quite a gentleman and is quite classy. He’ll get your number or email you by Googling you, or contacting you through LinkedIn or Facebook. He’ll ask you out to dinner at fancy restaurants that are well known and not easy to get into. He’ll start buying you romantic gifts like perfume and flowers from the get-go. He’ll also start touching you, like just a stroke of the arm, or brush his fingers across your cheek, as he likes getting physical.  

How do you tell if a Capricorn man is playing you?

This is a serious and practical man that doesn’t have time for nonsense and games. You just won’t hear from him anymore if he is playing you. He may stop making proper dates with you and will suggest coming over on weekends, late at night, for some fun. It’s really important not to sleep with a Capricorn man too early in the dating game if you want to keep him around. 

Which Zodiac signs are most compatible with a Capricorn man?

Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn are the best matches for a Capricorn man. He is an Earth sign, and all these fellow Earth signs understand him deeply, and relate to him well. Water sign Cancer is also a wonderful sign for him, as it’s his exact opposite and often exactly what he is looking for – someone extremely nurturing, empathetic and loving. Pisces is the butterfly to his rock, and makes him feel light and fun. Lastly Scorpio, the last Water sign of the trio, is also a good match, but there may be power struggles at times, although there will be fireworks in bed!

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Which are the worst Zodiac signs for a Capricorn man?

Fire Signs Aries and Leo may intrigue a Capricorn man at first, but their energy is just too demanding for him. He’ll find a Sagittarius interesting but they are way too adventurous (and positive) for his practical nature. Air sign Aquarius may make a good friend, but their emotional detachment may bother him. Libra’s indecisive and agreeable nature will aggravate him at times, and Gemini is way too chatty for him. 

What is the best job for a Capricorn man? 

Capricorn men have to be on top – always. A Capricorn man has to lead, but he will not be the military man on the field in charge of his team (that’s Aries); instead he will be the sergeant or captain giving orders. He makes a wonderful CEO, and it is encouraged that this man studies business and gets his MBA, as he will do so well in this. He also makes a great principal of a high school, or dean at a university. He is very good at organization and structure and is great at delegating, so any jobs related to this suit him well. 

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Does a Capricorn man make the first move?

This man needs to be in charge, and has no problem making the first move. So yes, he will come up to you and ask for your number and ask to take you out on a date. He doesn’t play around, and you must know, if he makes the first move, he really likes you, as he knows what he wants and can be quite picky in love.

What kinds of messages does a Capricorn man send?

The kinds of messages that a Capricorn man will send you will usually be very practical and based around logistics. He doesn’t have time to send a million texts every day, as he is so busy working. He will message you in the morning and will discuss places and times to meet. If he is only interested in you sexually, he’ll send sexual texts at night that are quite heated! 

Who are famous Capricorn men?

Famous Capricorn men include Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard, Nicolas Cage, Jared Leto, Jason Bateman, Timothe Chalaméet,  two-time-Oscar-winner Denzel Washington, top NBA player LeBron James, and singer Zayn Malik, among others.  

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