5 Taurus Spirit Animals that Best Represent the Sign

bull taurus spirit animal

Seven animals represent the different Zodiac signs in Astrology. Four humans represent four signs – the twins of Gemini, the virgin of Virgo, the centaur (half human) of Sagittarius, and the water bearer of Aquarius, and one inanimate object represents Libra (the scales). The most well-known Taurus spirit animal is the bull. However, there are …

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The Taurus Man: Personality, Compatibility and Love

A Taurus man is certainly unique. Besides Capricorn, he is one of the solid “rocks” of the Zodiac. People lean on him for support, as he is so grounded and down to earth. He is the perfect man if you are looking for someone loyal, protective and supportive. Taurus Man Personality and Traits This man …

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