7 Powerful Tips to Make an Aquarius Man Miss You Like Crazy

Aquarius men are one of the most misunderstood and eccentric men of the Zodiac. They have the highest ideals of all the Zodiac signs, and they just want to elevate everything they touch. They are heavily related to technology, and live in their own mind and thoughts all day long.

It is no surprise that many of them are diagnosed as autistic when they’re young, as their teachers can’t figure them out. The truth is, they’re usually geniuses and see answers without having to work out everything in between.

But, what about love? Well, you see…these men are exceptionally emotionally disconnected – the most emotionally disconnected out of all the Zodiac signs. When it comes to love, they’re not going to express emotions and feelings. They may be romantic, taking you out to nice dinners and giving you flowers, but they can’t really express their feelings.

Did you have a falling out with your Aquarius man, and want him to miss you, or do you want your Aquarius crush to chase you? Then you need to carry on reading to discover exactly how to make an Aquarius man miss you.

7 Tips to Make an Aquarius Man to Chase You

1. Give Him Space

If an Aquarius man has noticed you, give him space. It’s the easiest way to make him like you. If he texts you, wait at least 15 minutes to reply. If he calls, don’t answer on the first ring. You’ve got to really make him chase you to keep his interest in you!

Get real busy with your life, making sure he’s the only thing on your mind. If he contacts you, let him know you’re working and will contact him later. This is another way of giving him space. If you have a date on a Saturday and he wants to talk with you all Friday, tell him you’re too busy to talk and will see him on Saturday. Keep him wanting you!

Aquarius men are rebels and do their own thing. They adore their own space, as it allows them to tinker with technological “toys” and think about things. They really don’t like being bothered by others. When your Aquarius guy sees that you’re someone that is busy and needs their own space too, they’ll respect, understand and relate to that.

2. Show him your intellect

When spending time together, let him know that you’re a smart woman with brains – it will really get him wanting to know you more! Aquarius men are not turned on by short skirts, low cut tops or tight jeans. Yes, they care that you’re attractive, but it’s your mind that keeps them coming back for more!

When you get together, ask about his future plans and let him know yours, including places you intend studying, the kinds of jobs you want, and things you still want to learn about in this world. Discuss science fiction (he loves this) and all things interesting, he detests the mundane.

When watching things like Netflix together, don’t automatically choose romance comedies (he doesn’t actually like these much, unless he’s really in the mood). Choose interesting documentaries that are riveting, and can teach you both a lot of things you didn’t know – especially ones about the future.  

Also, play board games together when spending time at home. Play games that test your logic skills – like chess. He’ll also enjoy Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit. If you can beat him at these games, it will really turn him on, and he’ll try harder next time to beat you! It’s all part of the romantic bonding process for an Aquarius man.

3. Don’t talk too much

Aquarian men get bored quite easily, so keep the mystery alive by letting him do most of the talking. That way, he’ll think to himself, “does she like me?” “should I try harder for her?” Always keep him guessing.

If you talk too much on the first few dates, he’ll start finding you boring. Unpeel the layers of your personality, like a ripe onion – slowly. Let him get to know you layer by layer, with each date being a layer. He’ll truly be intrigued by you!

What’s fun about an Aquarius man, especially when dating in the beginning, is his curiosity for you. He really wants to know what makes you tick. He’ll ask so many questions, and to be honest, that’s actually a lot of fun for us gals, when so many other men sometimes only talk about themselves and their achievements!

4. Go out with your friends

Sometimes, make plans with your friends instead of going out with your Aquarius guy, especially in the beginning. He’ll appreciate the fact that you have many friends, as he has many himself, and will totally understand that you want alone time with the girls.

This way, he’ll think about you all Friday night long while you’re “partying” somewhere, and he’s alone at home gaming, wishing you were there. Trust me – you’ll get a morning message by at least 11 am the next day!

A great thing to remember, once you do actually introduce him to your friends, and vice versa, is that he is a great guy to have around your friends, as he easily gets along with everyone, being such a social being. When you meet his friends, just remember it as a special moment, as his friends mean so much to him – they are his world!

5. Wear an enchanting scent

Aquarian men notice things like good or bad scents. Make sure to wear a perfume that is sexy and sensual, but not too adult and heavy. Wear something with vanilla or musk, something that will make him want to get intimate with you.

Then, when he’s not looking, spray it on one or two of his jackets and scarves, as well as a pillow case. Make sure to wear this scent every time the two of you make love, to associate it with the happiest, and most sensual, of memories.

Every time he puts on a jacket or scarf with your scent, it will make him pick up the phone and call or text you. This honestly works like magic!

6. Keep a healthy lifestyle

Aquarius men are one of those Zodiac signs that can be very harsh and critical and judge a lot. They don’t mind you eating hamburgers, pizzas and milkshakes once in a while, but not all the time, as it turns them off.

They prefer you to eat right and exercise, and put an effort into staying in shape. He will chase after you no matter what shape you’re in, but he wants to see that you’re at least putting in an effort to look good!

7. Do exciting things together

These men enjoy excitement! Life can become very repetitive for them, that’s why they actually enjoy the feeling of falling in love with someone new! When you get together, make sure to do fun things – go to the carnival, go play pool, go to the video arcade (this will actually be a lot of fun!).

It’s a lot of fun exploring the city together and seeing all it has to offer. Show him that you like going out, and doing lots of things. This is not a man that enjoys staying at home, and he will appreciate the different things you do together, and will miss you when you’re not there. 

How do I get my Aquarius man’s attention back?

1. Show him how happy you are without him

When your Aquarius man sees how happy you are without him, he’ll start questioning why he pushed you away in the first place. Make sure to go out with a bunch of close friends over many weekends, and just take as many pictures as possible and post them to Instagram. He’ll see them and really question his motives.

Aquarius men are also quite happy by nature. They don’t let things spiral out of hand and depress them, so seeing you also happy will make him see you as an equal. Have an attitude of “who needs him to have fun?” and watch him run back to you!

2. Show him you’re a good friend

Here, you just need to message him every few weeks, and ask him how his job is going, and how things are going in his life in general. It’s important to show him that you are a friend that cares about his well-being.

This way, he’ll think about you when you’re not around, and will wonder why he let go. He’ll soon come around, and will start texting you, and hopefully, soon enough, you’ll start getting together and doing fun things again.

3. Don’t show emotions or tears

If you want your Aquarius man’s attention back, don’t ever cry or tell him you miss and need him so much. He’ll feel stifled and will run away in the blink of an eye. This man cannot handle tears and emotions, and feels paralyzed around them.

Rather smile, and act happy (yes, even if it’s fake) to garner his attention. It doesn’t mean you can’t be yourself around him. However, if you want him to notice you again, it’s not going to help crying, moaning, or complaining, as it will just repel him.

4. Respect his boundaries

This one is hard but really needs paying attention to. If he messages you and says he doesn’t feel you guys should speak anymore, message him this, “sure, I respect your boundaries, have a great day!” That is all. Short, simple and sweet.

He’ll appreciate the fact that you’re respecting his boundaries, and after a few weeks will most likely reach out to you. When he does, don’t reply straight away, wait at least 15 to 30 minutes between texts. He must realize that he lost you once, and you are not at his beck and call to unappreciated. 

5. Send a gorgeous profile pic of yourself every 3 weeks 

Men, in general, are visual creatures, and they appreciate beautiful things. Send him a profile pic, literally every 21 days. This profile pic should just show your shirt and face. It must not be provocative in any way.

Smile in your picture and look happy. Underneath the picture you should just text, “Hey, how are you doing? Just wanted to say hi!” If he hasn’t had any luck in the dating game, he will start to miss you, and will appreciate seeing your happy face. If he really misses you, he’ll eventually text back or call.

6. Be super independent

It’s very possible that when you were together, you relied on him to take you places and help get things done. Now that you’re apart, you’re alone and doing everything by yourself. That’s good – you need the independence to prove how tough and strong you are to yourself.

But, how will this attract him? Well, do handiwork around the house and take pictures of it! Get a small wooden coffee table and decorate it with baby mosaic tiles and create something spectacular. Post these images to Instagram and Facebook and let your ex know you’re super independent and can do things on your own!

7. Post environmental pictures

Aquarians, in general, are huge humanitarians and care about the environment. They’re into recycling, and they really love animals. Volunteer to clean beaches of litter, and help out at shelters for dogs, and soup kitchens.

Do this for yourself, but also take pictures of this and post them, so that he can see that you do care about the welfare of others. That will really grab his attention and make him think twice about breaking up with you. He’ll realize there is more to you, and that you’re not selfish.


An Aquarius man breakup is always hard. The main reason for this, is that us women are such emotional creatures, who talk through our feelings and cry – and Aquarius men can’t relate to this, so we have to find other methods to get their attention after splitting up.

Take the above tips and implement them, and you’ll find that your Aquarius man will start texting you, and will eventually start asking to see you again. And you know what, if he doesn’t, move on and find a man that will truly appreciate you!

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