Leo Man

A Leo man is extremely self-confident and creative. In fact, he’s the most creative man of the Zodiac! He is also very generous and loves having fun. He loves children, and ultimately wants to get married and have a really big family. 

Leo Man Personality and Traits

This man loves the dating game. He is represented by a lion and the Sun, and draws “honeys” to him, like bees to a flower. He is generally positive, does not like a lot of emotional drama, and carries a magnificent smile.  

He loves being the center of attention, and if you speak to his Mom, she’ll tell you tons of stories of when he was young seeking everyone’s attention, and crying when he didn’t get it! That’s why he also makes such a great stage performer or actor – as long as he’s the main actor!

If you want a man that will treat you like the queen you are, and will make the time to let you look as beautiful as you want to, go for a Leo! Should the two of you eventually marry, he’ll be the best father to your kids!

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What does a Leo man look like?

Leo men often have thick and lush hair that is often long. You’ll see him put his hands through, and stroke his hair often. These men love to work out so that they can look good. They often have big chests that are hairy. They have a positive and broad smile that is very attractive. Many Leo men are tall. 

Remember, they are the “King of the Jungle,” and do stand out among the rest of the crowd. They often wear clothes that are of a warm tone – reds, oranges, beiges, and yellows. He will usually smell good and dress well, and will have beautiful skin, often with a beard on his face.     

Where will I find a Leo man?

You’ll definitely find a Leo man among friends in a club on the dancefloor. You’ll also find him lifting weights, and wearing one of those over the top weighted vests, at the gym. He’ll be soaking up all the sun at the beach and playing volleyball like he’s in Top Gun. At work he is the creative director, or in charge of the marketing team or the head graphic designer. 

He will also be at any fun creative workshop, so that he can learn to be more creative or show off his abilities. You’ll also find him eating at interesting, healthy, fusion restaurants. You may also find him  traveling around as a tourist, as he gets excited by discovering new places. 

What is Leo man’s weakness? 

A Leo man’s knees go weak when he sees a confident woman amongst her friends with a broad smile, long hair, red lips and nails, having fun. He likes a woman who enjoys her body, no matter what shape she is in, and carries herself well. 

He has a weakness for long eyelashes and a woman who can carry intelligent conversation. The last thing he wants is a promiscuous woman. He knows he is a King, and is looking for his Queen.     

What does Leo like in a woman?

This man is looking for his queen, so he likes a woman who is elegant and classy. He enjoys a woman who takes very good care of herself, someone who goes for manicures and massages, and works out at the gym. He also likes getting involved with a woman who has many friends, so that he can go out with her as a group with both his friends and hers, to ensure a really good time. Confidence is very important to him, and he loves to see this in a woman. He can’t handle too much emotional drama within a relationship. 

What does a Leo man want in a relationship?

A Leo man wants a partner that is his equal, not submissive, nor superior. He wants someone exciting, passionate and creative like him that he can enjoy life, and eventually have many children with. He wants to have fun, and a partner he can be generous with, who will appreciate all his gifts. He enjoys dancing, traveling and exploring different things, and wants a partner to do that with him. He also likes to be in a relationship where his woman can be strong and be there for him at times he feels a little down – which is not often. He also loves to have a lot of fun in bed! 

How do you know if a Leo man likes you?

Leo is very classy and elegant. If he likes and sees you at a club or bar, he’ll order an expensive glass of French champagne for you and send it over. He has no problem walking on over (he’ll never directly touch you crudely ever) and telling you he finds you extremely beautiful. This man can handle rejection anyway, it’s like water off a duck’s back to him. If he likes you, he’ll get your phone number and start texting you pretty quickly, so that he can start taking you out on dates. He’ll often romance you with expensive gifts. You’ll also catch him looking deep into your eyes often.  

How do you tell if a Leo man is playing you?

If a Leo man is playing you, he’ll simply ghost you. He doesn’t give attention to things he doesn’t care about, as hard as that is to read. If he’s playing you, he’ll cut conversations short and will not want to spend too much time with you, as he is too interested in chasing other women. If he is playing you, he’ll just want to have fun in bed with you, and will leave out the door as soon as you are finished. It’s not a fun position to be in, and if you find yourself in it, it’s best to leave.

Which Zodiac signs are most compatible with a Leo man?

The most compatible Zodiac signs for a Leo man are other Fire signs like Aries, Sagittarius, and other Leos.

Leo men need strong women by their sides, so all the Fire signs work really well with them! Aries are fun and independent, and Sagittarians are super adventurous, making wonderful travel partners. There’s also a lot of understanding with other Leos. 

The Air signs work well too, especially Geminis and Librans. Aquarians are Leos opposites, but there is a lot of chemistry between the two, and Leos appreciate the fact that they are so non-judgemental and have such a great social life and attract so many friends. Aquarians also teach them many lessons, such as getting out of themselves and concentrating on others too. 

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Which are the worst Zodiac signs for a Leo man?

The worst Zodiac signs for a Leo man can be Earth Signs like Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo.

A Leo man can find the Earth signs a bit boring, as they are not the most adventurous. He’ll butt heads with a Taurus woman, as they are both Fixed signs and want things their way. A Capricorn woman can be very authoritative and in charge which he’ll appreciate, but he could find her a bit cold and judgemental. And Virgo women are just too timid to keep up with the showmanship and confidence of a Leo.

Water signs can be very dramatic, deep and emotional for him and most Leos can’t really handle the depth of emotional connection required. Pisceans are very shy for him, Cancerians can be very clingy, and Scorpios are way too intense for him at times.   

What is the best job for a Leo man? 

The best job for a Leo man is something creative where they can display their prowess and leadership skills to full effect. They make wonderful creative directors, teachers, actors, and even managers – in the right role.

Leo men make wonderful creative directors. They also make great teachers, as they relate to kids so well. They can become amazing musicians, actors, theater performers and dancers, as well as makeup artists and models. They make good motivational speakers, as well as politicians, and salesmen, as they are very convincing. They fit the role of PR executives well, as well as event managers. They could be artists, designers, or even tattoo artists. Any role where they can be creative suits them best.

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Does a Leo man make the first move?

This man has no problem making the first move, as he doesn’t care about rejection – he’s got too much confidence, and will just brush it off! He’ll come up to you with that floppy, beautiful hair of his, and big smile, will tell you you’re beautiful, and will ask for your number. He’ll definitely go out of his way to catch your eye if he likes you!  

What kinds of messages does a Leo man send?

Leo men are quite classy, and will send you nice messages that make you feel good about yourself. Texts you’ll receive will be, for example, “Good morning beautiful, have a great day, speak later ;-)!” He’ll also send messages that are practical, to set up dates. Very rarely will he send texts that are highly sexual – he’s got more class than that, although if he’s quite young, between 18-30 you may just get a pic of him in the shower with his tongue out, smiling!

Who are famous Leo men?

Famous Leo men include American model, actor and Instagram sensation, Brock O’Hurn, Aquaman and Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa, Austin Butler, Marvel star Chris Hemsworth (Thor), acting legend Robert De Niro, Andrew Garfield, Eric Bana, as well as Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe. 

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