5 Leo Spirit Animals that Best Represent the Sign

In astrology, animals represent each Zodiac sign, except for Aquarius and Virgo. Leo is represented by a lion, and rightly so. In Greek mythology, Leo is known as Apollo, god of music, dance, the sun, light and healing. Leos feel like the world revolves around them, just like the sun that rules them! The following are the 5 spirit animals that best represent Leo

Leo Spirit Animals

  1. Lion
  2. Peacock
  3. Sturgeon
  4. Swan
  5. Maine Coon

1. Lion

Leo is represented by the lion – “King of the Jungle.” The Leo constellation represents the Nemean Lion, who in Greek mythology, was a ferocious lion that could not be killed by mortal weapons.

leo spirit anial leon

These are the reasons that Leo’s spirit animal is the lion:

Lions take care of their young

Leo rules the 5th house in Astrology, which is all about creativity and children. If you meet an old Leo who never had their own children, you will experience a soul that never completely felt fulfilled. Children are everything to Leos.

Just like a king wants his lineage to continue, so does a Leo want to have many children for this purpose. Lions are known to take very good care of their cubs, showing them how to hunt in the wild. They don’t abandon them, and cubs stay with their mothers for around 2 years. 

These animals are regal

Lions are known as the “King of the Jungle.” They are one of the most powerful predators on earth and revered by many cultures. In the constellation of Leo, lies the star of Regulus, at 29 degrees Leo. If your sun or another planet is at this exact degree, it indicates that you have an extremely powerful soul and destiny.

Leos are very regal. They have a lot of pride and ego, and don’t tolerate others not respecting them. The world revolves around them, the spotlight shines on them, and everyone must “bow down” to them, and their wishes. 

They possess beautiful manes

Male lions have the most beautiful and glorious golden manes. Most Leos have exquisite hair that is long, and flows down their back! Just look at celebrities like Brock O’Hurn and Jason Momoa, true Leos with huge bodies and manes that are long, luscious and beautiful. 

2. Peacock

The peacock is one of the most stunning birds in the bird kingdom. There are many reasons that it represents Leo:

peacock zodiac spirit animal

Peacocks demand attention 

You cannot help but notice peacocks, especially when they display all their feathers, wide open. Their colors are beautiful, and they use them to attract peahens. They are stunning creatures in the animal kingdom, just like Leos who demand attention. 

Crests adorn peacocks’ heads

Peacocks have beautiful crests that adorn their heads. Leos are regal and walk around with invisible crowns. They truly are the kings and queens of the Zodiac – just look at Madonna, the late Whitney Houston, and Robert De Niro – royalty of the entertainment world.

Laziness is a trait  

Peacocks can be lazy. They can’t fly far or long distances, and will stay in an area if they have enough food and are comfortable. Leos can be incredibly lazy too when it comes to menial tasks. They prefer making others do things for them. 

3. Sturgeon

The sturgeon is known as the “King of Fish,” and is revered by the Native American people. In the Medicine Wheel, which is earth astrology practiced by the native Americans, the sturgeon represents Leo.

There are different reasons that the sturgeon represents Leo. Here they are:

Caviar comes from sturgeons

Caviar, which are fish eggs, come from sturgeons, and are seen as an expensive delicacy in the culinary world. They are on the menus of the most elite and exclusive restaurants. For this reason, Leo is connected to the sturgeon, as Leo loves luxury. 

These are giant fish

Sturgeons are enormous fish that can reach up to 12 feet long. They definitely stick out compared to other fish, just like Leos like to see themselves as more important than other people. It is interesting to note that it is illegal to fish for, capture or keep sturgeons.

They reach sexual maturity late

These fish reach sexual maturity late, similar to Leos who mature later in life, as they want to play and have fun all the time! Leos start off in life as playful children, and become playful adults, who eventually mature – usually by having children of their own.

4. Swan

These birds are one of the most beautiful and elegant birds that exist. They are even represented in one of the most famous ballets of all – “Swan Lake.” Here are the reasons they connect to Leo:

They make beautiful adults

“The Ugly Duckling” was a tale published on the 11th of November 1843, written by the very famous Danish poet and author Hans Christian Andersen. It tells the story of an ugly “duckling” who is actually a baby swan, who eventually grows up to be the most beautiful bird among its duck siblings.

Leos are connected to the wonder of children, and it makes sense that there is a connection here. Also, no matter what Leos look like in childhood, they make sure to look beautiful when they age and grow up – just like Leo Kylie Jenner, who went through a transformation to look as beautiful as she does now. 

Swans form a heart when in love 

Swans usually choose a partner for life. When they come together, they place their heads together, forming a heart shape. Leo rules the heart in the human body. It is the shape and organ connected to Leos. 

Black swans symbolize courage 

These gorgeous swans are different to white swans, in the fact that they persist for a longer amount of time, when things get hard. They symbolize personal power, courage, bravery and determination, just like Leo’s will and spirit.

5.  Maine Coon

Maine Coons are giant sized cats, known as the “Kings” of the domestic cat kingdom. They are stunning, large cats. Here are some reasons they are the spirit animals of Leos:

These cats are generous

When catching rats and mice, maine coons will offer them to their owner as gifts. They enjoy this form of bonding. Leos too are generous. In fact, they are the most generous sign of the Zodiac. They will spoil those they love to no end. 

They are creative

Main coons are extremely intelligent, and like being creative once they are trained. They like keeping themselves occupied with different activities – their owners just need to provide a lot of stimulus. Leos are the most creative sign in the Zodiac. These people aren’t happy, unless they express themselves creatively on a daily basis. 

Maine Coons give lots of love

These cats are giants with huge hearts. They love sitting in their owners laps giving love, it’s their favorite thing to do. Once Leos are in love, they give so much attention and love to the object of their affection.


Leos are powerful beyond belief! They make amazing leaders with generous hearts, and are brave beyond belief. It doesn’t matter whether you’re dealing with a lion, peacock, sturgeon, swan, or maine coon Leo, know you’re playing with a generous and creative soul who truly shines among others! 

I'm female, 26, and a Gemini (June 11). I run this blog all by myself. My name's Jessica - I'm in no way a professional astrologer but I've studied the Zodiac signs for the past 6 years and use this site to share my information and knowledge with all of you.