Libra Man

When Prince Charming was created by Disney, they had a Libra man in mind! You see, Libra oozes charm. Everybody loves him and wants to be around him, he just gets along with others so well!

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Libra Man Personality and Traits 

However, don’t forget that Libras want fairness and justice above all else, so that true harmony can flow, and when things are unbalanced in the world, they can get quite upset.

This man is also VERY good looking. He is ruled by the planet Venus, and beauty is one of the gifts bestowed upon him when he is born. He rules balance, so his face is usually very symmetrical.

If you want to be seriously wooed, and taken to the nicest restaurants and have picturesque picnics by the lake while the ducks feed on your breadcrumbs, then a Libra man is for you. Romance never dies with him!

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What is a Libra man like in bed?

A Libra man is actually quite polite and clean in bed. His bed sheets will be made of the nicest cotton, and there will even be a vanilla scented candle lit while making love. He is a man that enjoys exploring physical attraction through the senses.

Therefore, this man will lick, smell, and feel you all over – so be prepared to get a full body wax before doing the nasty! Make sure you look beautiful for him, because with Venus ruling him, beauty is everything to him.

He will be very gentle with you at first, but as you keep getting it on under the sheets, he will feel open to getting rougher and allowing physical pleasure to take a life of its own. When it’s over, he’ll probably ask you to take a shower with him, so that you don’t get too much sweat all over his perfect bed sheets. 

What does a Libra man look like?

Libra men can be seriously beautiful (think Zac Efron). They have distinct features with eyes that really stand out. Their faces often have feminine features, as they’re just so pretty. It’s easy for them to work out, and they can get muscular pretty quickly.  

You’ll see them wearing blues and pastels, and different shades of white and beige. They enjoy wearing designer clothes and sunglasses, and look like a million bucks when they step out of their homes.  

They also often have dark hair with light eyes, and have the nicest, broadest smiles. They’ll drive fancy sports cars, as appearance is important to them, and they’ll always have designer cologne on.

Where will I find a Libra man? 

Libra men are very social animals, so they will always be where crowds are hanging out. Remember, he likes to be seen. He’ll be at dance clubs, hotel pools, VIP gyms, and really good restaurants.

Love is the number one thing on his mind, so you’ll find many Libra men online – just try a few of the dating apps and you’ll see! If you really want to test this, set your preferences to Libra men, and you’ll see a ton of them looking for love!

What is Libra man’s weakness? 

Libra rules beauty, so this man can’t say no to a curvy goddess with long silky hair, who is very feminine and wears dresses. He also loves being with a woman that naturally attracts people and is popular herself, so she can keep up with his very social lifestyle.

He can never say no to a woman who smells good – so use matching shower body wash and cream, and spray on some sensual perfume. Also, don’t forget some anti-perspirant deodorant, as he is very sensitive to odors. 

What does Libra like in a woman?

Libra has to date a woman with class, good etiquette and style. She also has to have a good reputation around town, as he doesn’t like to be associated with people that carry a bad name. It sounds shallow, and it is, but Libra is that way.  

He also wants a woman that is incredibly loving, but not too emotional, as he cannot handle emotional drama in any shape or form. That’s not what he was put on this earth to deal with. He needs harmony, and too many tears and upsets disturb his natural equilibrium. 

What does a Libra man want in a relationship?

A Libra man always wants to be in a relationship – after all, Libra rules love, relationships and marriage. He is the type to get married early on in life and that is his ultimate goal – he wants marriage and kids – the whole “shebang!” 

He really wants the whole fairy tale romance, and he’s totally the type that will ask a woman to marry him under the stars at night in Paris, on the Eiffel tower. Things like that matter to him so much.

More than anything he wants, and needs, a relationship that is extremely harmonious, where peace exists. He runs away from war, and can’t handle it, so it’s best to be yourself when dating this man, to see if he likes you just the way you are. 

How do you know if a Libra man likes you?

This man is so romantic! He’ll buy you red roses, perfumes, champagne and Swiss chocolate. He’ll go up to you at hotel bars, and will offer to buy you a drink, and you’ll probably say yes, as he’ll be dressed in his best suit or outfit.

If he likes you, he’ll text you many messages, and will always fetch you on time. He’ll be there when you need a back massage, or even a doctor’s appointment. He’ll go out of his way to make sure you’re content. Remember – he wants you as a wife one day, and only dates “marriage potential” women, so feel good about this!

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How do you tell if a Libra man is playing you?

Because Libra men don’t, and cannot, always show emotions, he’ll just ignore you if he’s playing you. He may even suddenly block you from all social contact without you knowing what’s going on – it’s just too hard for him to say he’s not into you anymore.

He’ll also flirt with tons of other women in front of you when you go out on dates, and will not even care that he’s hurting you. If this happens, walk the other way and don’t return.

Which Zodiac signs are most compatible with a Libra man?

Libras get along really well with the other Air signs. He loves the eccentric, and amazingly intellectual, minds of Aquarians. Geminis keep him excited and on his toes, and other Libras understand him best!

He gets on with the Fire signs too! There’s always an adventure to be had with Sagittarians, and Leos brings out the best in him. Aries is his opposite and challenges him. There will be fights with them, and amazing times under the sheets. He learns to have more courage from Aries, and to handle conflict without running away. 

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Which are the worst Zodiac signs for a Libra man?

The Water signs are a hot mess for this man. The emotional drama, jealousy and clinginess that comes with Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer women are just too much for him. He doesn’t have time for it, and will simply run away from it.

The Earth signs are very bland for him. Taurus is too domesticated and self-sufficient for him, although they’ll get along on a certain level, as both are ruled by Venus. Capricorns are too organized and structured, and Virgos have an anxiety that he doesn’t understand.

What is the best job for a Libra man? 

Libra men make the best cosmetic surgeons, fashion designers, interior decorators, wedding planners, caterers, lawyers, and yoga instructors. They also make great personal trainers and nutritionists. 

Due to their good looks, they can amass a fortune through Instagram modeling, and also do well as makeup artists. They are good in both PR and HR, and make great counselors to those in need.

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Does a Libra man make the first move?

He sure does! Libra men have no shame in going up to you to get your digits. He’ll charm, and sweep you off your feet, and you’ll feel odd not giving him your details. 

If he sees a woman he is particularly attracted to, he’ll send over many expensive gifts to charm her into his heart. 

What kinds of messages does a Libra man send?

Libra men send the sweetest and most romantic messages. Remember, they’re charming you – all the time! They’ll send something like, “Hey beautiful. It was lovely seeing you today. I’ll pick you up Saturday at 2.”

When a Libra man likes you, he’s going to “book” you straight away for the next outing. He’ll also send messages like, “Good morning, did you get your beauty sleep? Even if you didn’t, you’re always beautiful to me.”

Yes, he can send corny messages – but they’ll always be romantic.

Who are famous Libra men?  

Famous Libra Men include the ever-dashing Zac Efron, Will Smith, Stranger Thing’s Noah Schnapp and Caleb McLaughlin, the band Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Flea, Jack Ryan’s John Krasinski, and Good Will Hunting’s Matt Damon. 

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