Who is Your Libra Soulmate Sign? Discover your Top 5 Matches, Ranked

The most romantic of all the Zodiac signs, Libra, is always looking for love. Venus is their ruling planet, also known as Aphrodite in Greek mythology. Aphrodite rose from the ocean, naked, and had many affairs, as she was the goddess of love. Let’s explore Libra’s soulmate sign.

What to Expect from a Libra Soulmate

If Libra is your soulmate, expect flowers, perfume, chocolates, and romantic, candle-lit dinners. If you are female, they will woo, charm and romance you until you decide to be theirs. If male, the Libra woman, who is your partner, will always see things objectively and bring harmony into the relationship. She will do her best to always look desirable and beautiful.

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Libra Rules Relationships

This Zodiac sign rules the 7th house of Astrology, which is all about love, partnerships, relationships and marriage. Librans are extroverted, masculine, Cardinal, Air signs that need a loving partner to thrive in this world. 

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Libra Beauty

Beauty, harmony, balance and peace all fall under Libra. They are often the most beautiful people in the world – just take a look at Librans Gwen Stefani, Zac Efron, Anthony Mackie, the late Olivia Newton John, triple Libran Kate Winslet (Sun, Moon and Asc in Libra), Bruno Mars, John Krasinski, and the ultimate modern-day Libran beauty Kim Kardashian.

5 Best Libra Soulmate Matches

The best libra soulmate matches will always be other Air signs, as well as the Fire signs. Here’s the best Zodiac signs paired with Libra, starting with Aries.

1. Libra and Aries 

This makes for an exciting pairing! Libra’s complete opposite is Aries, so Aries will teach Libra to be more confrontational and take risks, whereas Libra will teach Aries to calm down and try to bring harmony to arguments.

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There is a lot of sexual chemistry in this pairing, after all Aries has all that male testosterone energy and Libra is the ultimate feminine beauty. These two need each other, and are often soulmates.

Libra Soulmate Rating: 8 out of 10

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2. Libra and Taurus

Although Taurus is an Earth sign, it is also ruled by Venus, therefore there is a lot of understanding between these two signs. Both Libra and Taurus love beauty, and enjoy peace and harmony within the home.

They will also have a great sex life and will enjoy decorating their space together, eating out at fancy restaurants and buying high quality and luxurious goods. This is a relationship and Libra soulmate pairing that can last, provided Taurus stops always being stubborn and allows compromise.

Libra Soulmate Rating: 7 out of 10

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3. Libra and Gemini

Both these signs are masculine Air signs. The difference is that Libra is a “go-getting” Cardinal sign, while Gemini is a “forever-changing” Mutable sign. Libra helps Gemini pursue their dreams, while Gemini provides a great friendship and genuine love for Libra.

These two will have great conversations, as Gemini is a very chatty sign, and will give Libra the attention they crave. They will be able to join their big social circles, and this is a relationship full of adventures and mutual love.

Libra Soulmate Rating: 9 out of 10

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4. Libra and Leo

Both Libra and Leo are flirty extroverted signs. Libra is a masculine, Cardinal, Air sign, while Leo is a masculine, Fixed, Fire sign. Leos love extravagance and all eyes on them, so they always put in an effort to look good. Librans rule beauty and naturally look amazing no matter what!

Leo is a very creative sign that loves sharing their ideas. Librans love big social circles. Together these two Zodiac signs make an amazing power couple. Also Leo rules children, and Libra rules marriage, so these two are a pair made in “wedded bliss,” if both of them aim to have a big family!

Libra Soulmate Rating: 9 out of 10 

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5. Libra and Libra 

Two Librans make a really beautiful and harmonious couple. They will work especially well if either of them have Venus in Leo, or even Scorpio, to spice things up – especially in the bedroom!

This couple will probably want to move in together pretty fast, and become intertwined within each other’s social circles. They are the type of couple to host many cheese and wine parties, and find a best friend within one another, able to read each other’s minds. 

Libra Soulmate Rating: 10 out of 10 

Worst Libra Matches

Libra and Cancer

Cancer is an introverted, feminine, Cardinal, Water sign, while Libra is an extroverted, male, Cardinal Air sign. Although both of these signs are go-getters and enjoy making things happen, there will always be a problem with Cancer’s clinginess.

Librans don’t do emotional drama, and Cancerians are full of it. Cancer is a sign of emotion. These people operate with their hearts, while Libra operates mainly with their heads. In the beginning, a solid relationship can form, but once Cancer starts getting jealous and tells Libra that they can’t have friends of the opposite sex, Libra will soon cut ties.

Libra Soulmate Rating: 5 out of 10 

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Libra and Pisces

Even though Venus, which rules Libra, is exalted (in its best placement) in Pisces, these two don’t work out easily and I’ll tell you why. You see Pisces is all about unconditional love, and yes, Libra wants unconditional love, though they can be very judgmental in this department.

The kind of unconditional love Pisces exhibits is a connection to “The All,” and to the entirety of energy. There is no ego with Pisces, and they require deep, emotional fulfillment to be happy in love. In other words, they need drama. Libra doesn’t love everyone, they can’t.

Libra, as discussed above with Cancer, doesn’t do drama; they like to block it out as much as possible and just pretend everything is fine. Pisces cannot pretend to be happy, otherwise you will have a very miserable Fish.

Together, these two can only work if Pisces has many planets in Air and Fire signs, and Libra has many planets in Earth and Water signs.

Libra Soulmate Rating: 6 out of 10

Discover your Libra Soulmate

To have a Libra soulmate, is to have a very romantic and charming connection, with someone who really believes in love and honors marriage. Consider yourself lucky if you end up with a Libra, as you will always live in a beautiful home, with lots of harmony and happiness, and hopefully, wedded bliss!

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