The Top 6 Meanest Zodiac Signs Ranked and Why

There’s all different types of people walking this planet, born at different times of certain decades, with various Zodiac signs. However, some of these signs make these people naturally meaner than others. This article delves into the meanest Zodiac Signs and ranks them!

What is the Meanest Zodiac Sign?

Scorpio is by far the meanest Zodiac sign, by far! This is because they get off having power over others, manipulating and humiliating them, and taking revenge on them when they’ve been hurt. Why do you think they’re symbolized by a poisonous Scorpion?

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What is the Nicest Zodiac Sign?

Pisces is considered the nicest Zodiac sign. Pisces rules by unconditional love, and their only wish is a peaceful world away from war and pain. These people will always listen to you and be your best friend. The only time they will ever lash out is when they get hurt emotionally.

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The Meanest Zodiac Signs, Ranked

1. Scorpio

As discussed above, Scorpio is the meanest sign. Let’s look closely into it! Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, which is Hades in Greek mythology, lord of the underworld. Hades’ wife is Persephone.

scorpio meanest zodiac sign

Do you know how he “wooed” her into becoming his wife? He kidnapped her from her mother Demeter, above the ground and dragged her into his underworld – that was nice, wasn’t it! 

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Scorpio rules the 8th house of the Zodiac – which is all about “other people” and what you can get out of them – from inheritances to taxes. This sign enjoys hurting people they don’t like. They will humiliate them – especially if those people work under them and they don’t like them. They will sometimes use passive aggressive tactics just to be mean to them and exclude them from parties, group events and other things they would enjoy. 

When it comes to sex, if Scorpio is annoyed by their partner, they may tease them sexually, sometimes even painfully. They really are the meanest sign, and you should never, ever, cross them.

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2. Aries

Similar to Scorpio, in the fact that it is ruled by Mars, and so was Scorpio once upon a time, Aries is also one of the meanest Zodiac signs. It comes second to Scorpio, and doesn’t care about emotions and feelings. Mars is Ares in Greek mythology, god of war, who loved bloodshed. His own father Zeus, didn’t like his practices.

Aries is a Cardinal sign that’s all about “action,action,action!” It just does. An Aries person is so impulsive, that they speak before they think, and will hurt people they love with their words, and sometimes not even care. 

They can also be incredibly selfish. They’re not an anxious sign, nor do they care about what people think of them. It’s all about a “do or die!” attitude with them, no matter who gets hurt in the way of obtaining what they want, or need.

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3. Aquarius

You may wonder why Aquarius is the third meanest sign. After all, I’m sure you know many Aquarians that are very social, get along with everybody and are pleasant to be around. Well, remember the Showtime Show “Dexter (2006-2013),” about the super-intelligent serial killer who killed serial killers? Well, that’s your perfect example of an Aquarian – he got along with everyone, but had no emotions or feelings.

Now, I’m not saying that Aquarians physically hurt others; however, they are the most emotionally detached sign. This could be due to the fact that Uranus rules it. Uranus is Ouranos in Greek mythology. He was father to all the Titans and great gods, but had very little to do with them.

Aquarians are nice, very nice; however, do not talk about emotions, feelings, emotional baggage or drama, and the like. They absolutely cannot relate to it, it is not how their souls are built. This can make them seem mean. For example, if you have an Aquarius boss, and wake up feeling too depressed to go to work – don’t ever tell them that, rather just tell them you have a stomach bug, and that will be acceptable. If you tell them you are feeling depressed, they will just see you as a weak employee!

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4. Leo

Now we are getting to the nicer signs, and what’s nicer than a Zodiac sign ruled by the planet’s life-giver – the Sun, and represented by the “King of the Jungle,” – the lion! Leo, of course, is the Zodiac sign I’m talking about. Although this sign can be super egotistical and over-confident, it is also the sign connected to creativity, children and generosity.

In Greek mythology, the Sun is Apollo, one of Zeus’ favorite children. He was a beautiful god that brought things like music and healing to the people. Leo is an amazing and vibrant sign that loves to give love to people. They love receiving love back, and that could be one of the major signs for their generosity, but many of them have really beautiful hearts and make wonderful friends that you’re proud to show off! Just look at the ever-romantic, loving, and stunning Jennifer Lopez, one of the most popular and beloved entertainers today!

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5. Libra

Libra is one of the nicest Zodiac signs, as it is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. This sign rules relationships, partnerships and marriage. It is all about balance and harmony. Librans will pretend to be nice towards someone, even if they don’t feel that way. 

They really don’t like fighting, and will try to make everyone get along. For this reason, they make wonderful lawyers and judges. They also rule beauty, because of their love of harmony and connection to planet Venus – also known as Aphrodite, the goddess of love in Greek mythology. 

Kim Kardashian is a perfect example of a harmonious and beautiful Libran who is a lawyer, and owns a beauty brand. She is very kind and nice to others, as seen in her reality shows. 

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6. Pisces

Pisces is by far, the nicest of all the Zodiac signs. There is a very specific reason for this. A Piscean is able to connect with the collective consciousness very easily just through meditation, or simply being still. They feel the pain of others, and are by far the most empathetic of all the signs. A reason for this is that they are ruled by Neptune – Poseidon in Greek mythology, ruler of the ocean. The ocean represents emotions and is one big mass of water. .

These people feel for, and understand all behaviors, as they look at the psychological makeup of others, and try to understand their childhood history, before judging. They also, unfortunately for them (as they get trampled on so easily), forgive others who have hurt them so easily! A Piscean will forgive their partner, no matter the amount of the abuse that has gone on! 

Pisces make the best friends. They listen to all the problems you have (and absorb it into their energy so that you can feel better), they are there for you no matter what. Unfortunately, again, they are extremely gullible and trust everyone, until they are burnt so many times that they eventually hide away like a hermit, so that the world stops hurting them. 

However, give enough love and acceptance to a Pisces, and they will love you madly and unconditionally, as that is what they symbolize. By the way, the planet Venus (the love planet) is exalted in Pisces for this reason! Drew Barrymore is a perfect example of a Pisces!

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Now that you know what the meanest and nicest Zodiac signs are, perhaps you will understand their behavior on a deeper level, and act accordingly. You now know not to intentionally hurt a Scorpio. If an Aquarian is cold to you, you don’t have to take it personally.

Furthermore, when you have a serious problem, call up your Pisces friend, but be sure to take them out for herbal tea and cake afterwards, to thank them for helping to lessen your pain!

What do you think about the meanest zodiac signs? Do you agree or disagree?

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