The 5 Most Hated Zodiac Signs and Why

No two Zodiac signs are equally liked, but there are certain signs that get people’s blood boiling for various reasons. All Zodiac signs have good and bad qualities, but the following Zodiac signs can be known for some of the most hated zodiac signs!

What is the Most Hated Zodiac Sign?

Scorpio is, by far, the most hated Zodiac sign, due to the fact that very few people actually understand them – only the Water and Earth signs really do. Scorpios come across as mysterious, dangerous and intimidating, and people mistakenly think they are only preoccupied with sex. They see them as a toxic energy. 

What is the Least Hated Sign?

Aquarius is the least hated sign because they rule friendship. Look at two of the most celebrated Aquarians of our time, Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres. People simply love them! Aquarians don’t judge others, as they are a bit weird and wacky themselves. They are usually emotionally mature and smart, making people feel comfortable around them.

 Zodiac Signs Ranked from Most Hated to Most Liked

1. Scorpio 

As mentioned above, Scorpios are often the least liked sign. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto. In Greek mythology, Pluto is Hades, lord of the underworld and keeper of souls. Just that story alone makes people scared of Scorpio energy.

The house of Scorpio (the 8th house of the Zodiac) rules the dead and inheritance. It is the house that represents what you can get from other people. That is why people also assume Scorpios are very manipulative, because they use other people to gain money, pleasure, or anything else they want from them.

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Scorpios are powerful and domineering and this also scares people. However, you also need to look at the good side of Scorpio. This sign is one of the most powerful, and can really create change in this world – just look at Scorpios Bill Gates, Drake, and Pablo Picasso!

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2. Aries

The sign is ruled by the red planet, Mars. In Greek mythology, Mars is known as Ares, the god of war – and boy, do people with this sign like confrontation and fighting. They really get off on it, and can be super aggressive at times!

aries most hated zodiac sign

Aries rules the first house of the Zodiac, which is basically all about “me,me,me!” It makes them incredibly selfish. Also, because they are the first Zodiac sign, they’re referred to as the “babies of the Zodiac,” and can behave like toddlers, where the world must revolve around their needs.

This Zodiac sign is also incredibly impulsive, risk-taking (even if it hurts other people), and can behave exceptionally immature. All the above reasons make it one of the most hated Zodiac signs.

However, don’t forget that Aries is the pulse that makes things happen in this world. They make one of the best leaders, are braver and more courageous than anyone, and fight for their rights! They also protect those they love. 

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3. Taurus

One wouldn’t automatically think “Taurus” when referring to one of the most hated Zodiac signs, but when you look at their “shadow” qualities, they can really annoy and destroy others.

Taureans are the most stubborn of all the Zodiac signs, with an attitude of “it’s either my way or the highway.” They can also be ridiculously sexual in a way that makes others uncomfortable, especially the way they will just stare at the object of their desire, no matter how it makes that person feel.

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This Zodiac sign can also be dangerous around money, and is known to like gambling. The biggest gamblers are, in fact, Taureans and Sagittarians. Taureans will take the mortgage money and irresponsibly spend it at the casino thinking they can double it. If they then lose that money, they hurt their families. 

Taurus also can’t stop eating, and when invited to outings will pile food on their plate one after another, without consideration to leave some food for others, which can annoy the host. 

However, when Taurus is in a good space, they make amazing and stable “rocks” that people lean on for advice, make gardens flourish with their “green” thumbs, and are pleasant to be around. They also attract money!

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4. Leo

Leos make it their business to be well liked! Their ruler is the Sun, and they need to be the center of the Universe, and how can that be unless everyone knows their names and likes them! Just look at Leos Jennifer Lopez, Jason Momoa, and Barack Obama. These people capture their audiences who pay attention to them! 

Leo is a sign that is generous, playful and creative. It rules the 5th house which is all about fun! You can’t help but like Leos, even if they do have big egos and seem over-confident. They make great friends, who are amazing additions to any night out! 

This sign also rules children, who are their parents’ most valuable treasures! Leo is the Sun, in all its glory, which brightens up everything it touches.  

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5. Aquarius  

As mentioned earlier, Aquarians are the most popular and well-liked of all the Zodiac signs. There’s hardly ever “baggage” or “drama” with them, as they avoid all emotional talk. They usually just live in the moment.

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They also have a great ability of taking things and elevating them to a better quality or status. They rule personal development and goals, and are exceptionally important in technology, as you will find more Aquarians at the forefront of technology than any other Zodiac sign. 

These qualities are appreciated by others! Aquarians may not talk too much, but they often offer interesting discussions and have a semi-light energy, as they are an Air sign, that never makes them “too deep.” You never feel bad after interacting with an Aquarian.

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As you can see, there are certain Zodiac signs that really get on others’ nerves; however, at the end of the day, they also have lovely qualities to appreciate. Next time you hate on a Zodiac sign, ask yourself “what qualities do I appreciate about this person?” and maybe you will see the good in them. Remember, hate never wins – only love!

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