Top 5 Nicest Zodiac Signs, Ranked from Nicest to Meanest

We all have spotted those incredibly nice people who always smile and love making small talk. Even if you meet them for the first time, they are more than happy to talk to you and make you feel comfortable and welcome. That’s why some of these signs make it on our list of the nicest zodiac signs – and some don’t. 

In a world full of people moving fast, it is really nice to have someone you can always count on making your day and being there for you. Their kindness makes the world a better place, and it turns out they have more in common than just being nice to people. On more occasions, Astrologers have noticed that all these kindhearted people also share certain horoscope signs. In addition, according to Astrology, the nicest Zodiac signs can be ranked! 

Carry on reading, as this information is beneficial in the best of ways! Knowing how to spot and surround yourself with the nicest Zodiac signs is always good. For example, going to a corporate event, or friend’s party is always better when you bring a nice friend with you! 

Read on below to see who are the nicest Zodiac signs, and whether your sign made the list…

The Nicest Zodiac Sign

Hands down, Pisces is the nicest Zodiac sign. This is because they cannot handle seeing any human or creature in pain. Their empathetic nature means that it hurts them when they see others in pain. It’s not unusual to see a Pisces helping out the homeless or volunteering at an animal shelter.

1. Pisces

It is no surprise to start this list with the Water sign Pisces. The Fish is one of the most sensitive and emotional signs of the Zodiac. These people are incredibly receptive to other people’s energy, and will always manage to pick up if you need a little push and words of encouragement.

People born under the sign of Pisces are well-mannered, speak nicely, and are considerate. It is very important for the Fish to make everyone feel welcome and happy, as they have the incredible ability to walk a mile in other people’s shoes.

Pisceans are known to be empaths, so it is expected of them to be incredibly nice, warm, and kind hearted. You can always count on Pisceans to be understanding and supportive. On top of that, they are incredible listeners, and can easily connect with you. As a Water sign, Pisces is all about emotions and energy. Once you form a deep connection with these people, it is a friendship for a lifetime.

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However, every sign has its downfall, and so does Pisces. They are incredibly sensitive to energy, so if you tend to be toxic and negative, the Piscean will choose to withdraw from you, in order to protect themselves and their energy. So, do not expect the Fish to be nice to you if you are a toxic person.

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2. Virgo

Don’t be surprised to find Virgo on this list. One of the most worldly famous and kindhearted people, Mother Teresa, was a Virgo. Ruling the 6th house of service, it is natural for Virgo people to feel an incredible urge to help people and make the world a better place.

Virgo is known for being even-tempered, so you will never see these people act impulsive or rushed. They are calm and balanced, and their energy also helps you feel leveled when around them. Virgo is serviceable, and more than ready to help when others are in need. After meeting a Virgo for the first time, you will have a nice impression of a person who wants to help, give advice, and help you become a better person. 

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Ruled by Mercury, Virgo is an excellent conversationalist, and talking to them is nice and pleasant. They will always manage to find a shared topic and keep the conversation engaging and interesting. What is nicer than a person with whom you can talk about various topics and subjects?!

Virgo is all about improvement and reaching your highest potential. However, being the perfectionists they are, Virgos can also be very critical. Although they do it from a place of pure love and desire to help, at times it can be taken the wrong way, as not a lot of people like it when their flaws are being pointed out.

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3. Cancer

Another incredibly nice and considerate sign, similar to Pisces, is Water sign Cancer. Ruled by the Moon, these people are also all about emotions, and highly receptive to other people’s energy. You simply can’t see a Cancer not being nice, as it hurts them to do so.

Cancer is a natural nurturer and protector. They like it when they can take care of other people, and are the first friend that shows up on your doorstep with homemade chicken soup, if you are not feeling well.

Cancer might seem calm and peaceful, but often they are bubbling with emotions inside; so if they spot an injustice, all those emotions come up to the surface. Cancer will always stand up and fight for the weak. You truly do not want to act rude to other people in the company of a Cancer. The amazing thing is that with them being nice, all others around them must also be nice!

The downside of Cancer is their overly emotional side. At times they might cross the line and act overly protective, which might be uncalled for, and could make you feel uncomfortable. But often, if you point that out to a Cancer, it will hurt their feelings and suddenly make them act unpleasant towards you.

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4. Aquarius

Worldly Aquarius will always be the first to approach and surprise you with their interest in you, instead the other way around. It is truly refreshing talking to these people, as they are not ego-centered and only interested in talking about themselves.

Aquarius is original and innovative, and always must separate from the crowd. You will enjoy having a friend like them, as they always keep an open mind and will never stereotype you. You will never find yourself feeling offended or uncomfortable showing the real you when in their company. In fact, the Aquarius will encourage you to be yourself, and that is always nice.

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The water bearer is always about sharing and gathering knowledge. You will learn so much by being in their company, and all of this will help you expand and grow beyond your potential. Being the rebel among Zodiac signs, breaking the rules together will turn out to be the most fun and exciting time together. You will definitely create memories to remember and cherish for a lifetime. 

On the downside, Aquarius is all about freedom, and it is hard to keep them tamed. You might feel abandoned when the Aquarius decides to withdraw into their own little world or when he decides to spread their wings without taking you with them on that journey. The fear of commitment an Aquarius has can often be misinterpreted as a sign of them not being nice or being there for you.

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5. Libra

Curious Libra will feel excited to approach and get to know you. They always have something to share but also tend to be great listeners. Rarely does someone ever have such good manners and courtesy as Libra has. These people are gracious, and it is beneath their honor to behave rudely or not be nice.

Acting like real royalty, Libra people will make sure to make you feel welcome and appreciated. They love being adored and liked, so they will do everything they can to charm you. As one of the most unselfish signs, the Libra won’t have a problem putting your needs ahead of theirs, and it feels nice when someone cares so much about you.

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Ruled by the planet of beauty and love, Venus, Librans always manage to find beauty in everything. As a result, they have the power to make you feel like the most beautiful person in the world, and you will always hear a compliment and kind word for how you look from your Libra friend.

Symbolizing the scales, Libra people tend to weigh up everything. If they think you are not being as nice to them as they are to you, then you are in trouble. Libra will instantly change their nice behavior the moment they feel like they lose their balance, and their expectations are not met. So if you want to stay on the nice side of Libra, you must always show that you appreciate their efforts. Always! 

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The Meanest Zodiac Sign

Unfortunately, a sister (as it is a fellow feminine Water sign) to Pisces, and meanest Zodiac sign is Scorpio. They, too, are ultra sensitive! Due to this, if they get hurt you better watch out! They will take revenge upon you, hurt you emotionally and sometimes physically, and will humiliate you, as it makes them feel better for causing them pain.

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The world can always be a nicer place if we all make an effort to be nicer to one another. At the end of the day, we can learn so much from these signs and follow their lead. Of course, we all have our good and bad days, but people’s wisdom says “a beautiful word opens the iron door.” 

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