The 5 Most Hated Zodiac Signs and Why

No two Zodiac signs are equally liked, but there are certain signs that get people’s blood boiling for various reasons. All Zodiac signs have good and bad qualities, but the following Zodiac signs can be known for some of the most hated zodiac signs! What is the Most Hated Zodiac Sign? Scorpio is, by far, …

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5 Laziest Zodiac Signs Ranked from Laziest to Hard Working

You get lazy, and then you get laaaaaaaaazy!! Some women tell their men to get a job, while others tell their children to get out of the house and be productive. Laziness often pertains to the Zodiac sign you fall into. Know someone who’s very lazy, or maybe you’re lazy yourself? Well, here’s the laziest …

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Top 5 Weirdest Zodiac Signs Ranked from Weirdest to Normal

All Zodiac signs are not made equal. There may be 12 signs, but from those, there are 5 that really stick out as the weirdest. This article goes into the 5 weirdest zodiac signs to let you know exactly why they are just so strange!  1. Aquarius This sign is well known to be the …

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Which Zodiac Sign is the Worst? The Top 5 Worst Zodiac Signs Ranked

Zodiac signs are all different. They all have qualities that make them stand out in certain ways, whether more positive or negative. Some Zodiac signs are so loving and so much fun, most people want to hang around them all day. However, there can be a dark side to some Zodiac signs personality which brings …

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5 Gemini Spirit Animals That Perfectly Represent the Sign

gemini spirit animal

The Zodiac wheel is fascinating, where most (but not all) signs are represented by animals. Gemini is represented by the twins (Castor and Pollux). However, this sign has 5 very special Gemini spirit animals that represent Gemini qualities in their everyday life. These are them: 5 Gemini Spirit Animals Deer  Peregrine Falcon  Miniature Schnauzer  Fox  …

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5 Sagittarius Spirit Animals That Perfectly Represent the Sign

sagittarius spirit animal

In astrology, Sagittarius is represented by a centaur – half man, half horse. This centaur holds a bow and arrow, pointing to the stars. However, Sagittarius is also represented by 5 special spirit animals that embody this special Zodiac sign. These are the Sagittarius spirit animals: 5 Sagittarius Spirit Animals Horse Blue Whale  Elk  Owl  …

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Zodiac Signs as Mythological Creatures

zodiac mythological creatures

Zodiac signs have many animals representing them, and even spirit animals. However, they are also represented by a range of different mythological creatures, some you’ve never heard of before. Find out what mythological creature represents your Zodiac sign and why! Aries – Dragon Aries are the warriors of the zodiac, and are always ready for …

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5 Virgo Spirit Animals That Perfectly Represent the Sign

virgo spirit animal

Virgo does not have a typical animal representing it in Astrology, the way a lion represents Leo, or a goat represents Capricorn. Virgo is one of only 4 Zodiac signs symbolized by a human – a Virgin. Gemini, Sagittarius, and Aquarius are also represented by human figures. Here, we will take deeper look into the …

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5 Taurus Spirit Animals that Best Represent the Sign

bull taurus spirit animal

Seven animals represent the different Zodiac signs in Astrology. Four humans represent four signs – the twins of Gemini, the virgin of Virgo, the centaur (half human) of Sagittarius, and the water bearer of Aquarius, and one inanimate object represents Libra (the scales). The most well-known Taurus spirit animal is the bull. However, there are …

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5 Pisces Spirit Animals that Best Represent the Sign

pisces spirit animal

In astrology, only Virgo and Aquarius have humans depicting them. The rest are depicted by animals. Pisces is represented by two fish, connected by a chord, swimming in two different directions. In Greek mythology, the two fish are Aphrodite and her son Eros, who  turned into them to escape Typhon, the hundred-dragon-headed monster. Venus (Aphrodite) …

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