Pisces Man

One thing is for sure – a Pisces man is constantly daydreaming. It’s hard for him not to, as the realities of this world are very hard for him to grasp. He truly sees the world through rose-tinted glasses, until he goes through a certain type of trauma (which all Pisces go through), which finally wakes him up!

Pisces Man Personality and Traits 

A Pisces man is attracted to everything mythical, magical, esoteric, creative and artistic. That’s why so many Pisces are musicians and artists. He is also very connected to the ocean, since Neptune is his ruler, and Neptune rules the ocean. 

Often, he thinks completely out of the box, and comes up with the most interesting solutions to problems. When it comes to love, he rules unconditional love, and forgives those he cares about more than he should.

If you want a highly sensitive, emotional, caring, and loving man that will treat you like a princess, and will always buy you roses and boxes of chocolates, then a lovely Pisces man is for you!

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What is a Pisces man like in bed?

Not many people realize this, but Pisces men are so kinky! They love getting hot and heavy in the shower, and enjoy bondage where they either dominate, or are the ones being tied up! They also enjoy spanking.

These men are uninhibited when it comes to getting physical, and have no problem getting it on with you in public. He’ll want you naked in a public forest, or even at the back of an empty movie theater. He also loves public affection.

Pisces men love to experiment, and are into sex toys and dress up games. You can be his sexy nurse any day of the week, and he’ll pretend to be your sick patient, or the doctor in charge! 

What does a Pisces man look like?

When it comes to the heart of it, this man is truly an artist, and typically, he’ll have longer than average length hair and a beard. Sometimes he’ll tie his hair up in a bun. If he’s forced to keep a neater appearance in the office, he’ll keep his hair short, but it will be styled in an interesting way.  

You’ll find him wearing baggy shorts with many pockets, or blue jeans and T-shirts that are of the cooler colors – blues, greens, aquas, turquoise, blacks, purples and tie-dyes. Very rarely, will you see him wearing red, as this color disturbs his chilled-out energy. He’ll also wear bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces with crystals, and he may have a few tattoos. 

A Pisces man typically has a long oval face, and a pointed chin, with ears that are naturally pulled back. He looks a little bit like a beautiful elf, and his eyes are always dreamy, romantic and glistening. They’ll be brown, green or blue, and often almond shaped. 

Where will I find a Pisces man? 

The number one place you’ll find Pisces men in the summer is at the beach. It is their second home, and if they could breathe underwater and actually live in the ocean they would! If there’s no beach in your city, you’ll find them at the community pool.        

These men also love dancing, so you’ll find them at dance clubs – and they love alcohol (a little too much sometimes), and can be found at local rock bars that play good music, and offer an array of drinks, where there are pool tables to play upon. 

What is Pisces man’s weakness? 

A Pisces man can’t say no to a woman with long wild hair, that is musical, artistic, and mystical herself. The wilder and closer to nature she is, the more attractive she is to him. She can even have hair under her armpits, and if he’s that wild kind of Pisces man, he’ll find that sexy as well.

He also has a weakness for women that aren’t afraid to speak up for themselves, and also open up deeply, and are able to be vulnerable with him. If she can talk about her theories about the universe, and the stars in the night sky, that will really turn him on. 

What does Pisces like in a woman?

Above all else, a Pisces likes a kind and considerate woman. If he meets someone, and she turns out to be inconsiderate, selfish and cruel, he’ll drop her like a hot potato! This man can’t hurt a fly, and neither should the woman he sees himself marrying!

He also likes a woman that is comfortable in her body. She can be curvy, overweight, or really skinny, it doesn’t matter – as long as she is comfortable with the way she looks, and believes she is beautiful.    

What does a Pisces man want in a relationship?

Pisces men want honesty in relationships. They want a partner they can trust, because once they fully trust that partner, they open up to them a lot, and would be devastated if that partner gossiped behind their backs. 

They want a relationship where they can be themselves and have fun at the same time. They enjoy artistic partners, because they can then spend days together being creatively expressive on their own, yet together.

These men also want a relationship, where they are loved unconditionally, appreciated and treated equally with respect. They are sensitive souls, and want a strong partner that is positive and will lift them up, not drag them down. 

How do you know if a Pisces man likes you?

If a Pisces man likes you, he’ll make it a habit to stare at you. He’ll also give you flowers, bottles of perfume, chocolates – anything you like, as long as it makes you happy, and makes you like him more.

Rejection terrifies him, but if he’s at a bar and sees you, he’ll send over a drink, and if you look happy about it, he’ll come up to you and introduce himself. He’ll be very romantic and will smile a lot while asking you questions about yourself. 

If he likes you, and you like him, it’s best to exchange numbers and start seeing each other pretty soon, because you’re going to have a lot of fun with him, especially during the honeymoon phase!

How do you tell if a Pisces man is playing you?

Pisces men can be very promiscuous and sexual. If he’s playing you, he’ll hit you up at 12 o’clock at night with texts about coming over. He’ll just want to get physical. He may cuddle with you afterwards, but he doesn’t really care about you.

Obviously, you’ll really know he’s playing you if he asks you to join in on a threesome (can be with him and another man, or another woman), which he might just do, to your dismay and horror!

If he’s playing you, he’ll be sweet and kind to you when you call, as is his nature, but he’ll cut the calls short. He’ll take you out on dates, but won’t be too happy paying for you, and won’t offer you too much attention. Pisces men can be cruel with their emotions at times, and if he treats you badly, it’s best to walk away.

Which Zodiac signs are most compatible with a Pisces man?

Fellow Water signs make the best matches for Pisces men. Cancers are so nurturing and caring, Scorpios are so intense and love so hard, and fellow Pisceans are so mellow and fun, that Pisces men can’t resist them!

The Earth signs are also exceptionally good for Pisces, as they ground them, and bring them down to Earth, help them accept more responsibility, and keep them more stable. Taurus is a fabulous match, one of the best, while Capricorn is good, however they are a bit too judgemental of Pisces’ lifestyle at times, and Virgo is great, and shy and sensitive too. The only big hiccup with Virgo, which is Pisces’ opposite, is the fact that they are so clean, and Pisces is naturally so messy!

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Which are the worst Zodiac signs for a Pisces man?

The Fire signs literally eat Pisces men alive. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are so independent and confident, that they walk all over poor Pisces, and even if things are great in the beginning, they often go southwards towards the end. 

The Air signs really don’t work with Pisces men, because they’re so emotionally detached – especially Aquarians. Geminis make good friends, but are not the best as lovers, and there’s not much romantic spark between Libras – although they will find each other beautiful to look at.

What is the best job for a Pisces man? 

Anything creative and artistic is great for a Pisces man. He makes a great musician, writer, actor, painter, sculptor, graphic designer, online dating startup entrepreneur, lifeguard, director,  chef, and wildlife conservationist. He also enjoys partaking in any charity work as an occupation.  

Naturally, he makes a great astrologer, numerologist, tarot card reader and dream interpreter. He can even work as a teacher in a preschool, and will enjoy that. He makes a great veterinarian, as well as the manager of an animal shelter.

You will, of course, find strong and amazing Pisces businessmen, but they’ll have strong aspects in their chart to Saturn, and planets in Capricorn. 

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Does a Pisces man make the first move?

Pisces men are super shy. That’s why they’ll often go out with “wingmen.” These “wingmen” will then go up to the women that their Pisces friend likes, and will ask them if they’re interested in him.

That way these Pisces men don’t feel too rejected if these women say no. However, if they’re super interested in certain women, they’ll definitely walk up to them and offer to buy them a drink.

What kinds of messages does a Pisces man send?

Pisces men are seriously romantic. Expect messages from them such as “Good morning beautiful, does it hurt being so gorgeous? I want you to have a wonderful day, and know I’ll be there at the end of it to take you out for dinner.”

Whenever he has a spare moment, he’ll send over a message, so that you feel good. He really enjoys making you feel good!

Who are famous Pisces men?  

Famous Pisces men include the very beautiful, Mad Men’s Jon Hamm, Dune’s Oscar Issac, 

007’s Daniel Craig, Skyfall’s Javier Bardem, Straight Outta Compton’s O’Shea Jackson Jr., one of the biggest stars in music today, Justin Bieber, Bon Jovi’s Jon Bon Jovi, and Coldplay’s Chris Martin. 

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