Sagittarius Man

Adventurous, independent, spontaneous, philosophical, and wise, these are just some of the traits of a Sagittarius man. If you want an unconventional life with a man who will sweep you off of your feet and take you traveling around the world, then this is the man for you!

Sagittarius Man Personality and Traits 

A Sagittarian man loves dating, getting physical, and having someone to do things with, but he isn’t one for serious commitment, at least not straight away. He values his freedom and independence above ALL else.

He’s really interesting though, as he loves all things cultural. He is the perfect date to take to the theater, ballet, museum, or book reading, as he loves literature and the arts so much. In fact, Sagittarius rules the publishing world, and many of them are editors.

If you want a partner that will enjoy eating pasta with you in Italy, macaroons in Paris, and then jumping on a plane to see the ancient ruins of Greece, then a Sagittarius man is for you – the adventure simply never stops!

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What does a Sagittarius man look like?

Sagittarius men are larger than life and often, their hips will be quite wide, and many have strong, muscular legs. They are the Zodiac sign of luck, and are naturally jovial and happy, so they often carry a broad smile with them! 

They can be quite goofy at times and this is also a giveaway of their Zodiac sign. They like to wear bright colors that represent movement and warmth – reds, pinks, oranges and yellows. They’ll match these colors with blues and blacks. 

They are often devilishly handsome (both Brad Pitt and Jamie Foxx are Sagittarians), and enjoy cracking jokes with those around them.

Where will I find a Sagittarius man?

Do you have any nice book shops in your city? Well a Sagittarius man can’t say no to exploring published works of different authors. You’ll also find him in nature setting up tents to sleep under the stars, as he adores the natural world – so join a hiking or outdoors club in your local city! 

He has a bit of a problem with boundaries and enjoys indulging, so you may see him eating at restaurants offering buffets. Since luck is on his side, he enjoys gambling, and you might find him at a casino. 

See that tourist in your city, with a big backpack on his back and a camera hanging from his neck? No, not that guy with a dad bod who screams boring when you look at him. Instead, look towards the guy with glasses, slightly longer hair, retro film camera around his neck – and best of all, devilishly handsome. That’s a Sagittarius man. 

What is a Sagittarius man’s weakness? 

A Sagittarius man has a weakness for women that are wild and free! He enjoys hippies with tattoos and flowing dresses, and women that are a bit different from the norm but look like a lot of fun. If she has wild red hair, and a broad smile, he’ll instantly be attracted to her. 

He also wants a woman that is fit, no matter what shape she is in, because a relationship with him means a lot of movement. Movement in the sense of hiking here and there, and traveling from one place to another.     

What does Sagittarius like in a woman?

This man likes a woman who can carry a philosophical conversation with him. She needs to be joyful, smart and witty. He loves both a wild woman who can rough it in nature with him, as well as a classy and cultured lady that enjoys going to museums to look at the newest exhibitions. 

He also wants a woman who is comfortable with her body, and not inhibited in the bedroom. He loves having fun, and can’t handle too many tears and emotional drama, as he finds this very draining of his energy. 

What does a Sagittarius man want in a relationship?

A Sagittarius man wants adventure and excitement in a relationship, and desperately needs a relationship where he is able to maintain his independence. He can’t handle a clingy relationship with jealous vibes. 

He wants to have fun, and be able to do things on a whim! Of course, at the end of the day, when he runs out of all his energy, he wants a beautiful and committed relationship full of love and passion, where he knows he is wanted and taken care of emotionally. 

He also likes having a relationship where deep discussions about philosophy and life can take place, and often prefers an educated and cultured woman – often from a different religion or culture, so he can learn from her! 

How do you know if a Sagittarius man likes you?

Sagittarius men can be really silly, and if they like you, they may tease you or make a lot of jokes around you. If they really like you, they’ll invite you to go on hikes with them, or even travel to different cities pretty soon while dating you, so that they can see if you’re a good fit for them.

They’re not very shy, as they have larger than life personalities, and will easily go up to you and ask you to dance, or buy you a drink when they see you at a club or a bar. If they see you at the beach, they’ll have no problem joining you in the ocean and striking up a conversation (without being creepy).  

How do you tell if a Sagittarius man is playing you?

The thing with a Sagittarius man is that he is so independent, he often just packs his bags and travels to far off lands without giving you a heads up. However, if he’s playing you, he’s just going to ghost you. 

He may call you when it suits him to get together to have fun under the sheets, but he’ll be out the door before you can offer him a cup of coffee, or glass of water! You’ll know you’re being played because when you go on dates, his eyes will focus on other women around you, and he just won’t pay any attention to you. Who needs that? You need to leave if this happens.

Which Zodiac signs are most compatible with a Sagittarius man?

The most compatible Zodiac Signs with a Sagittarius are Aries, Leo, and Gemini.

Remember that Sagittarian men like excitement, adventure and independence, so naturally they attract other Fire signs, as well as Air signs. 

Aries women are super independent and provide the challenge that Sagittarian men need. Sagittarius women understand them deeply. Leo women are like dynamite to these men, and they find their confidence very sexy.

Of the Air signs, Sagittarius men are extremely attracted to their opposites – Gemini. The reason for this is that intelligent conversation between the two will be very stimulating for them. They also make the perfect travel partners. They like Aquarians, as these women are equally independent and interestingly eccentric, and attract many friends. They also find Libra women beautiful, sociable and fascinating. 

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Which are the worst Zodiac signs for a Sagittarius man?

The worst Zodiac signs for a Sagittarius man are Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpios. 

When you read “Sagittarius man,” the three main associated words with him are: adventure, independence and travel. This man cannot handle the emotional drama that comes with Pisceans, Cancerians and Scorpios.

The Earth signs, unfortunately, weigh him down a lot. He just wants to go out and play, while Taurus wants him home all day with the kids. Capricorn is very disciplined and can’t handle his spontaneity and he can’t handle their judgment. Virgos only see the small details in everything, while he sees the larger picture, always, creating frustration.

What is the best job for a Sagittarius man? 

Sagittarius men make wonderful tour guides, as well as pilots. They make excellent professors or teachers in universities. They could easily create their own publishing house, or create a lot of written content for the internet. 

They also do well taking care of horses in the wild and being among nature, taking care of plants and wildlife. It’s easy for them to become entrepreneurs and open up their own online businesses. 

Sagittarian men also do well as personal trainers, and entertainment hosts, as they aren’t shy in front of the camera. 

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Does a Sagittarius man make the first move?

This man will make the first move without question. He gets really excited when he sees someone he’s attracted to, and will automatically go up to her and ask for her number, after entertaining her with some conversation that will amuse her.

Don’t be surprised if this man has made his moves on you and starts texting straight away – he knows what he wants!

What kinds of messages does a Sagittarius man send?

You’ve got to remember that this man is very spontaneous, so you’ll receive messages such as “Go get ready! I’m picking you in 20, we’re going somewhere fun!” or “where do you want to go this weekend, a hiking trail up North or star gazing down South?” Sometimes, he’ll send you an interesting message such as, “What is your view on spirituality? Do you believe in reincarnation?” which will catch you off guard.  

Who are famous Sagittarius men?

Famous Sagittarius men include hip-hop mogul Jay-Z (married to Beyoncé who is a Virgo), the late actor Ray Liotta, A-lister Brad Pitt, Hollywood blockbuster director Steven Spielberg, actor Jake Gyllenhaal, actor Bill Pullman, as well as actor Samuel L. Jackson.   

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