Scorpio Man

Intense, magnetic, sexy and sensitive, this is the personality of a Scorpio man. He values honesty, trust and reliability, as he can get extremely jealous  and vengeful, if you cheat on him. If you want an intense and sexy relationship, then this is the man for you!

Scorpio Man Personality and Traits 

This man has mostly had a life where many small deaths and disappointments have occurred, so he really treasures real love, and if he has his eye on you, you’ll know it. One of the obvious signs he likes you is the intense stare he gives you that may feel quite uncomfortable at times.

There’s nobody quite like a Scorpio man. He is fascinated by the dark, all things paranormal, supernatural, esoteric and has one of the most inquisitive minds, making him one of the best researchers around!

If you want a partner that will intensely love you, be extremely passionate in bed, and will make you feel very important, then a Scorpio man is for you. Just know you’ll experience an emotional, and passionate relationship full of ups and downs.

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What is a Scorpio man like in bed?

Most people have heard how sizzling Scorpios are in bed. Scorpios actually rule the orgasm, as it is a transformation of energy! When a Scorpio gets you in bed, things will get heated up quickly! 

He’s really into S&M and power games, and will love tying you up and getting really kinky with you. He enjoys spanking, licking, biting and grabbing onto your body hard while intensely looking into your eyes. Afterwards, he’ll hold onto you tight and take you to the shower to cool off!

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What does a Scorpio man look like?

The first indication that the man you are staring at is a Scorpio, is his black hair. And, if he doesn’t have black hair, it’s the black clothes he is wearing. Scorpio rules the color black, it’s the color that makes him feel the most at home.

He also is usually either skinny or well-built with black hair all over his body. He usually has an angular, and well sculpted face with cheekbones that stick out and eyes that are icy blue, dark brown or almost black. 

A Scorpio man loves wearing black leather jackets, and silver jewelry with stones in it. He’ll also wear jewelry with skulls on it – it’s actually quite common for this man to be attracted to this design! 

Where will I find a Scorpio man?

Scorpio men are introverted by nature, so he’ll go to clubs, bars, and pool halls, but he’ll be sitting in the corner, watching others, with a beer or whiskey in his hand, and possibly a cigarette he rolled himself in the other.  

This man also loves to be near the water, so you’ll easily find him at the beach – especially at night time, and early in the day, when it isn’t too hot. He also loves pools and will hang around gym pools and other recreational pools in the city.  

What is a Scorpio man’s weakness? 

A Scorpio man can’t say no to a woman who, herself, oozes sex appeal, but at the same time is very shy, sweet and sensitive. He has a need to control the woman he’s with to some degree, so she can’t be too egotistical or over-confident.

He enjoys a woman that pays him a lot of attention and asks him personal questions, as he likes to go deep, and really penetrate a woman’s soul.

What does Scorpio like in a woman?

This man likes an intelligent woman, who is naturally caring by nature. He likes a woman with emotional intensity to her. She needs to be like an onion, have many layers to her. If she is too extroverted and loud, he’ll just lose interest in her.

He also prefers women with dark hair and pale skin. If he saw a vampire walking around at night, he would literally follow her around out of attraction – her pale skin, icy blue eyes and dark hair, would simply be a turn on for him. 

What does a Scorpio man want in a relationship?

A Scorpio needs intensity, deep emotional connection and lots of sex. Sometimes, the only way he feels alive is through sex. He also wants a relationship that is not too exuberant and explosive.

He hates fighting and wants a relationship that is harmonious and happy! Trust me, he’s had many explosive encounters in his life, and he’s looking for a woman that helps to calm his immense energy. 

He prefers quiet activities such as chilling by the beach, having a picnic in a quiet park and playing pool where good music is playing.

How do you know if a Scorpio man likes you?

Wow, it is really obvious when a Scorpio likes you because they make it obvious. First, he’ll stare at you constantly in a hypnotized gaze. He just can’t help it. Then he’ll do whatever he can to please you. If you need anything, he’ll make it happen.

He’ll also make sure to get your details if he sees you at a bar. He’ll sit next to you and start talking with you, and at the right moment will ask if he can buy you a drink (after asking what your favorite drink is). Afterwards, he’ll ask for your number.

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How do you tell if a Scorpio man is playing you?

At their worst, Scorpio men can be very mean and like to sleep around a lot when they’re not in a serious relationship. If he’s playing you, he’ll send messages that are rude, crude, cruel and sexual all at once.

When you’re with him, he’ll literally flirt with the waitresses and other women in the room. He’ll start messaging you only once in a while – usually late at night, so he can come over and get a “quickie.”

If this happens, it’s best to walk away, as things can get really toxic and manipulative with a Scorpio man.

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Which Zodiac signs are most compatible with a Scorpio man?

Scorpio men get along really well with the other Water signs. They find Pisces women magical, and love being around them, as they can’t really figure them out. They enjoy the company of Cancer women, as they are so gentle and nurturing, and he loves taking care of them. He finds Scorpio women intense and super-spicy!

These men also love the Earth signs. Taurus are their opposite, and when they’re around these women there’s huge chemistry in the air, and lots of excitement under the sheets! They are immensely attracted to Virgo women, as they are so innocent and virginal, that they fascinate them. Capricorns are very much their equal, and there is a lot of respect there. 

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Which are the worst Zodiac signs for a Scorpio man?

A Scorpio man needs deep emotional intensity, and he just doesn’t get this from the Air signs. He doesn’t understand Aquarians, and won’t have a lot in common with them. He finds Geminis too chatty, and the fact that Libras can’t make up their minds is quite annoying for him. 

Fire signs don’t really bring out the best in him, as they are too adventurous and loud for him. There may be explosive fights with Aries, and Sagittarians are too independent for him, while Leos are too focused on wanting things their own way, as well as the spotlight, which Scorpio finds foolish.  

What is the best job for a Scorpio man? 

Scorpio men really pierce through to the truth, so they make wonderful psychological analysts. They make great psychiatrists, and are the best detectives, as they don’t stop until they catch their man!

They also make great leaders and are great managers in any high tech or startup company. These men are also good computer analysts. Many Scorpios become politicians too.

Since they are so connected to the water and the ocean, they may become world-class Olympic swimmers. 

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Does a Scorpio man make the first move?

Scorpio men do not like rejection. So, if they make the first move, trust me when I say, they have been watching you for a while, working up the courage to make their move, and seeing how you react with others.

If you work together, he’ll work slowly at making you like him, and when he realizes you do, will then ask you to get lunch together at some point. 

However, if they want to be with you, they won’t stop till they get your details and make you like them.

What kinds of messages does a Scorpio man send?

If a Scorpio man is just into you sexually, he’ll text really dirty sexual messages, even dreaded “dick pics,” which he’ll soon delete. However, if he likes you, he’ll truly treat you like a princess, and will send messages early in the morning, such as “hey hunny, did you sleep well?”

Who are famous Scorpio men?  

Famous Scorpio men include Academy-award winner Leonardo DiCaprio, Golden Globe winner Ryan Gosling, the very likable Ryan Reynolds, multiple Grammy award winner Drake, hip hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs, Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey, House of Gucci star Adam Driver, Penn Badgley, Pete Davidson, and Travis Barker. 

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