5 Scorpio Spirit Animals that Best Represent this Sign

In astrology, every sign, except Virgo and Aquarius, is represented by an animal. Scorpio, very obviously, is represented by a Scorpion. Famous American astrologer, Linda Goodman, in her book, Sun Signs (published in 1968), compares a Scorpio to either a scorpion, eagle or a lizard. In the following article, you will learn all about the different Scorpio spirit animals and what they represent!

  1. Scorpion
  2. Phoenix
  3. Snake
  4. Fox
  5. Eagle

Scorpion: the #1 Scorpio Spirit Animal

Scorpio is related to the Scorpion in popular astrology, as it falls into the constellation of Scorpius/Scorpio that looks like a Scorpion. In fact Scorpio relates back to the mythological Greek story of Orion’s death, caused by the sting of a Scorpion. This gives reason as to why Orion will set, as Scorpio rises above.

scorpion spirit animal

There are many reasons a Scorpio’s spirit animal is a Scorpion. Let’s delve into these:

Scorpions are deadly 

Scorpions are scary to look at. They come in different dark shades, and many are black. They hold a poisonous sting at the end of their tails, and aren’t afraid to use it when being attacked.

This definitely applies to a Scorpio. You don’t mess with these people. They will take revenge, and will strike when they need to.

Scorpions are mainly nocturnal

Scorpios are introverted and hide away from people. When they step into any busy bar, or dance club, they prefer to hide in corners and observe people, before choosing the best spot to sit down among others. Scorpions like to hide during the day and mainly come out at night. Scorpios prefer the night in all its fascination and mystery.

Remember that Scorpios are part of the water element, just like Cancerians and Pisceans, and one does not know exactly what lurks in a body of water. Also a body of water can be so deep, just like Scorpio’s feelings and emotions. This is one of the reasons that they keep to themselves and mainly socialize at night. 

Scorpions have an hard exterior

Scorpions possess a hard exoskeleton that keeps all their muscles and parts of their body safely protected. Their bodies are soft under their exoskeletons.

Just like scorpions, Scorpios can be very hard on the outside, as they trust no one, and don’t let others into their private world easily. However, when you pierce through that hard outer “shell” of theirs, they’re actually very sweet and loving on the inside, and can be extremely soft, vulnerable and generous.


The phoenix is a mythical bird that rises from the ashes, and is the primary Scorpio spirit animal for many around the globe. It comes from both Greek and Egyptian mythology.

phoenix spirit animal scorpio

Phoenixes represents immortality 

The phoenix bird rises out from the ashes of a fire. It is connected to immortality, as well as resurrection and life after death. Scorpio rules the 8th house of the Zodiac. This is to do with death and the supernatural, which Scorpios are fascinated by. After death, the spirit lives on. Many Scorpios are fascinated with the subject of reincarnation, spirits and ghosts.

Phoenixes go through a transformation 

Only one phoenix existed at a time, for 500 long years. When it was ready to die, it set its nest on fire and burnt alive. Afterwards it transformed and rose out of the ashes, and so too does Scorpio rise out of their ashes. 

A Scorpio goes through many transformations in their life. They often lose people close to them, sometimes through death, and become stronger than they were before. People often confuse Scorpios being closely related to sex. This is not actually true. Scorpio represents the orgasm – the transformation of sexual energy that becomes actual physical matter after immense energy passes through the body.

Phoenixes are powerful

In ancient mythology, phoenixes are connected to the Sun and its worship. Apparently they were as big as eagles with feathers that were red and gold, and sang beautifully. They were very powerful. Scorpios are also very powerful. They have magnetic charm that draw people in, and are often leaders among others.


There are so many stories connected to snakes. Most people know of the story of Adam and Eve, the first humans in the bible, and of how the snake tricked Eve into eating an apple from the Tree of Knowledge. This, in turn, made Adam and Eve aware of their nakedness, were banished from the garden of Eden, and the snake who once had legs, now had to slither around on its stomach. 

snake spirit animal

There are 3 reasons that the snake is connected to Scorpio. Here they are:

Snakes shed their skin

Scorpio is connected to transformation, as the saying goes, “shedding one’s skin.” Snakes literally shed their old skins as they grow, as do Scorpios. When Scorpios grow and transform, they leave their old lives behind, never to visit them again – well, hardly. The only time a Scoprio visits someone he or she has let go of, is if there was a great psychic and emotional bond between them, and they ended on good terms.

Snakes carry venom

It is true that you should not cross a Scorpio. Their “bite” is very deadly and can hurt you immensely, just like a Snake’s poison that can kill. A Scorpio with enough “venom” can destroy people’s lives, just like Scorpio serial killer Charles Manson. 

If you get emotionally or physically hurt by a Scorpio, their “venom” can last a lifetime in your psyche. It can be very dangerous.

Snakes symbolize healing 

In many myths, snakes symbolize healing. It is true that many Scorpios are naturally gifted healers. Many are able to work, like shamans, with nature and help heal others. Many Scorpios are psychic and after being in their company, their energy can be very calming and healing.


One wouldn’t typically associate a Scorpio with a fox. However, there are certain similarities that make foxes a great spirit animal for Scorpios.

fox scorpio spirit animal

Foxes are charismatic

Foxes are charismatic and attract a lot of attention, just like Scorpios. Scorpios get noticed wherever they go, and Scorpios who have learned to master their lives in a positive way are extremely charismatic. In fact, they can captivate an audience for hours just from talking, playing music, or singing to them.

Foxes are nocturnal

Foxes like to come out at night. There are many stories where foxes come out at night, hunting on farmlands to find food – usually at the expense of poor chickens’ and bunnies’ lives. Scorpios also like to “play” at night. The color black is associated with Scorpio, and Scorpios love the black of the night that they can hide in, which holds so many mysteries.

Foxes are solitary creatures 

Foxes are highly independent creatures, and so are Scorpios. Foxes like to do things by themselves. They are not pack animals like wolves. They are independent, and even like to hunt their prey alone. This is one of the reasons they attack prey that is usually smaller than them, so that they can overpower them. 

It is also important to know that foxes mate for life and are monogamous. When a Scorpio truly loves and gets married, they can stay exceptionally faithful to their partner during their entire lifetime together.

5.  Eagle

A Scorpio is compared to an eagle when they are at their most brilliant. Scorpios are definitely associated with the dark aspects of life. However, they have such immense power stored within, that they can achieve so much greatness and soar just like an eagle! In fact, many politicians are Scorpios. These are the following reasons an eagle is a Scorpio’s spirit animal:

eagle scorpio spirit animal

Eagles have a “bird’s eye view”

Eagles are kings of the bird kingdom and, when in flight, have a wingspan of up to 2.3 meters. They are gorgeous, big and powerful. They fly up to 4,800 meters from the ground and literally have a “bird’s eye view” of the ground.

Scorpios make powerful leaders and can see situations through the lens of an eagle in flight. This is the reason many are executives in management roles – they see the big picture easily. They are not micro managers, and don’t enjoy that aspect of work at all. 

Eagles have a protective instinct

When eagles find a partner, they mate for life. When they have fledglings (or eaglets), they are extremely nurturing and protective. Scorpios, too, are exceptionally protective over things they love. When they love something they usually like to have control over it, and if something hurts what they love, they disrespect Scorpio’s control over it. Scorpios will always protect what they love.

Eagles are fearless

Eagles have no fear in their approach to hunting prey. They will often go after the biggest prey, such as sheep, goats and deer. They can carry things weighing up to 8 pounds. Scorpios, too, are usually fearless. Once they make their minds up about something, they target in, focus on what they need, and just go for it!


Scorpios are a magical Zodiac sign full of mystery and awe. It is no wonder that so many beautiful, amazing and mythical creatures are their spirit animals. Whether you’re dealing with a scorpion, phoenix, fox, snake, or eagle Scorpion, know you’re dealing with an exceptional and powerful human being!

Which spirit animal do you identify most with? Leave a comment below with why!

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