Dates: October 23 – November 21

All about Scorpio

The eighth sign of the zodiac, Scorpios are known for their intensity, passion, and focus on achieving their goals. Initially reserved but fiercely passionate once you get them to open up, Scorpios can be some of your best friends – or worst enemies. With their friends, they’re a power couple, a lifetime bond that others are jealous of. If you betray or hurt them though, watch out. The Scorpio energy can be vengeful and obsessive around those who have wronged them.

With their dominant body part being the crotch, Scorpios have an intense sexual energy around them and are not afraid to show it. They enter life and friendships headfirst and if you can’t handle that, you may get hurt.

In pursuit of their goals, Scorpios are fearless and unstoppable. They accept their flaws and set them aside so that they can achieve their goals. With high self awareness, some Scorpios have a dark side filled with some of their hidden desires that rarely sees the light.

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Facts about Scorpio

Symbol: The Scorpion
Element: Water
Quality: Fixed
Ruling Planet: Pluto

Scorpio: The Scorpion

Though small, the scorpion is fierce and wields extreme power. The scorpion is tenacious and unwilling to let go of it’s mission – no matter the consequences. Residing primarily in caves and dark places, Scorpio natives are known for their initial reserved personas.

As you talk to them more though, be careful because they’ll come out with an intensity and focus that few can keep up with. The passion and intensity characterized by the scorpion can lead them to hurt some of the people closest to them.

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When they set their minds to their next mission, they’re relentless and unstoppable. Regardless of the consequences, they will succeed in their endeavors.

Scorpio Element: Water

Although Scorpio’s go about their ways with a fiery passion, their ruling element is water. As the second sign ruled by the water element, Scorpio takes the intuitive feel of Cancer and focuses it into a stream of powerful energy. Just as the tides go in and out, Scorpios can be famously unpredictable. Be on their good side and you’re golden. But be careful if you wrong them – they’ll came after you with a flood of emotion and negative energy.

Scorpio natives are known for their truth finding capabilities. When they see dark and murky waters, they’re the first ones to dive underneath the surface and discover the truth. This makes it hard to hide your true feelings from the Scorpios around you.

In our darkest hours, Scorpio gives us the energy to wade into the unknown and know we’ll be ok.

Scorpio Ruling Planet: Pluto

While Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, there is an interesting fact. Because Pluto wasn’t discovered until 1930, Scorpio’s ruling planet used to be Mars. Mars is the God of War and known for charging into battle with a fiery passion.

Pluto is known for being the god of the underworld. Commonly described as the planet of power and transformation, Pluto encompasses all areas of life from birth to death to the after life. Just as people pass through these stages, Scorpio natives are known for having to transform themselves several times throughout their life. This process allows them to grow and heal in the pursuit of their mission.

Scorpio Personality Traits

Scorpio Positive Personality Traits

  1. Loyal
  2. Resourceful
  3. Passionate
  4. Powerful
  5. Brave
  6. Ambitious
  7. Magnetic
  8. Protective
  9. Emotionally Resilient
  10. Independent

Scorpio Negative Personality Traits

  1. Violent
  2. Distrusting
  3. Manipulative
  4. Jealous
  5. Controlling
  6. Secretive
  7. Stubborn
  8. Vengeful
  9. Cunning
  10. Possessive

Scorpio Likes

  1. Passion
  2. Truth
  3. Teasing
  4. Facts
  5. Talents
  6. Being Right
  7. Mysteries
  8. Intimacy
  9. Privacy
  10. Secrets
  11. Loyalty
  12. Psychology

Scorpio Dislikes

  1. Small Talk
  2. Dishonesty
  3. Superficiality
  4. Revealing Secrets
  5. Liars
  6. Mind games
  7. Strangers
  8. Feeling Exposed
  9. People smarter than them

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Scorpio Friendship

Scorpio friendships are marked by intensity and depth. They value loyalty, trust, and emotional connection. Scorpios make fiercely supportive and reliable friends who will stand by you through thick and thin. Their profound understanding and passionate nature create lasting and meaningful relationships.

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Scorpio Love Style

Scorpio’s love style is intense and transformative. They crave deep emotional connections and seek partners who can match their passion. Their loyalty and devotion are unwavering, but they can also be possessive. With their mysterious allure, Scorpios bring an element of intensity and magnetism to their relationships.

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Scorpio Life & Lifestyle

Scorpios live life with intensity and depth. They embrace their enigmatic nature, seeking meaningful connections and personal growth. With their passion, loyalty, and desire for transformation, Scorpios lead a life driven by their emotions, exploring the depths of their own souls while navigating the mysteries of the world.

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Scorpio Money & Career

Scorpios possess an innate drive for success in their careers and financial endeavors. Their resourcefulness, determination, and strategic mindset enable them to navigate challenges and achieve their goals. With their sharp intuition and unwavering focus, Scorpios excel in building wealth and making impactful career advancements.

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Scorpio Children & Parenting

Scorpio parenting involves an intense and passionate approach, nurturing Scorpio children’s emotional depth, determination, and independence. The deep bond between Scorpio parents and their children is characterized by loyalty, support, and a shared intensity, creating a powerful and transformative relationship of understanding and growth.

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