8 Undeniable Signs a Scorpio Man is Playing You

When a Scorpio man is into you, he’s really into you. In fact, there’s nothing he won’t do for you to make you satisfied and keep you happy. He’s super intense, and his gaze will always be on you, and he’ll want to spend as much time with you as possible! However, there are a couple signs a Scorpio is playing you.

And when he’s playing with you, things can get really toxic, real easy. These are the top 3 signs that a Scorpio is playing with you:

  1. You only get booty calls for him, usually after 9 pm at night.
  2. He’ll ignore you for long periods of time.
  3. He’ll manipulate you into doing things for him.
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8 Undeniable Signs a Scorpio is playing with you 

He becomes the king of the “booty call”

This man is all about sex! Everyone knows that Scorpios are infamous for being great lovers. When he’s playing with you, he’s not interested in your feelings, emotions, achievements, wants or needs. Oh no, he’s just interested in you for your body.

You’re going to get late night texts for him along the lines of, “Hey babe, what you doing? Can I come over? Let’s have some fun 😉.” Or he’ll even get dirty and send you inappropriate nude pics telling you how much he craves your body.

You may find this flattering, as you may think he finds you so attractive, however, this is all about him. He only cares about using you for sex. If you fall for this and do the deed with him, you’ll see that he’ll want to leave your house immediately afterwards.

This can be very hurtful, and if he continuously treats you and your body this way, it’s best to stop answering his texts and find a man that will genuinely love you. Also don’t be put off that he’s a Scorpio. Not all Scorpios behave like this!

He won’t pay for you 

Scorpio men can be very generous when in love. However, if they’re not really into you, they’re not going to spend their hard earned money on you. He’ll constantly ask to split the bill, so you better bring your credit card or cash with you on dates.

This man takes his money seriously, and if he thinks you aren’t worth the investment, he won’t see the point in spending money on you. This extends to gifts as well. There’s no way he’ll spontaneously buy you a bouquet of roses if you just don’t do it for him. 

It’s likely, however, that he will cover the tips at restaurants, and he may pay for you the first time you guys eat out together, as he doesn’t want to come off as cheap. However, you will see down the line that he’ll ask you to pay for your own meals more and more often.

He’ll take you to cheap restaurants

Nevermind the fact that this man won’t pay for your meals on dates if he’s not into you, he’ll also take you to average or cheap restaurants. If you’re in college, he’ll look for the cheapest fast food joints to take you, such as McDonalds to eat. (However, he may not have the money to take you anywhere fancier when he’s still a student).

Should you both be working in careers, he won’t put much effort into finding good restaurants with good reviews to eat at. Oh no, he’ll just take you to any restaurant he can find that doesn’t look too fancy.

Also, you’ll notice that he’ll often order for himself first without giving you second thought. When the waiter approaches the table he’ll order his drinks and food, and will expect you to order afterwards, which can be quite rude.

He pays more attention to his phone than you

Whether you’re out for dinner, at a park on a picnic, or watching a movie together, he’ll be on his phone 24/7 if he’s playing you. It is very likely that he is speaking to other women while he’s out with you.

Not only is this very disrespectful behavior, as you are totally being ignored, but he’s flirting with, and setting up dates with other women, while you’re in front of him. If you ask for his passcode for his phone he’ll never in a million years give it to you, as he has too much to hide!

If he is always on his phone when you go out, do yourself a favor and walk out the door, he’ll probably only notice half an hour afterwards, anyway. 

The sex is always rough

You’ll notice that when this man and you get under the sheets it’s always rough! You see, he’s actually capable of a really deep and intimate connection in bed, as he loves sex and orgasming so much. But, if he’s playing with you, it will be rough sex all the way.

If it ever gets out of hand, you must speak up and he’ll (kind of) listen. However, if he’s playing you, he won’t really care if you are ever satisfied in bed. It’s all about him, and what he can get out of you sexually by using your body.

Also, be careful if he wants to play BDSM games with you, as many Scorpios are very fond of this. Only agree to this if you are into it yourself, otherwise you could get yourself into a situation where he will dominate you, and you could feel disrespected. 

You’ll never meet his friends or family

Scorpio men are just like Pisces, Cancers, Taureans, Virgos and Capricorns; they’re extremely private individuals and don’t share the people they’re closest to with other people who mean nothing to them. It’s hard to read that, but it’s true.

If you’ve been dating for at least 3 or 4 months and haven’t met at least one of his friends or family members, then he’s seriously playing with you. Know that he has no interest in taking things further with you other than the few dates he makes with you during the month.

If, by any chance, you’re out on the town and one of his family members or friends bumps into you, he’ll introduce you as just a friend and nothing more. This may hurt, but at least you will really know how he feels about you when he does this. 

He’ll purposefully hurt your feelings

Scorpios can be seriously nasty and mean – remember they are ruled by Pluto, also known as Hades, ruler of the Underworld. He can be the master of cruelty. If he is playing with you, he will humiliate you in front of others and put you down as much as possible.

He may even call you names in front of others, tell you not to speak, what to do and when to do it. If you are ever in this situation, know that you’re being emotionally manipulated and abused, and get out of this toxic situation as quickly as possible! 

He’ll never open up to you

As discussed previously, Scorpio men are extremely private. If you are involved with him, and he keeps everything on the surface, never exploring deep topics, or talking about his feelings and emotions, know he’s not really into you, and is just playing you.

There’s no way that this man is going to open up to a woman he doesn’t see a future with. Trust me when I say that he has a serious past with certain traumatic events that have affected him (as all Scorpios go through this).

He just won’t go through the semi-trauma of speaking about his past traumatic events with you, if he’s just playing with you. He’ll just talk about mundane things that can make him seem superficial.

How do you get a Scorpio man to stop playing games with you?

The best way to respond to a Scorpio man playing games with you, is to show as much confidence, pride and self-respect as possible. When you show and tell him that you won’t tolerate such treatment, he’ll think twice about playing with you.

He will gain more respect for you when you stand up for yourself. If he sends messages and texts that are only “booty calls,” ignore them, or simply text back “hey, I’m not in the mood for this kind of meaningless sexual relationship, text me back if you have more substance to offer me.”

Trust me when I say that Scorpio men need strong women by their sides. Once he sees he can’t push you around, and that you stand up for yourself when he’s treating you badly, he’ll gain respect for you and possibly want to get to know you more, and deepen the relationship.


A relationship is about being happy and good to one another. There may be ups and downs but at the end, you should both be able to sleep at night with the comfort that you both love and trust one another.

If your Scorpio man is playing you, it can create highly toxic environments and situations, and sometimes you need to walk away from this. However, if you can change things by showing no tolerance to mistreatment, then a really beautiful bond can be formed!

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