7 undeniable signs a Scorpio Man has feelings for you

Scorpio is one of those seriously intense Zodiac signs. When a Scorpio man is into you, everything is just going to be about you, as he will be obsessed with you. Sometimes that obsession is not always healthy, though you may feel very flattered by it!

The top 3 signs that a Scorpio has feelings for you are:

  1. He always stares at you.
  2. He tries to be around you as much as possible.
  3. He defends you at all costs.

The following describes everything you need to know about a Scorpio man seriously being into you – they’re undeniable signs!

7 Undeniable signs a Scorpio has feelings for you

He targets in on you 

Whether you work together, or just hang around in the same social circle, a Scorpio who has feelings for you will target in on you. He will continuously stare at you, and when he talks to the group, whether it be colleagues or friends, he’ll mainly focus on you.

This may leave you feeling a bit uncomfortable, but he literally can’t help it. The Scorpio man has the archetype of Hades – the Greek Lord of the underworld. Hades is known as Pluto in Roman mythology, and Pluto rules Scorpio.

When Hades saw the innocent Persephone walking upon the Earth with her mother Demeter, he rose from the ground and kidnapped her, making her his wife. He targeted in on her, and took her for his own – this is Scorpio’s energy when he has feelings for you.

It is like an abduction of your heart and soul. When he has feelings for you, he will only have eyes for you, to the point of discomfort. You will feel his intense energy and it will either suffocate you, or you will enjoy it.

He’ll do things for you

When a Scorpio man has feelings for you, he’ll do anything he can for you to make you happy. If you are out on a date and you don’t like the food or drinks that you’ve ordered, he’ll immediately call the waiter and send them back, making sure something delicious is brought back in their place.

Do you have a plumbing problem at home? He will either come over to fix it himself, or will call a plumber to fix it for you. Any problems he sees that you may have, he will fix, if it means you being happy.

If you work together and your desk chair isn’t comfortable, he’ll automatically adjust it for you. If the office doesn’t have the brand of coffee you like, he’ll make sure they have it there the next day.

When he likes you and has feelings for you, he sees you as his own. It is a form of control for him, and making you happy just means he has you closer to his heart. He will do everything for you to make you happy.

He’ll be gentle when making love

Scorpios are known for being great in bed. These men adore sex and often, the rougher and wilder, the better. In fact, they adore BDSM and will head off to sex clubs on Saturday nights to watch people do kinky things to each other on stage – as long as they can watch from the corner.

However, if he’s into you, especially in the beginning of your relationship, he’ll be extremely gentle when making love to you. He doesn’t want to chase you away with his dirty mind, and will make you feel loved and caressed. He’ll hold your hands and look deep into your eyes.

It’s really important for him that you feel cared for and satisfied during sex, and he’ll go out of his way to make you orgasm. Just seeing the look on your face, after you orgasm, is enough for him to feel satisfied that he is pleasing you.

Of course, once you have made love enough times, the sex will get rougher, and he will ask your permission to do other things to your body, in a multitude of positions. If he doesn’t have feelings for you, he’ll just have rough sex with you.

 He will change his body language when around you

This man is introverted and holds his body tight, arms and legs crossed when he’s around people he doesn’t like. However, that won’t apply to you. When he’s close to you, physically, he will feel loose and free.

His body movements will be relaxed around you. An obvious sign of attraction is when he sits across from you, he’ll open his legs naturally quite wide. It’s a sexual position that almost beckons you to come to him.

His back will be relaxed around you with arms down to the side, or his hands will be animated, so they can entertain you – whatever gets you excited! He will also make sure his body is close to you often – something Scorpios don’t normally do around others.

If you are together, just the two of you, he will make sure to stroke your hands and arms, and may even brush the hair off of your face. He will want to sit as close to you as possible, and make sure his presence is dominating.

He’ll get really curious about you  

Scorpio men are super inquisitive. In fact they make the best detectives, as they love a good mystery. When a Scorpio man meets and likes you, and starts having feelings for you, you’ll become a mystery to him that he must explore!

He’ll start asking you a million questions – not fast, or one after the other, but slowly, so he can learn more about you and digest the information. After each piece of information you give him, he’ll smile and take it in. Don’t be surprised if he keeps a little secret notebook where he writes down things you tell him about yourself, so that he doesn’t forget.

Once he learns things about you, he’ll start taking you on dates related to things you like. So, if you tell him you love animals, he’ll arrange to take you to a bunny park or local safari, if there is one in your city.

You’ll also get Instagram and Facebook requests from him. He wants to make sure that he can “spy” on you whenever he wants!

If you tell him your favorite meal is anything Italian, trust me, he’ll take you out to the nicest Italian restaurant he can afford, or he’ll invite you over to his house to cook pasta for you. This is special, as he doesn’t just invite anyone over to his house!

He’ll allow you into his private space

There are a few things you need to know about Scorpio men. When their souls choose to incarnate into this life as a Scorpio, they take on a lot. Within their lives, there are a lot of dark moments, trauma, transformative events, transformation within themselves, death of loved ones, and plenty of dark and sexual thoughts.

When he allows you into his private space at home, or even into what thoughts cross his mind, know he truly has feelings for you. There is no way a Scorpio man will let just anyone into his house or into his mind, absolutely no way!

When you do eventually enter his home, it will be neat (especially for you), and will smell as good as he can get it to smell. The bedsheets will be fresh, and there will most likely be a lot of houseplants if he doesn’t have a garden. He’ll also possibly have a cat or dog, and an acoustic guitar in the corner of his bedroom.

All these little things that surround him will be available for you to view, and it makes him feel vulnerable. So if he’s asked you over, know he has deep feelings for you. 

However, certain Scorpio males can be very sex oriented, and if they invite you over to their homes late at night, they’ll make sure you only have access to their bedroom and bathroom and will probably not clean up or even put fresh sheets down for you. You’ll know these Scorpios are there after you for sex!

He’ll introduce you to his family

If a Scorpio man has truly deep feelings for you, he’ll let you meet his parents and siblings. If he wasn’t serious about you, you would never in a million years meet his family. This is a part of his life that is very private, and only reserved for those closest to him.

Oh, and don’t worry, they’ll know all about you, and the fact that he’s crazy about you! He won’t have divulged any of your secrets, but they’ll certainly know all the good things about you – all the things that have made your Scorpio man crazy about you.

Also, don’t be surprised if some of your favorite dishes are on the table. He’s made sure that you will enjoy the time spent with family, and will feel included. Don’t be surprised if his family asks you a million questions. Just be prepared for it!

The afternoon won’t be too long, as he doesn’t want his family to scare you away with their questions, but it will just be long enough for you to realize he really has deep feelings for you and takes you seriously. 

How do you know if a Scorpio man is falling for you?

When a Scorpio man falls for you, he falls hard, to the point of obsession. He’ll wake up with thoughts of you on his mind, and all during the work day and night you will be there, unable to escape his mind. But if you really want to know the biggest signs that a Scorpio is falling for you here they are:

1. He will open up about his past and insecurities

Scorpio men do not open up about themselves. They’re super private. This man will only ever talk to you about his past, which is often traumatic, when he has fallen hard for you. If he ever opens up about his insecurities, know he loves you!

This is a man who holds a deep emotional well inside. Very few people actually know the real him, the “him” that stares back at himself while brushing his teeth in the morning. So if he allows you into his real side, know he’s hooked on you!

2.  He’ll keep the weekends for you

If your Scorpio man has fallen for you, he’ll keep the weekends open for you – week after week after week! He’ll contact you on Tuesdays or Wednesdays to make sure that you’re free on the weekends, so he can make plans for the two of you!

Make sure to keep weekends open for him up until Thursday afternoons. Remember, you shouldn’t be available for him whenever he wants to be with you. The biggest tip here is to keep your mystery alive.

3. He’ll organize dates

If this man has fallen for you, there are no such things as random dates. You’ll enjoy Friday nights, where he will pick you up, and take you to a restaurant close to the beach, so you can hold hands afterwards, dipping your feet in the ocean!

He’ll also plan romantic weekends away for the two of you, usually somewhere near a body of water, such as a lake or the ocean, where he can wine and dine you, and you can explore the city together. He’ll look forward to making love to you afterwards, and be sure that if he’s into you, he’s going to want to hold you all night and cuddle. 

How you should act if a Scorpio man falls for you

These are guidelines you should follow if you know a Scorpio man has fallen for you:

  • Keep your mystery – don’t talk too much!
  • Don’t have sex too soon, as he can lose interest
  • Show appreciation for all the things he does for you
  • Make sure to spray on sexy perfume when he’s around
  • He’s attracted to black, so wear black eyeliner and pants, skirts, or shirts
  • Smile and be nice to him
  • Never criticize him – he takes it very badly
  • Never flirt with other men around him
  • Go out of your way to be nice to his family
  • Be respectful to him – this man is all about power and respect


Feel lucky if a Scorpio man has fallen, or has feelings, for you! These men choose the women they’re into extremely selectively. When you feel the magnetic attraction in the air, let him chase you, because it will be one of the most satisfying courtships you will ever experience!

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