10 Ways to Know if A Libra Man Likes You (Is He Interested?)

Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love, a Libra Man is charming and incredibly attractive. He can easily catch your attention and seduce you with his good manners, polite words, and incredible looks! I mean, this man knows how to dress incredibly well too! Read below to discover the 10 signs a libra man likes you! 

But aside from the good looks and impeccable taste, Libra is known for being friendly, social, and funny. The man born under this sign is also very intelligent and trustworthy. So, if you are into a Libra man, no one can blame you. They are pretty close to perfection.

How Do You Know When a Libra Man Likes You?

Although, at first glance, this man seems very open, warm, and honest, when it comes to his feelings, a Libra man can be difficult to read. He is extremely good at hiding his feelings deep inside, as he can be very sensitive, but doesn’t like showing it.  

Luckily there is Astrology to help you understand Libra men better and crack their code. The following are the 10 signs you need to look out for which indicate that your Libra man is into you!

1. He Can’t Stop Looking at You

The Libra man is an Air sign, so if you ever succeed in catching this man’s attention for longer than 10 minutes, then he must be really into you. Being extremely curious, this man will scan the room with his eyes and observe everything. However, he particularly aims his gaze at things he finds beautiful, namely – you!

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An even stronger sign of a Libra man being into you, is if you catch him staring at you when you are not looking. Being a romantic soul, his gazing at you means he is already thinking about your future together (and possibly even marriage – as Libra rules it). 

2. Taking an Interest in You

This is a rather obvious sign that a man likes you. However, if a Libra man likes you, he will take an interest in your life but in a bit different way. This man is very caring and considerate. He is also pretty protective over the people he loves. 

So if his questions are more complex than just “How was your day?” and instead something like “Was your day good? Do you need help with anything?”, then you are a person he likes and genuinely cares about. 

He will want to know more about you and your life, but will also make sure to point out that he is there to help you if you need him. This right here is a clear sign of a Libra man falling for you.

3. He Likes Spending His Time Alone With You

Libra is very social, and he loves to be part of larger groups of people. So if he is interested in you, he will prefer to spend time with just the two of you, rather than in the company of others. 

The next time your Libra crush makes an excuse to pull you to the corner of the room, so he can talk to you in private, know that he is trying to show you that he likes you. 

4. This Libra Man Will Want to Do Couple Activities

Libra is all about the idea of being in a couple. After all, Libra rules the 7th house of marriage, partnerships, relationships and love. This union gives them balance, and that is something these people highly appreciate. However, he will avoid such activities if he is unsure about his feelings. 

So there you have it. If your man wants the two of you to do more couple activities, know that he is crazy about you and ready to let you into his heart. I mean, he is ready to leave out his friends so he can be alone with you. Girl, you have caught his attention!

5. Watch His Body Language

Reading the Libra man’s energy is easier if you observe his non-verbal communication. This gracious and charming man is known for his good manners. Therefore every movement and motion is well calculated in his head.

The next time you notice his feet turned towards you, it means he likes you. Since he loves to talk, biting his lips is another sign that he is into you. When he does that, he is probably thinking about how much he wants to kiss you, but is too afraid to blurt it out loud. 

Also, look at all his small excuses to touch you. These are clearly a sign of him being into you. A Libra man can be very affectionate, and physical contact is how he shows he cares for you. 

6. He Has No Problem Opening Up to You

Yes, a Libra man is friendly, but he can be very reserved when it comes to personal questions. The moment this man starts talking about intimacy with you, and has no problem answering personal questions about himself, you are in! 

Moreover, if he’s not afraid to get vulnerable around you, by talking about some difficult times in his life, know that this is the biggest signal you can receive from him regarding how he feels about you. Exposure of his vulnerabilities and allowing you to get to know his sensitive side is a sign of his strong feelings for you. 

7. Acting Romantic

The Libra man is one of the most romantic Zodiac signs. However, they will not show this side of them until they are sure about their feelings. So, if your Libra man starts making romantic gestures, it is not a way of him trying to seduce you, but a clear sign that he likes you. 

Besides, it is below Libra’s morals and ethics to act romantic, just so that they can seduce a girl. Romance is strictly reserved only for someone with whom they have true feelings. When a Libra man likes you, his romantic gestures will go from flowers to home-cooked meals, and slow dancing under the stars. 

Yes, he will go over the top and make you feel like you are in a romantic movie. If he ever suggests watching “The Notebook” together, know you’re in!

8. He Wants You to Spend Time Together with His Friends

For a Libra man, introducing a girl to his friends is a very serious gesture, so you must be special to him. If he doesn’t like you, this man will make sure you two see each other away from his close circle of people. 

Since he is very caring, his friends are like his family. Therefore, he will introduce you to them and make plans to spend quality time together only if he truly likes you.

Moreover, the approval of his friends means a lot to him, so until he is certain about you, he will keep you as far as possible from his close buddies. He is not the type of man that will just casually bring new girls into the group and make his friends go through the trouble of getting to know someone better if that person is not special enough to him.

9. Meeting His Family

Libra men are protective and family oriented. This man will speak highly of his parents and never allow himself to introduce a girl to them that he is not serious about. So if he says he wants you to meet his parents or close family, know that he is head over heels in love with you! 

This is a very good sign, and one that clearly shows that your Libra man has the intention of keeping you by his side for a very long time. He might not ask you to marry him right away, but he is most definitely planning a future with you in it.

10. He Tries Hard at Solving Your Problems

This man is known for his need to help people and protect them. You may have already noticed that he is quite a good leader. Therefore, if this man likes you, he will do his best to help fix your problems. 

Since this man is all about details, he may even offer to help, without you even asking him. This here is even bigger proof of his feelings for you. It means that you are very important to him and that he has paid attention and listened to you. So, when you casually mention that you have car problems, know that he has already made some calls and found a good mechanic.  


Being in love with a Libra man is wonderful, and those first moments of romance are truly magical. He is very loyal, charming, and committed. The trickiest part for him is making a decision about whether he likes you or not, as he is one of the most indecisive signs of the Zodiac. Therefore you may have to be patient in seeing some of the signs discussed above. 

That said, do not get discouraged if he still hasn’t shown a sign that he likes you. He takes his time, as do all Air signs! However, if the signs just aren’t coming, have faith, believe in yourself, and walk away in your high heels into the arms of a man that will truly love and appreciate you!

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