Taurus Man Scorpio Woman Compatibility

Taurus Scorpio relationships are very common, as these two can’t help but attract one another. These signs sit at opposite ends of the Zodiac wheel, creating huge energy and spark between them.

This is a relationship of deep sexual energy and emotions. It is a hard relationship to break, as once these two connect, it’s almost impossible for them to forget about one another! But are Taurus Men Scorpio Women compatible?

Taurus is represented by the bull, and Scorpio is represented by the Scorpion. They are both Fixed signs, meaning that once they’ve made up their minds, that’s it – so they can both be very stubborn. 

They’re both feminine signs that are introverted by nature. Taurus is an Earth sign, while Scorpio is a Water sign – and the two bond together beautifully. They learn a lot from one another, and often crave the qualities each one has.

Overall compatibility: 8/10

Sex: 10/10

Communication: 8/10

Emotional connection: 10/10 

What Attracts the Taurus Man to the Scorpio Woman

There is nothing sexier to the Taurus man, than a Scorpio woman. She’s spicy, mysterious, sensual, and sexy all in one – like a hot chili pepper! She also has amazingly deep emotional feelings that she reveals once trust is created.

Scorpio women also carry this dark energy about them that is highly alluring to the Taurus man. It is a dark energy that sometimes needs fixing, and he loves to step in, figure out what the problem is, and help.

He is intrigued by the Scorpio woman, as she is quiet. She suits his naturally introverted nature as he really has to get to know her for her to express herself, and he loves solving a good mystery! 

Taurus men are also very visual creatures and he won’t be able to peel his eyes off of her. You see, Scorpio woman tend to dress quite sexy (often in black), from tight jeans to mini skirts and long black boots – they enjoy the sexual power they have over others.

What Attracts the Scorpio Woman to the Taurus Man

A Scorpio woman wants to be taken seriously, and seen for who she really is inside. She can’t help but give off sexual energy, it is what she is born with, but a Taurus man is able to penetrate that veil  of sex and see deep into her soul.

Once that connection is made, a Scorpio woman can’t help but want to be around the Taurus man who has noticed her. He is kind to her, so practical and down-to-earth, and makes her feel wanted, heard, and sexy all in one!

Also, Taurus men are quite sexy in their own right! They are all about the senses, and give off a lot of testosterone. They are real men, and are usually built like strong soldiers, ready to protect their homes and the women they love – they’re naturally sexy!

A more mature Scorpio woman will also gravitate towards a Taurus man, as he makes an excellent homemaker. She can see him as the father of her children, as he loves being home, fixing things around the house, making the garden come alive, and cooks so well! 

He is also a sign associated with money, and will always make sure to put “bread” on the table. A Taurus man will always make sure his partner is taken care of financially. This is appealing to the Scorpio woman, who often subconsciously uses people for what they can give her. 

Taurus Man Scorpio Woman Sexual Compatibility 

The sexual compatibility between a Taurus man and Scorpio woman is off the charts! Taurus is the second Zodiac sign, symbolizing the body, sex and senses. Scorpio is the eighth Zodiac sign, symbolizing other people, transformation and orgasm.

When the two are together, magic occurs. Both these signs desperately need sex to feel “alive,” and when there’s emotional connection, the way these two have between each other, sex becomes making love.

Once the sex has become making love, that’s where trust between the sheets is formed, and all kinds of experimentation, fetishes and kinkiness can occur without judgement. This is a truly beautiful sexual union.  

There may be S&M involved in this relationship, where she will want to be dominated, and at times, will want to have fun dominating her Taurus man. If this is your relationship, go to the sex shop together and buy handcuffs and spanking paddles – you’ll have a lot of fun!

Is the Taurus Man Scorpio Woman Relationship Likely to Last?

The Taurus man Scorpio woman relationship can last a lifetime, provided there is no cheating or too many flirtations with the opposite sex. Both signs get extremely jealous over this, and a Scorpio woman can take vicious revenge if her Taurus man cheats on her.

However, if there is great trust between these two, their relationship can be smooth sailing. They understand each other like no other people do, and are there for each other through thick and thin.

You see, Scorpios sometimes have harder lives than others. There is always transformation involved, and often trauma. But, Taurus is there to be Scorpio’s rock. A Scorpio woman can always rely on her Taurus man to be there for her.

Once a Scorpio woman opens up, she can reveal many secrets and dark thoughts as well. A Taurus man, at least, is there to listen to her, and will never judge her. She will fall more in love with him, the more accepted she feels by him – even though he knows her dark secrets.

Will a Taurus Man Propose to a Scorpio Woman Soon?

If a Taurus man falls head over heels in love with a Scorpio woman, and the sex is great, and they have a deep emotional connection, he won’t have a problem talking about marriage with her and proposing soon if that’s what she wants.

However, at least 3 to 6 months need to pass before this can happen. This man is the type to buy a beautiful, big diamond ring, because he will feel that his Scorpio woman belongs to him. He will want to show off the fact that she is so special to him, and deserves such a magnificent piece of jewelry.

He will most likely propose after they eat a romantic meal at a very fancy restaurant. He will make sure that she remembers the moment, and will do his utmost to make sure she feels like a princess while he is on bended knee proposing.

Does the Taurus Man Scorpio Woman Make a Successful Family?

A Taurus man makes a wonderful father, and the Scorpio woman, when ready, will eventually have children. She will never fully “settle down,” as she will always want a career of her own. She’ll always make sure that her children have the best and are well looked after, but she needs space of her own to be her own person too.

When it comes to family meals, the Taurus man is more than happy to put meat and vegetables on the grill, and make the most delicious barbeques, as it will bring him nothing but joy to be surrounded by his Scorpio wife and children. 

Taurus Man Scorpio Woman Compatibility

The best types of relationships are always open ones – when it comes to communication. In order for a Taurus man Scorpio woman relationship to stand the test of time, it’s important that they both don’t keep things inside.

When these two fight, and they will at times, it’s important that they have their own space to go to and process things, before lashing out. They can then center themselves and think things through properly before reacting.

These two, especially the Scorpio woman, needs to express her feelings constantly, and the great thing is, a Taurus man can handle this – as long as he receives the nurturing love he requires in a successful relationship. This is definitely a beautiful relationship that can last a lifetime!

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