The Taurus Man: Personality, Compatibility and Love

A Taurus man is certainly unique. Besides Capricorn, he is one of the solid “rocks” of the Zodiac. People lean on him for support, as he is so grounded and down to earth. He is the perfect man if you are looking for someone loyal, protective and supportive.

Taurus Man Personality and Traits

This man is very sensual, and his senses are amplified. He is extremely sensitive to different smells, tastes, visuals, textures and sounds. This is the kind of man you want to wear beautiful perfume around. He will also always take you to the best restaurants because good food is essential to his well-being.

This is a very physical man, and he will want to touch and get physical with you quite early on. This doesn’t mean you have to do anything you don’t want to – just be aware that this will be on his mind from the start. When you eventually decide to get physical, know he is extremely passionate, and will want to spend as much time as possible getting intimate with you.

If you want a man that will always put “bread on the table,” take care of your needs, be the “man of the house,” be there for the children, cook with you in the kitchen, and spoil you with gifts and share a passionate love life with, then a Taurus man is the man for you!   

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What does a Taurus man look like?

Think of Dwayne Johnson, the perfect Taurus-looking man. He literally looks like a strong, giant bull on 2 legs. A Taurus man generally has a thick neck and a strong body. If he doesn’t work out, it’s easy for him to put on lots of weight around his midsection. 

He may have two small bumps on the top of his forehead, symbolizing the bull’s horns. He likes to wear earthy colors – blues, green and browns. He isn’t the biggest fan of the color black.  

Where will I find a Taurus man?

Taurus men love nature, so if you want to bump into one – join a hiking club, as there are sure to be many Taurus men there. Look into joining cooking classes in your city, as there’ll surely be Taurus men cooking up a storm. Taurus men love shopping and spending money, so you’ll find many in the mall, and they can be big gamblers, so you might spot quite a few in the casino. 

If you work in a big company, look for the finance department, as you might spot a few Taurus accountants and finance directors there.  

What is Taurus man’s weakness? 

A Taurus man can’t say no to a really sensual, curvy and beautiful woman. He really does love curves, as very skinny women are not for him. He enjoys a woman that makes a house (or apartment) a home, and can cook well, enjoys sleeping under the stars with him at night, and likes going out in nature and exploring what is naturally out there. 

He also likes women who like animals.

What does Taurus like in a woman?

It’s very important to a Taurus man, that his woman is quite feminine, and he can look after her, as he likes to protect those he loves. He wants a woman that will take the female role in a relationship. It’s essential that she loves food too, and enjoys cooking, as a Taurus man would never date a woman who doesn’t eat and doesn’t prioritize food. 

If you want to win him over, carry snacks with you on dates, so that you can have them ready for him when he’s hungry. He also loves a woman that smells good – so spray on your favorite perfume. 

What does a Taurus man want in a relationship?

Love is important for a Taurus man. Remember, Venus, the planet of love, rules him. He really doesn’t feel complete without it. He also wants a very physical relationship, where the two of you can experiment and have fun under the sheets, so you need to feel confident in your body, no matter what size you are. 

He wants a relationship that can lead into monogamy, and eventually marriage with children. He’d also love to add some dogs, and perhaps cats, to the family, preferably in a big house out in nature. 

How do you know if a Taurus man likes you?

This man is obvious and not shy at all. If a Taurus man likes you, he’ll go straight up to you and buy you a drink. He’ll immediately introduce himself and tell you he thinks you’re beautiful. Well, maybe not immediately, as he’s been watching you for quite some time, but he won’t let you slip away before getting your phone number. 

You’ll know he likes you by the fancy restaurants he takes you to, and the expensive perfumes, flower bouquets and chocolates he buys you. If he likes you, he’ll also invite you over for dinner, so he can show off his cooking skills.

How do you tell if a Taurus man is playing you?

You’ll know your Taurus man is playing you if the only time he wants to see you is late at night – and not for real dates. He’ll just want to do the “Netflix and chill” thing (code words for sex). You’ll see him online on WhatsApp, but he won’t contact you as often, or get back to your messages straight away, often ignoring you. 

He’ll also only contact you when it suits him. He won’t make you feel good, and if things start to feel toxic, it’s best to just remove yourself from the situation.

Which Zodiac signs are most compatible with a Taurus man?

Taurus is an Earth sign. What compliments him most are the other Earth signs – Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus, as well as the Water signs – Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer. Cancer is an especially good match for Taurus, as they are both homebodies who adore food. Scorpio is his polar opposite, but there will be a lot of chemistry in the bedroom and sparks will fly!

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Which are the worst Zodiac signs for a Taurus man?

The worst Zodiac signs for a Taurus man are the Air signs and Fire signs. Sagittarius is particularly a bad match for a Taurus man.

Emotional understanding is important to a Taurus man, and that’s why the Air signs, especially Aquarius, don’t work. Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra are just far too emotionally disconnected for his liking, needs and wants. The Fire signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius also don’t work for him, as they move too fast, and he likes to take his time in life. 

Sagittarius is an especially bad match, as this sign just wants to constantly explore, while a Taurus man likes staying home and being in his comfort zone.

What is the best job for a Taurus man? 

This man does well in any career related to money and finance. Therefore he makes a great accountant, financial director, or even CFO. He also does well as a top estate agent. A Taurus man can make an exceptional chef of a Michelin-Star restaurant. Because he rules self-value and self-worth, he is able to work on these issues with others, as a counselor. He also loves working with nature and makes a great landscape architect.  

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Does a Taurus man make the first move?

He definitely does. A Taurus man will wait for the right moment, and will then go ahead and ask for your phone number. Of course, he will compliment you first, or buy you a drink. He is not shy when it comes to dating and love, and really loves feminine energy around him. He can be a real Don Juan. 

What kinds of messages does a Taurus man send?

Beware, as a Taurus man can often send very sexual texts. If he does this you need to put him in his place straight away. He will also send photos of what he is eating, and will be genuinely interested in what you are eating too. He will ask how you are, but know that he is not like a Gemini man – you won’t receive text after text with this man. He is extremely practical and will use texts to make plans with you.

Who are famous Taurus men?

Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson is a typical Taurus man, as well as Channing Tatum, the latest Batman star Robert Pattinson, Stranger Things actor Joe Keery, Superman actor Henry Cavill, The Godfather actor Al Pacino,  George Clooney, Jack Nicholson, Jamie Dornan, and Sam Heughan, among many others. 

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