5 Virgo Spirit Animals That Perfectly Represent the Sign

Virgo does not have a typical animal representing it in Astrology, the way a lion represents Leo, or a goat represents Capricorn. Virgo is one of only 4 Zodiac signs symbolized by a human – a Virgin. Gemini, Sagittarius, and Aquarius are also represented by human figures. Here, we will take deeper look into the best virgo spirit animals that represent the sign:

5 Virgo Spirit Animals

  1. Cat
  2. Bee
  3. Bear
  4. Rabbit
  5. Squirrel

1. Cat

Cats are one of the most misunderstood domestic creatures. It’s really not easy reading their minds, as they act so curiously. Virgo rules the 6th house in Astrology, which also rules small domestic animals, of which the cat is one. 

cat virgo spirit animal

Here are the reasons that cats are one of the typical Virgo spirit animals.

Cats are very clean

In comparison to domestic animals like dogs, cats are exceptionally clean. They clean their bodies everyday with their sandpaper tongues, and can’t handle a messy environment well. Cats literally behave much more peacefully when their environments smell fresh and look clean.

When these cats defecate, they also aim for the litter box and even cover up their mess with sand as soon as they’ve relieved themselves. They truly are clean – just like Virgos who need a clean environment with everything in its correct place to function at their very best. 

These animals are aloof

Cats can be very aloof, choosing carefully who they want to interact with. Virgos may appear bitchy or even cold, but they’re not, they’re just careful who they open up to. It can take a while for a Virgo to warm up to you – just like a cat.

Cats also like to do their own thing, and so do Virgos. When a Virgo is alone at home, they enjoy cleaning, reading a nice book, or enjoying a warm cup of herbal tea. They enjoy their own company.

They are picky eaters

Domestic cats are very picky eaters. This, of course, does not apply to street cats who eat anything, as they are always so hungry. However, domestic cats can become very fussy once you spoil them with too much wet food, salmon steaks and sardines! They will literally not eat until they get what they want, or are absolutely starving.

Virgos are also very picky eaters. They mostly prefer eating healthy food, as it keeps them feeling good and prevents too much stomach indigestion which they are prone to.

2. Bee

Bees are one of the most important creatures on the planet, as they help pollinate so many plants. There are many reasons that the Bee is one of Virgos spirit animals:

bee virgo spirit animal

They respect hierarchies 

Bees respect their place in their hierarchies. Of course the highest tier is the queen bee, who they all work for, soldier bees who protect the queen, female worker bees who work hard making sure their hive functions well, and the male drone bees who mate with the unfertilized queen. 

Virgos also respect hierarchies at work, and know their place, although they will work very hard to rise in the ranks.

Bees work very hard

These creatures are extremely hard workers – at least the female worker bees are. They collect pollen and nectar, make wax, feed the drones, larvae and the queen. Virgos are also exceptionally hard workers, in fact they are the hardest workers among all the Zodiac signs. They rule everyday work in the Zodiac wheel. 

Only Capricorns work almost as hard as them! Other Zodiac signs that work extremely hard will have aspects to Mercury and Saturn, or planets in Virgo and Capricorn.  

Bees make their home beautiful

These insects make their hive perfect. Their hives are made up of hexagons and everything runs perfectly in it. When you step into the home of a Virgo, everything will be neat and perfect. There won’t be any dust, and everything will smell fresh! Nothing will be out of place, or lying on the floor. 

3. Brown Bear

In Native American Astrology, called “Earth Astrology,” the brown bear represents Virgo. Here are the reasons why:

brown bear virgo spirit animal

They are careful and quiet

Brown bears are usually careful and quiet animals. Virgos are also careful and quiet around others, often disappearing into the background when they don’t want to be seen. They like to watch what is going on around them, and are often more passive than active in social settings.    

Bears work hard to get things done

These animals can stand on two feet and walk when they need to, climb trees to get honey, and even spear fish with their claws. They really are quite self-sufficient and get things done, when it needs to be done.

Virgos are also extremely efficient at making things happen that need urgent attention. Whatever needs paying attention to, they make sure it’s done right.

These animals have a cheerful and good nature

Brown bears are usually cheerful and good natured, as long as there aren’t humans around disturbing their peace. Virgos are anxiety prone, but are usually cheerful and good natured – as long as the people at work, or in social settings don’t bother them too much!

4. Rabbit

Rabbits are peaceful herbivores that some people keep as pets. There are certain reasons that they’re a spirit animal of Virgo :

rabbit spirit animal

They are amazing athletes

Rabbits are able to jump to heights of ninety centimeters in just one leap. They really have a lot of energy, and should you try to chase one, they can easily outrun you. Most rabbits are able to run between 25 and 45 miles per hour.

Just like rabbits, Virgos too are excellent athletes. The typical Virgo is very concerned with their health, and will usually stick to a healthy diet and work out once or twice a day, whenever they have time. Perfection is important to them, so they want a perfectly healthy and fit body!

Rabbits are timid and shy

These creatures are shy, just like Virgos who are introverted by nature. Virgos will go to parties and clubs, but they’ll usually sit in corners drinking (never too much), watching their friends dance, until they’re asked to join.

These animals are highly intelligent 

Rabbits are really intelligent, just like the 88 Virgos who have won nobel prizes, such as Mother Teresa, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. These animals are also extremely peaceful, just like Virgos.  

5.  Squirrel

Squirrels are adorable animals that live everywhere in the world except Australia and Antarctica. Here are 3 reasons that they connect to Virgos:

squirrel virgo spirit animal

Squirrels are anxious creatures

These animals can be very stressed out. Flying squirrels actually have up to 20 times cortisol levels than us humans, making them exceptionally anxious. Virgos are ruled by Mercury, the planet that rules the mind. They often suffer from mental anxiety and have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), where they will clean things many times over and wash their hands a million times a day. It’s a good idea for any Virgo to seek the help of a therapist, just to talk to. 

They have slender bodies

Squirrels have slender bodies with bushy tails. Virgos, too, are either very slender with great bodies, or they fall into their “shadow” self, when they don’t pay attention to their health and can put on a lot of weight.

However, generally, Virgos are obsessed with their weight and looking good, so they will put in the effort and discipline of keeping their figures in great shape. 

These creatures run away from danger

Virgos are typically peace loving creatures and run away from danger. Squirrels also run away from danger; unless they are protecting their young, as they will then attack. Virgos need quiet, peace, and silence in their lives. 


Just like every Zodiac sign, Virgos serve their purpose well in this world. Whether you’re dealing with a cat, bee, bear, rabbit or squirrel Virgo, know you’re dealing with a perfectionist who needs their own space to work hard and recharge from the busy world. Have patience with them when they seem anxious, and you will see that they often make the best of friends!

Which Virgo spirit animal do you best identify with?