Dates: August 23 – September 22

All about Virgo

Virgo is the 6th of the 12 signs of the zodiac and begins it’s cycle late summer every year. As the symbol of the virgin, Virgo natives are known for being nurturing, orderly, and rule-abiding. Their energy is focused on control and organization. Perfectionism can be an issue for Virgos as they hate to see things out of place and find comfort in order.

 Since Virgo is also ruler of the sixth house of health and fitness, wellness and all things green fall under it’s domain.

For all zodiac signs, it’s important to understand the energy of Virgo as different planets travel through Virgo year-round. As they travel through Virgo, they activate this sign’s earthly energy for everybody.

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Facts about Virgo

Symbol: The Virgin
Element: Earth
Quality: Mutable
Ruling Planet: Mercury

Virgo: The Virgin

As the symbol of the virgin, Virgo natives feel a sense of purity in themselves and want to find the sense of purity and justice in others. The essence of a Virgo native is to be nurturing, orderly, and rule-abiding, which can make them great caregivers.

Virgo Element: Earth

As one of three zodiac signs ruled by the earth, Virgo is in between Taurus and Capricorn. Where Taurus lays the foundation, Virgo is the one who crafts a plan to get from A -> Z. Virgo natives know every detail and can quickly arrange schedule to make sure their goal will be achieved on time.

At times, Virgo energy can motivate people to take a look at their existing habits and gives them the energy to try something new or optimize their schedule further.

During times of transit, this attention to detail can lead to stress and anxiety. It’s common for people to be caught up in circles of what if situations.

Virgo Ruling Planet: Mercury

Like Gemini, Virgo is ruled by Mercury. In mythology, Mercury is known as the quick messenger who quickly fulfills the tasks of the gods. During his quests, he even adopts multiple personas in order to achieve this mission. This fits with Virgo’s ability for multi tasking and checking off items off of their to-do list with impeccable fashion.

Virgo Personality Traits

Virgo Positive Personality Traits

  1. Practical
  2. Loyal
  3. Hardworking
  4. Analytical
  5. Kind
  6. Intelligent
  7. Reliable
  8. Patient

Virgo Negative Personality Traits

  1. Workaholic
  2. Shy
  3. Overly Critical
  4. Worrier
  5. Perfectionist
  6. Pessimist
  7. Emotionally Surpassed
  8. Overthinker

Virgo Likes

  1. Cleanliness
  2. Animals
  3. Nature
  4. Health Foods
  5. Books
  6. Personal Space

Virgo Dislikes

  1. Being the center of attention
  2. Rudeness
  3. Asking for help
  4. Complaining
  5. Bright Colors
  6. Obligations

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Virgo Friendship

Virgos have a friendship style marked by their reliability, practicality, and attention to detail. They are loyal and devoted friends who offer thoughtful advice and support. With their organized and analytical nature, Virgos excel at providing stability and being a trusted confidant in their friendships.

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Virgo Love Style

Virgos approach love with practicality and attention to detail. They value intellectual connection, communication, and loyalty in relationships. Their love style is grounded, reliable, and focused on creating stability and harmony. Virgos strive for perfection and are attentive to the needs of their partners, making them caring and devoted lovers.

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Virgo Life & Lifestyle

Virgos embody a practical and organized lifestyle, focusing on precision and attention to detail. They strive for excellence in their work, maintain a healthy routine, and value self-improvement. With their analytical mindset, Virgos create a balanced life that emphasizes productivity, efficiency, and personal growth.

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Virgo Money & Career

Virgo Money & Career Traits: Virgos are known for their meticulous and analytical approach to money management and their dedication to their careers. They excel in roles that require attention to detail, organization, and practicality, making them reliable and efficient contributors in the workplace.

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Virgo Children & Parenting

As a Virgo parent, you understand and appreciate your Virgo child’s analytical mind, attention to detail, and practical nature. By providing a structured and nurturing environment, you can support their growth, guide them with organization, and help them thrive with your innate understanding of their needs.

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