Top 5 Weirdest Zodiac Signs Ranked from Weirdest to Normal

All Zodiac signs are not made equal. There may be 12 signs, but from those, there are 5 that really stick out as the weirdest. This article goes into the 5 weirdest zodiac signs to let you know exactly why they are just so strange! 

1. Aquarius

This sign is well known to be the most eccentric of all. It is ruled by the planet Uranus, which, in Greek mythology, is known as Ouranos. He was the great father god who mated with mother Earth, Gaia, to create all the Titans and great gods. 

Ouranos was known to be a very detached presence to all his descendants – and so are Aquarians, well detached that is. Aquarians are born with the innate ability to emotionally detach from any situation they wish to detach from.

For this reason, they stand out from other signs, as no other sign has this complete ability. Aquarians are also the strangest dressers. They do not follow the trends, as they make their own rules, because they are such rebels.

They also don’t always know how to behave in social settings. Many of them are actual geniuses, as their minds are always ticking, and don’t understand the ordinary conversations of everyday man.

As children, they are often mistaken as autistic, as they are always in their own world, and are misunderstood by their teachers. When dating this Zodiac sign, it’s really hard to read them, and you should never get too emotional with them – they hardly understand emotions.

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2. Scorpio

Scorpios are weird for the reason that they can be really dark; “dark” as in the way that they think and act. They also carry an intensity with them that no other Zodiac signs carry. They can be extremely intimidating when compared to other signs.

weirdest zodiac sign

When Scorpios are teenagers, they are extremely misunderstood, and often go through a goth phase, where they always dress in black, grow their nails (even the boys) long and sharp, are exceptionally introverted and hang out in groups that provide a bad influence for them.

When dating a Scorpio, know that they can be excessively sexual, and if you decide to get into bed with them, things can get really weird. They may pull out a “bag of tricks” including handcuffs, floggers, and sex toys.  

Scorpios also are well known for playing manipulative games, and can make the energy between you and them weird, as they can mistreat you without you realizing it, until it’s too late and you get really hurt.

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They can also give a lot of mixed signals depending on their mood. One day, they may be very friendly, and the next they can completely ignore you, making their behavior extremely weird and erratic. 

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3. Pisces

These people can be really weird because they are made up of all the 12 signs. Every day they can wake up in a different mood, and see the world differently and act accordingly. Most Pisceans are hippies that just want a relaxing and stress free life.

When they’re happy, the whole room lights up, and they can put everyone in a good mood. However, when they’re in a bad mood, they can really drag others down and put them in a bad mood.

Pisces people can also act really, not so immature, but like children. They are usually very gullible and things that light up children, such as looking at rainbows and even keeping teddy bears on their beds, make Pisceans happy too.

If Pisceans don’t get enough time on their own to recharge, they can get really nasty and cranky with others, and can treat them badly, alienating many people. They don’t mean to – they just can’t always hold their tongue.

They also love to dress for comfort, so it doesn’t always matter to them how good they look, as long as they feel comfortable. They may look really weird, and they simply don’t care what others think of them. In their minds, they are born to be free!

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4. Gemini

Geminis are really hard to figure out! They are ruled by Mercury, the planet that rules the mind, and in Greek mythology, Mercury is known as Hermes. Hermes was the messenger god that was the swiftest god of all, able to enter all 3 worlds – the world of the gods, mortals, and the dead.

Their sign is depicted by twins and this certainly applies to their personality, which can be really weird at times. You never know what to expect from them, one day they’re really friendly and kind, and the next, their other personality takes over, and they’re super nasty and mean.

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These people are expert communicators, and can actually manipulate others easily, and take advantage of them. It’s the nastiest quality about them, and makes them fall into the “weird” category. They can really alienate others, as they can feel used and abused by them.

Geminis see the world differently and often create their own path. They aren’t really sheep, and don’t like to follow others – just look at Geminis Kanye West and Johnny Depp, who are wonderfully weird in their own and unique way.

Their texting methods can be overwhelming, as they’ll text and text you, over and over again if they’re bored, and at times won’t respect your boundaries. You just need to let them know that you’re busy, and possibly put your phone on silent.

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5. Virgo

Virgos can be really weird because of their obsessive compulsive tendencies and absolute need for perfection and cleanliness. They will often go wash their hands many times while they’re interacting with you.

Their need to serve others and work hard can alienate others, as they’ll often ignore them, so that they can work. It makes them a bit weird, as they’ll ignore a lot of social obligations, in order to carry on working.

These people can also spend excessive time at the gym, over-exercising so that their bodies are more than perfect. You may even see them taking selfie after selfie, as they’re proud of their efforts. It can be a bit weird and over-excessive.

Many Virgos also opt for many plastic surgery procedures, so that they can look perfect, but in the end, mess up their looks.

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Some Zodiac signs are weirder than others, but the great thing is, it adds a lot of “color” to the Zodiac wheel, as it would be really boring if all signs were the same. At least now you know what to expect when dealing with Aquarians, Scorpios, Pisceans, Geminis and Virgos!.  

I'm female, 26, and a Gemini (June 11). I run this blog all by myself. My name's Jessica - I'm in no way a professional astrologer but I've studied the Zodiac signs for the past 6 years and use this site to share my information and knowledge with all of you.