When a Scorpio Man Touches You 

Scorpios have a sizzling sexuality that doesn’t compare to any other Zodiac sign. They are magnetic, and can put you in a trance. They are introverted and quiet at times, never too outspoken, and have a deep sexuality that comes from deep within. 

If they have made a move on you, or you know there is interest between the two of you, they will always talk to you first. It’s important for them to “warm you up,” to see if you’ll allow them into your space.   

However, they will never touch you unless you give them permission. It can take a long time before they actually do. When a Scorpio man touches you though, you will feel the electricity between the two of you, and you’ll melt. So, let’s explore this!

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6 Places a Scorpio Will Touch You and What They Mean

When you eventually get into a close enough space with a Scorpio, giving them permission to touch you, there are certain places they will touch. These are the places they feel most comfortable with:

1. Your Arms

This is the first place that a Scorpio man will touch you. This is his way of gauging if you are comfortable with this. He will sometimes put his hand on your shoulder, or will brush your arm gently. 

If you are watching a movie together for the first time, he’ll start touching you on the arms and will see your reaction, giving him permission to touch other places. Make sure your arms are smooth, hair-free, and full of cream and perfume, so they feel and smell nice.

2. Your Hair

Scorpio men like long, dark hair on a woman. They actually enjoy a gothic look – pale skin and long dark hair, as it makes a woman look very mysterious. If they like you, they will find opportunities to stroke your hair, or brush it off your face with their fingers. Sometimes they’ll even play with your hair.

Always make sure that before going on a date with your Scorpio man that your hair looks gorgeous and smells beautiful. It’s important that a Scorpio man sees that you take care of it, because he’s going to want to get close to it.

3. Your Waist

Sexy Scorpio men enjoy feeling a feminine and curvy (or athletic and tight) waist. They enjoy how different it feels to theirs. When the two of you are out together, he will often find opportunities to put his arms around your waist. 

When the two of you are alone together, he’ll ask to massage you with oil and will concentrate on your waist, building up the sexual tension between the two of you. Make sure you have aromatherapy oil, or even baby oil at home, for such massages. 

You can also purchase an aromatic candle, with a sexy scent like vanilla to light while he massages you. Afterwards, you can also ask to massage him – and watch the sparks fly!

4. Your Lips

Lips are very sexual, and sensual, to a Scorpio man, and you should always make sure to wear lip gloss, so they look juicy and inviting. He will only touch your lips after you have French kissed a few times. Only then, will he feel comfortable placing his thumb on your bottom lip, so he can feel them, and so that you can suck his thumb – it’s all part of his foreplay.

5. Your Knees

When the two of you sit together when out drinking coffee, eating lunch, or watching a movie, he’ll often place his hand over your knee and squeeze it. This is a sign of reassurance that he cares about you, is protecting you, and finds you sexy. When he does this, you should place your hand over his, as a sign of reassurance that it’s okay for him to do this.

6. Your Privates

Scorpio rules the sexual organs, and once the two of you have become very intimate, he’ll want to touch you between the legs as much as possible during foreplay. He has practiced this with many girls in the past, and is usually quite an expert at bringing you pleasure, so just relax and enjoy!

Where do Scorpios Like to be Touched?

It’s really important to know that you can never, ever touch a Scorpio unless they like you, and give you their consent, or an indication that it is alright to touch their body. If they don’t give you permission and you suddenly touch them affectionately, they will often just avoid you like the plague. 

So, when you do eventually get to a comfortable point where you can touch them – these are the places you should touch.

1. His Hands

When you are just starting to date, it’s okay to brush your hand against his, and show your affection for him. He’ll never hold hands with you straight away, but once he starts to open up to you, it’s okay to put your hand on his and stroke it.

2. His Neck

If the two of you are in a sexual relationship, your Scorpio man will love having his neck touched, sucked on, and bitten, it really turns him on. However, only do this once the two of you are really comfortable sexually, and have gone beyond just the sex, and are at a stage where you are intimate with each other, and even cuddle.

3. His Privates

As stated previously, Scorpios rule the sexual organs, and he loves his manhood being stroked, once he gets you in the bedroom. However, you should tease him for as long as you can both last, before slowly touching, and then gripping the part he loves most about his body!

Are Scorpio Men Touchy?

With the amount of sexual energy that surrounds Scorpios, Scorpio men do love to touch you and have physical intimacy. They love to flirt, and will tease you as they talk. If you’re interested and compatible with him, show your interest by touching him back – maybe with a shy smile on your face.

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Your Scorpio man is sexy as hell! You know that when you first laid eyes on him, your knees became weak. So, now that you know where he likes to touch you, and where he likes to be touched, get ready to be intimate with him, knowing you’ll both bring each other great pleasure! 

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