Why Are Cancers So Good In Bed? 10 Reasons Why

All the different signs of the Zodiac approach sex in their own unique way! Aries like sex that is passionate, “fast and furious,” while Taureans love a lot of foreplay, and enjoy the sensual side of sex. The following article explores Cancerians’ manners “under the sheets,” and why they are so good in bed. Remember, they are a Water element, so it’s all about emotion for them!

1. They are Nurturers

When Cancerians make love to you, they do just that – make love! They care for your body, and even if the sex gets kinky and wild, they don’t ever want to cause you physical pain, and constantly ask if you are okay. This is really sweet.

Afterwards, they love cuddling with you. A common Cancer trait is to hold you after sex, and rock you, in the spoon position, as if they are cradling a little baby. They will ask you to lay your head on their big chest, and fall asleep in this position. 

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Another common “nurturer” position, is when they lay their heads on your chest with their arms wrapped around you, as you fall asleep together after sex. Just be careful, as it’ll be hard to get out of their grasp in the morning upon waking!

2. Cancers Pay a Lot of Attention to Your Breasts

Cancerians love a womanly, curvy body, and are especially drawn to breasts, as they rule this part of the body. They will spend a long time fondling your breasts, grabbing them gently with their hands and placing their mouths upon it. It’s one of their biggest turn ons.

Obviously, as a woman, this is nice, as so many men don’t really bother with this part of sex. Or if they do, it’s not for a very long time. It’s worth spending extra cash on stunning bras, as Cancer men adore the foreplay involved in taking off women’s lingerie.

3. This Zodiac Sign Doesn’t Rush Sex

One of the worst things is to be in a relationship where you, as a woman, feel used for sex. Some men can treat us women like pieces of meat, and although it might be passionate and exciting in the beginning, it can leave us wanting more of an emotional connection with our sexual partners.

This is not the case with Cancerian men! These men take the time to get to know you before any intimacy occurs. They need to connect with you emotionally before they can open up sexually. In a way, this is really nice, as sex isn’t rushed. By the time you both end up in bed together, emotional sparks have occurred and feelings have arisen. 

4. Their Beds are Usually in Pristine Condition

One of the worst things imaginable is getting intimate with someone who doesn’t change their sheets or keep their beds clean. You won’t find this with a Cancer man. These men are domestic by nature and like their rooms, and beds, to look good.

Their bed sheets will often be made out of silk or really good cotton, and will smell nice. They will usually go out of their way, especially if they like you a lot, to make sure their beds look, feel, and smell good before you sit or lie on, or in them. This is important to them.

5. Your Satisfaction Takes First Place

It’s really important to Cancer men that they make you orgasm and enjoy your time with them when naked! They usually don’t have a problem performing cunnilingess, making sure to hit the G-spot, so you can enjoy your pleasure with them.

Once you are satisfied, only then will they make it their priority to orgasm too. It makes them feel much more confident in bed knowing they can satisfy you so much. It’s really important to them! Once they do this for you, no doubt, you’ll want to return the favor!

When satisfying them, especially after making an emotional connection with them, they can often start to fall in love with you – so it’s important to be gentle with them too, and have fun in the process!

6. They’ll Cook You Breakfast in the Morning

You know that awkwardness after you sleep with a man and he goes home, leaving you feeling used and confused? Well this doesn’t really happen with Cancerian men! These men will usually stay by your side after sex, and they’ll even get up early in the morning to cook you breakfast.

They’ll make something sweet (usually) and delicious! They want to show you that they make wonderful boyfriends and how nice it is being at home with them, since this is their favorite place to relax. They really will treat you well, and you’ll wake up eating something delicious with a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice and coffee or tea, just the way you like it!

7. They Keep Their Sex Lives Private

Sometimes, as a woman, you don’t always know if the man you’re sleeping with is sharing details of your sex life with his friends. This often happens and you can feel disrespected. It’s never nice having that “gut” feeling that his friends know what you guys get up to in your intimate space.

You don’t have to worry about this with a Cancer man. He is extremely private, and it is absolutely nobody’s business what goes on between you and him sexually. He might give a few details to his best friend, but he won’t tell them everything, and at least, you will feel more respected this way.

8. Cancerians Enjoy Sex in Public

You would never guess this, but Cancerians enjoy public sex! No, they definitely don’t want to be looked at while having sex, but they have no problem having sex with you at night, on the beach, under the moonlight, when there is nobody else around, or making love to you in a secluded forest.

The key to public sex, for them, is that the sex can occur anywhere really, as long as nobody is looking! This can be a lot of fun, and you can have sex together in the most adventurous of places! Know that if you’re dating a Cancer, to carry “protection” in your purse, as sex can occur anywhere!

9. This Zodiac Sign Loves Having Sex in the Water

Cancers are a Water element, and are drawn to any body of water (just like Scorpios and Pisceans). Whether it is a jacuzzi, shower, bath, swimming pool, or ocean, they really love having sex while both of you are covered in water.

This is a huge turn on for them! Just a tip: experiment and have sex in the shower. Afterwards wash each other with soap, and shampoo each other’s hair. This is a fun bonding experience that you’ll both enjoy!

10. They Make Sure You’ve Eaten Before Sex

Cancerians seek comfort, and they cannot function properly without eating first. They will always make sure to take you out for a nice meal, or will cook something nice at home, so that you feel satisfied, before getting “satisfied.”

These men are domesticated and nurturing, and know how hungry sex actually makes you! They are also the type to bring in a bag of chocolate peanuts into the bed, or a bowl of strawberries, covered in cream, for you to share after the deed is done! They’ll also make sure that there’ll be nice glasses of champagne to drink with these strawberries – these men usually have a lot of class!


Cancerian men are the most emotional and sensitive of all the signs, and in bed they really let out their feelings. Know that when you are with them, you are nurtured, cared for, safe and loved, and will always be satisfied sexually. They are one of the most amazing men of the Zodiac to have sex with!  

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