Why are Capricorns So Good in Bed? 10 Reasons Why

Highly ambitious and hard-working Capricorns might not seem like the passionate lovers that Aries or Scorpios are. However, deep under these practical and pragmatic people, are lovers that sizzle! But why are Capricorns so good in bed? Discover the 10 reasons below!

Capricorns are known for their diligence, commitment, and determination. When they commit to something, you can count on them to complete the job on time, in the best way possible. You can expect them to be committed to being the best lovers they can be. If your Capricorn says “you will not forget this evening,” trust me, you won’t! The Goat has an animal instinct when it comes to sex, and is not afraid to show it.

Capricorns are actually one of the most sexual of all the Zodiac signs. One of the reasons for this is that they work so hard, so sex is a great pleasure for them to just unwind and release tension. It’s also a place where they can sometimes let go of control. 

10 Reasons Why Capricorns Are Good in Bed

1. They Love Taking Control in Bed

This is especially appealing to women. As a strong and independent woman, there is nothing sexier than a man who knows what he’s doing in bed. A Capricorn likes to have control, and this applies in the bedroom. 

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So, it’s no surprise if they want to be on top of you and have all the control. With a Capricorn, you’ll experience powerful and dominant sex, as this sign likes to practice BDSM as well. 

2. Capricorns Push Boundaries

Capricorn will have fun experiencing and trying different positions in bed. What makes these people great lovers is their kinky side. Have you always wanted a good spanking? Well, a Capricorn is ready to give it to you. They will not hold back from using a whip and handcuffs to tie you to the bed, as they love having control. 

You need to agree on the terms you both feel comfortable with and keep an open mind, so you can enjoy the ride. Capricorn knows how to read people, and they will quickly pull back if you are not into their dominant style of lovemaking. On the other hand, if you are ready to allow them to take you and have their way with you, you will experience a different level of lovemaking.

3. This Zodiac Sign Desires to Be the Best

Capricorns tend to excel at everything they do. Even as partners, these people want to be the best. This Goat will do all there is, in their power, to satisfy your needs, and is ready to work hard for your pleasure. The best thing is that their highly competitive spirit will not allow for dullness to become part of your sexual routine. Every time you make love to your Capricorn, they will try to be better than before.

Capricorns will compete with themselves, which always makes them the perfect lovers. These people are willing to learn and follow your instructions if you point them in the right direction. Nothing is more appealing for a Capricorn than a chance to improve and upgrade their performance and abilities. So feel free to show your Capricorn lover your pleasure points, and ways to make you happy in bed.

4. Capricorns Love to Loosen Up and Get Wild

Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn has an increased tendency to live by rules and principles. However, once they get naked, their repressed desire to feel free and get wild is what makes them amazing lovers. Once Capricorn gets comfortable with you, they are ready to release their wild side, and by wild, I mean Kama Sutra positions, a lot of sex toys, and an unconventional style of lovemaking.  

The trick is to make them feel safe and comfortable enough to get out of their shell. Once they are out, it is an entirely different story! 

5. They are Passionate and Lustful

Capricorn might seem like a withheld person, always keeping control, but deep inside, they are very passionate. Capricorn’s lust shines most in the bedroom. With the right partner, they are willing to test the boundaries and push beyond limits. 

However, it is up to you to give the green signal if you are into dominance, S&M, or bondage. Capricorn will gladly participate, but only if you initiate it. So feel free to wear your leather or latex sex costume, and your sexy Cap will know what to do next.

6. This Goat is Loyal

Capricorns are loyal and committed, and there is nothing sexier than a partner whom you can trust, who makes you feel safe and secure. The level of intimacy and closeness a Capricorn creates with their partner is the reason why the sex is so good. 

The best sex is with someone who makes you feel like you know and can trust them. And who can be more trustworthy than a grounded and practical Capricorn? You can always rely and count on Capricorn’s support, and that is sexy as hell! 

When a Capricorn you’re attracted to states they are here for you, you’ll naturally feel an incredible urge to take your clothes off and get in bed with them!

7. They are Understanding 

Capricorns, as lovers, can connect with you and understand your emotions. The art of making love is being able to communicate with your partner on a deeper level than just the physical. Capricorns have their way of “reading” your signals, even if they are not that obvious. 

Making love to a Capricorn is almost like someone is touching you the way you have just imagined in your head, and that is because they can read your mind and body’s signals. It is incredibly appealing and attractive when a partner understands you and responds just the way you want them to. 

8. This Zodiac Sign Listens and Remembers

You don’t have to tell your Capricorn lover what you want in bed and what arouses you more than once. In fact, these people will carefully listen to what turns you on. That is their secret way of ensuring they will give you the best sexual experiences. 

Since the Goat is eager to learn and improve, they will gladly listen to your conversation before and after making love. The more you talk about yourself, the more they know about the “task” or getting you satisfied in bed. Who doesn’t want a lover who can make you happy and is willing to listen to you with attention? That is HOT, especially for women. 

9. Capricorns Don’t Rush

With a Capricorn, the world needs to move according to their pace and rhythm. They don’t tend to rush with anything in life, which also applies to lovemaking. Pragmatic Capricorn knows that time is the essence towards perfection, so they will take a moment to heat up the atmosphere, get you into the mood and then make love to you. 

Capricorn foreplay begins the moment they look into your eyes. They will undress you with a look but won’t rush to do it. Time is irrelevant, so your Cap lover won’t hurry to the finish line. Once they finish, they won’t have a problem doing it all over again, as practice makes perfect.  

10. They Don’t Play Games

It is a natural relief to be with someone who doesn’t play games and tries to deceive you. Capricorns are known to value their and other people’s time. So when they want to be with you, they will tell you. They might love playing games in bed, but never in real life to confuse or mislead you. Capricorn is too proud to use these kinds of tricks on you.

As a result, you will be able to form an honest and straightforward relationship with them. Practical Capricorns are not willing to waste their time, so knowing where you stand with them as a partner helps you have a fantastic experience in the bedroom.


Capricorn is a loyal, trustworthy, and stable partner. That alone is a reason why they are so good in bed. But, when you add their passion and powerful dominance, you can’t argue with the obvious – Capricorns are lovers who will rock your sexual world forever!

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