Why are Pisces So Good In Bed? 10 Reasons Why They’ll Ignite a Fire in the Bedroom

Every Zodiac sign is different in bed because they like different things. Scorpios like to stare deeply in their lovers’ eyes while making love, while Aquarians’ emotions suddenly come alive while having sex with those they love. The following article covers the unique sex style of Pisces, and why they are so fantastic in bed!

1. They Love Experimenting

Pisceans adore experimenting in bed. They will try the Kama Sutra with you, all the different positions, and will want to try out the latest sex “trends.” There’s nothing much Pisceans are afraid of when it comes to sex – only a lot of pain!

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However, if you want to experiment with your Pisces partner, there has to be trust between the two of you, or there’s no way they’ll have anything other than “vanilla” sex with you, so you need to show them that you are trustworthy.  

Pisceans actually find typical sexual positions very boring and want to twist and turn their bodies just to see what it feels like. Once you get to this level of intimacy with your Pisces partner, you’ll end up having loads of orgasmic fun with them!

2. Pisces Want to Satisfy You First

A Piscean only feels confident and satisfied in bed if they can make their lover orgasm, and they like to make sure their lover orgasms first. Then that Pisces can pat their own back and say to themselves, “job well done!” It’s how they feel good about themselves in bed. 

This shouldn’t be a problem for you, but just make sure to return the favor, as your Pisces lover will stop working so hard at making you orgasm if you don’t pay attention and do the same for them.

3. Pisces Loves Giving Oral Sex

There’s something very sensual to a Pisces about putting their lover’s most intimate body parts in their mouth. It might sound strange, but it is very cathartic for them and relaxes them immensely. 

Giving oral sex also makes Pisces feel very powerful, as they have your most sensitive organ in their mouths. It makes them feel strong since this is a Zodiac sign that hardly ever walks around with a huge sense of ego and power, but desperately needs to feel this way sometimes.

4. They Love Dress-Up

Pisceans adore dressing up and pretending to be other people. One of the female Pisces’ favorite costumes to wear will be that of a nurse, while you are the sick “patient,” or that of a damsel in distress who needs to be saved by her knight in shining armor.

This sign also loves to act and pretend, and use that wonderful imagination that only they have. Playing dress-up allows them to act and pretend to be someone else. They really get into it – so go shopping together when picking up costumes!

5. Water Turns Them On

Pisceans are drawn to water, the way moths are drawn to flames. This is a Zodiac sign that wants to make love in the water. They love the feel of cold water against their wet skin, as things heat up down below!

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If you have a Pisces boyfriend or girlfriend, suggest showering or bathing together and watch how steaming hot things get. If you really want to get a Pisces in the mood, take them to the beach for the day, then come home. They’ll be so energized by the salty water, they’ll just want to get intimate with you and slowly tear your clothes off!

6. They’re Very Kinky

By now, I’m sure you have the general idea, that Pisceans are very experimental in bed. Well, they’re also very kinky! They’ll easily take off their lacy pink panties in a sophisticated restaurant and place it on your lap to turn you on.

At home, they’ll also keep a box of toys, many lubricants, a variety of flavored condoms, and more. However, they are not very into BDSM, as they don’t enjoy too much pain. Go to the sex shop together and buy toys together that titillate you!

7. They Make You Feel Like a King/Queen

When Pisceans are into you, they really make you feel special. You see, they automatically put you up on a pedestal if they like you, as they are quite naïve and gullible and don’t see any of your wrongdoings. In bed, they will make you feel like royalty, just by the way they look at you!

The key to keep them seeing you in this “godly” light is to do the little things for them, like opening the door for them, keeping them warm with your blanket, and making sure you always make their coffee or tea just the way they like it.

8. Pisces Enjoy Porn

Porn is a taboo topic, but almost everyone watches it. What Pisces will do, provided they trust you, is make the two of you watch their favorite porn clips together, just to get you both really horny and in the mood.

A Pisces will most probably touch you while the two of you watch, but will tell you that you can’t touch them, which will drive you crazy. The sex following this will most likely be fast and hard, but that’s okay – you can just go and shower afterward to cool off!

9. Pisces Like Being “Naughty” in Public

This zodiac sign will encourage you to have sex with them in public, provided no one is looking. They love being risky and having fun, as it’s all part of the thrill for them. They will drag you out to nature, somewhere in the forest, or to the beach at night and will convince you to have fun with them in a secluded spot!

Pisces is such an introverted sign, that when they get a chance to be extroverted and you’re involved, they really take advantage. They want a life full of fun and adventure, and secluded public sex is very adventurous for them!

10. They Enjoy Phone Sex

Provided Pisces trusts you (it’s always about trust with them), they will suggest a video call where you can both have phone sex with each other. This is really kinky and fun, and a great way of “being together,” without actually “being together.”

The key here is to make your Pisces lover feel safe and never use derogatory or extremely dirty words with them. You must create a safe space where they feel they can be sexy and naked, where both of you can share a sexy adventure together over the phone. 


Pisceans come alive when it comes to sex. They live in dreamworlds the whole day, and are neither here nor there, as they are always imagining things in their heads. However, sex, being in intimate moments, and orgasming really bring them back to reality. They desperately need it and can be promiscuous because of this, as it makes them feel so alive. If you have your heart set on Pisces, treat them like gold, as you will have the kinkiest and most playful sex you could ever imagine!

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