Why Geminis Are So Good in Bed – 10 Reasons Why

Geminis are amazing at making you laugh. They are one of the best storytellers of the Zodiac, and you will instantly feel attracted to their charisma, intellect, and appeal. They are flirtatious by nature, and not many can resist their charm. These social butterflies come to you, brighten up your day, and instantly you’ll want more! Spend lots of time with them, and you’ll end up having tons of fun!

Geminis definitely know how to make an impression, and what most people who’ve had a Gemini lover won’t forget, is how good they are in bed! So, continue reading to find out why the temperature in the bedroom gets sizzling hot when you get naked with the Twins! 

1. Gemini Loves Role-Playing

The Twins are a symbol of duality. In fact, these people tend to act like there is more than one person in them. You can notice them acting differently in different situations, which is the art of adjustment and flexibility within them. No one is better at this! After all, they are a Mutable sign.

These people are amazing at blending in with their surroundings and acting as is expected of them. However, you will definitely meet their twins, according to their moods!

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That is why, when it comes to sex, there is nothing more fun than for Geminis to pretend, act and play different roles. They can be seductive nurses or sexy firemen. I mean, who needs more than one partner in bed when they have Geminis?!

2. Sex with the Twins is Fun and Playful 

People born under this Sun sign always love a good laugh. The bedroom is no exception! You might think sex is not a time when you need to laugh, but with Geminis, it is impossible not to. 

They will always find something funny to make comments about, and with their incredible sense of humor, you will find yourself having sex and laughing at the same time.

This will definitely help you relax and loosen up hence, why sex is so amazing with them! So, you can be yourself and relax while in bed with them!

3. They Love Experimenting and Sex Toys

Geminis are the one Zodiac sign whose spirit stays forever young! They are extremely curious and love to experiment. Leaving your comfort zone, when you have sex with a Gemini, is inevitable. They love to experiment and try everything for your, and their, pleasure.

That said, do not be surprised if they pull out different sex toys and ask you to try them out. Even at times, while you have sex, you can suddenly hear the vibrating sound of their favorite sex toy. They have started to play! Yes, they can be sexy weirdos in the bedroom. But you will love it, as they know how to give double pleasure!

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Tip: Sex swings are something you will certainly want to try out with your Gemini lover, to have the time and orgasms of your life!

4. Geminis Like It Rough

Gemini is a very strong and independent sign. These people don’t have a problem being single and doing things by themselves. So once they get naked, they love a partner who can be in control and knows what they are doing. The Twins will be more than happy allowing you to have your way with them any way you please! 

They may even ask to be tied up to have extra fun! Geminis might love being in charge in the public eye, but in bed, you can have the spotlight!

This is especially applicable to female Geminis who are strong women in the world. Female Twins love nothing more than a man that will take control in the bedroom. I mean, it is only fair for them to have a break from dealing with everything around them. Don’t make them have to do everything in the bedroom as well! Although, at times, she will definitely be the one tying you up to the bed! 

5. Geminis Love Sex In Unusual Places

You’ve heard about the “Mile High Club” right? Well, Geminis certainly have, and many are members already. Open-minded and liberated from judgment, the Twins love to live life! This includes sex on planes, football fields, and building rooftops, etc. 

However, this is not about having sex in public. The excitement is about having sex in an unusual place that you will always remember. I mean, a football field is pretty memorable! The adrenaline coming from having sex in such unique places is an aphrodisiac all by itself!

6. This Zodiac Sign Loves Changing Sex Positions

There is nothing more that Geminis hate than monotony and dullness! Don’t even dare having the same sex over and over again with your Gemini lover. They will quickly leave you and look for a more inventive partner.

When the Twins have sex, every time has to be different and with a little “twist” in sex positions. I mean, yes, they have their favorite ones, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t like to try something new. 

So, the next time you have sex, try something different which can easily become your Gemini lover’s new favorite sex position, as they change their mind faster than a chameleon changes its colors! 

7. They Will Often Be the Ones Initiating the Sex 

Geminis are passionate and live life fast. When they want something, they simply go after it and get it. The same goes for sex! 

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If they want sex, they will get instantly become seductive around you. Men find this characteristic in Gemini women irresistible as, for once, they don’t have to be the ones initiating the sex! Equality, baby!

8. Geminis Love Quickies

As mentioned, these people are always in motion, often very busy, and lack time to do too many things. Therefore quickies can be something that Geminis simply adore! They get to satisfy their sexual appetite and, shortly after, go back to whatever they were doing or needed to do.

It is kinda sexy when you receive a text from a Gemini asking you if you are up for taking a “lunch break,” and shortly after, they are naked in front of you, offering themselves to be your lunch and dessert.

They are also super cute, and the females may even say/text something like this in this sexual  scenario:

Gemini: “Hey, do you want to eat what my Mama made? 

You: “What did your mama make?” 

Gemini: “Me!” 

9. They Love “Dirty Talk”

Who else will talk while having sex, if not Mercury’s child, Gemini? I mean, they are ruled by the planet of communication, so you don’t need to do much to make them talk dirty to you. The temperature will rise quickly with all the words they will use to turn you on and tell you what they want to be done to them and vice versa. 

In fact, the only way you will ever make them go quiet in bed, is with oral sex. Otherwise, get used to hearing them talking to you in a highly seductive, horny, and dirty way. 

10. Geminis are Masters of Foreplay

When you are with a Gemini, even when you don’t have sex, you have foreplay! These people are very flirtatious and seductive. They can talk about serious matters and still manage to seduce you with their voice, movements, and looks they’ll give you.

From the very start of the night, foreplay for Gemini has begun. They will touch you, smile at you, and flirt. 

Women Geminis are even more dangerous when it comes to foreplay. After some time, they will move on to their really seductive methods to turn you on. They will lick their lips, bite them, seductively touch themselves, and “by accident” show some skin. 

“Oops, I didn’t mean for that to happen,” and that is it! You will no longer be capable of eating, or focusing on anything else,  as all you will be thinking about is getting them naked and having sex!


If you’ve ever had a dream to have sex with different people at the same time, Geminis will fulfill that for you, as you’ll feel like you have different lovers in one person. They will be gentle lovers, and the next minute dominant ones, and so on. When it comes to sex, as with everything else in life, the Twins like to have fun!

They will spice things up to escape routine, and find new, original, and highly creative ways for you to say, “I have never had this kind of sex before!” This is something that makes them incredibly good in bed. 

If you have your heart set on a Gemini, just be honest, loyal, and open-minded, and you will have the most fun, intense and kinkiest sex you could possibly imagine. There’s no escaping it with their ferocious sexual appetite! 

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