Why is Taurus So Good In Bed? 10 Reasons Why They’ll Ignite a Fire in the Bedroom

There are 12 different Zodiac signs, and they all explore sex in different ways. Geminis love to communicate and chat during sex, while Pisceans love to bring out their bag of sex toys! Taurus is a unique sex sign and the following article explores why they are so damn good in bed!

1. Taurus Rules Self-Satisfaction

Taureans are the most self-sufficient sign on Earth! Drop them on an island in the middle of nowhere, and they’ll find a way to survive. They are also the one Zodiac sign that masturbates more than any other sign. If they need to feel satisfied, they take matters “into their own hands.”

When the two of you get naked, your Taurus partner will often ask you to touch yourself, while they masturbate. They enjoy making themselves orgasm while watching you play with yourself. This is something that makes them kinda kinky.

You must also know that if your Taurus lover is really into you, they’re going to be orgasming on their own just thinking about you, and it’s up to you whether you take that as a compliment or not!

2. Taurus Are the Most Sensual Sign

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, who is also known as the goddess of love, Aphrodite, in Greek mythology. Taurus is all about the senses, and they love beauty. For them, sex isn’t just about the act. It’s about the smell and taste of each other, the way you both look, and the feel of your skin. 

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Your Taurus lover will make sure that the bed has clean silky sheets, and that vanilla or musk-scented candles are lit, to give the room a sexy ambiance. They will have baby oil next to the bed, so that they can feel your skin and massage you before sex to get you in the mood. 

3. This Sign Incorporates Food With Sex

Taureans love to eat! In fact, besides Cancerians, they are the biggest comfort eaters. They need to chomp on snacks all hours of the day and feel barren without something delicious hiding in their pockets!

I hope you’re not too squeamish about bringing food to bed, because Taureans will bring a bowl of strawberries with cream to feed you in bed! They will also spray whipped cream all over your body and lick it off. This seriously turns them on!

4. Taurus Has a Lot of Strength and Endurance

Taureans are typically very well-built. They have strong bodies (just look at Taurean Dwayne Johnson!) and can last for hours during sex. When you’re with a Taurus in bed, know he’s not a “one-minute man.”

Taurean women are just the same, and can last for a long time in bed, enjoying your body as well as their own. They can go over and over and over again after orgasming, and enjoy having a strong body to hold onto!  

5. They Love Foreplay

Taureans will always first focus on your looks. Once they get you into bed, they will take their time undressing you and spend a long time wooing you with foreplay. They also like the tease involved in this.

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This Zodiac sign is fully aware of the sexy energy created through foreplay. They really pay attention to every inch of your body, so make sure you feel confident in the way you look, and take a nice fresh shower before even thinking about getting intimate with your Taurus. 

6. Taurus Love Sex in Nature

Taurus is an Earth sign; in fact, they are one of the most earthy signs of the Earth element. Some astrologers even say that both the Earth and Venus rule Taurus. This sign feels most at home among fresh air and green leaves.

If you want a sexy weekend with your Taurus lover, go hiking in the forest and get intimate where no eyes are on you. They will “devour” you among the trees and the grass, and afterwards lie there naked for as long a time as possible. 

7. They’ll Spoil You

If you’re with a Taurus lover who loves you, they’ll spoil you. They usually buy gifts related to the senses – nice perfume or cologne, beautiful flowers, lingerie and luxury food. The more sex you have, the more the gifts will come.

Taureans keep note of things you mention and will buy you things they know you’ll like. It’s important to spray on that perfume or cologne, and slip on that lingerie before “getting it on,” as they’ll see their gifts are being used practically. 

8. Taurus Will Copy Scenes from Porn

Not only are a huge percentage of porn actors and actresses Taureans, but a huge majority of Taureans watch, and are inspired by, porn. They will watch their sexiest scenes, and then try things on you.

It’s important just to let them know what you are, and aren’t, comfortable with. If you want, you can watch porn together and then try scenes out. A Taurus lover will go out of their way to make sure their “porn” love-making skills are just as good as the actors!

9. Taurus Are Faithful in Sex

Even though your Taurus lover looks at other people, and may watch porn, they’ll never cheat on you if they love you. If the two of you have a very healthy sex life, your Taurean will never need satisfaction from anyone else.

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It’s really satisfying to know you have a faithful and loyal partner in Taurus. It’s not easy for them to juggle lovers, and they’re not sneaky that way. Love your Taurus and give them satisfying sex, and you’ll know you can trust them! 

10. They Keep Things “Hush-Hush”

Taureans don’t talk to people about their sex lives. Sex is extremely intimate to them, as they are one of the Zodiac signs that rule sex. As far as they’re concerned, no-one has the right to know about what they get up to under the sheets. 

This is nice, as you can feel that you can do whatever you want with your Taurus lover and they won’t talk about it. Just keep in mind that this mainly applies to relationships where they’re in love. If you are only a lover, they may mention some sexual details to their best friends. 


Taureans need sex, the same way they need to be surrounded by beauty, money and food. A “Taurus-based”’ sex life will not only fulfill you, but make you feel desired in mays you could never imagine. So go get naked and have the best time ever with your Taurean!

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