Which Zodiac Sign is the Worst? The Top 5 Worst Zodiac Signs Ranked

Zodiac signs are all different. They all have qualities that make them stand out in certain ways, whether more positive or negative. Some Zodiac signs are so loving and so much fun, most people want to hang around them all day. However, there can be a dark side to some Zodiac signs personality which brings them into this worst zodiac signs list.

Although no Zodiac sign is bad, some are easier to get along with than others. The following are the 5 worst Zodiac signs:

1. Taurus

At their best, Taureans can create a beautiful life, where they are very domesticated, create an abundance of wealth, and can take care of themselves well. A happy Taurus is the practical “rock” that others lean on for support, and ask advice from.

Worst Trait: their stubbornness

However, if things don’t turn out all “peaches and cream” in their lives, they can fall into their “shadow” selves. A “shadow” self is all the negative traits that your Zodiac sign might have. 

What is a Taurean who lives a “shadow” life? They turn to

  • gambling for comfort
  • are stubborn no matter what the topic is
  • they always have to be right
  • enjoy drinking alcohol
  • take pleasure eating too much junk food
  • are perverse in some way, whether it’s the adult entertainment they watch, or how they behave with others sexually.

A Taurus who is unsatisfied with life can hurt others emotionally, because they are hurting so much inside, and can be very tactless.

One of their greatest misfortunes is the way they handle money, if done incorrectly, as Taurus is the Zodiac sign that rules, and is directly connected to material things and money. 

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2. Virgo

Virgos, at their best, are hard workers who take good care of themselves and lead a “clean” lifestyle. Some of the most brilliant, famous and celebrated celebrities are Virgos, because they are perfectionists who work so hard at their craft.  

Worst Trait: their OCD nature

However, if they fall into their “shadow” self, they can have excessive OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) tendencies, may be slovenly, may not pay attention to their weight and actually become morbidly obese, and can be exceptionally and painfully critical towards others. 

They may also work so hard just to numb the pain of any emotions that may hurt them, that they can experience bad burnout. These kinds of Virgos can also live in a complete and utter mess and experience a lot of depression and become cold towards others.

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3. Scorpio

Surprised? Scorpio is often the #1 on the list of worst zodiac signs for a number of reasons. If a Scorpio lives to their full potential, they can be one of the most powerful human beings on Earth, and can use their inherent powers for good. For this reason, many politicians of the past have been Scorpio.

Worst trait: their manipulativeness

However, a Scorpio that lives in their “shadow” can be extremely manipulative, and walk around with very dark thoughts all day. They are fascinated by death and the supernatural, and can play around with bad magic.

You will often recognize them by the black clothes, eyeliner and nail polish they wear (they invented “goth!”), and the intense look in their eyes.

A Scorpio that doesn’t live their full truth can also delve into the deep, dark and seedy side of sex, and many will be into BDSM, as they get to play around with their power, which turns them on immensely. 

These people can get joy in hurting, and using, others. They rule transformational power, and can get into very toxic relationships that can destroy, and sometimes even kill their partners, due to the pure trauma involved.

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4. Gemini

Geminis who walk in their authentic gift of amazing communication with others can succeed on so many levels. Often, Geminis are so smart, and make the best psychologists, as they understand the human mind easily, and can do the most brilliant things in life.

Worst Trait: their dual nature

A Gemini who walks in their true light is an amazing individual who creates amazing trends that others follow, and moves around so fast and efficiently. They get work done connecting people and ideas.  

However, the reason Geminis make the list of the worst zodiac signs is due to their twin nature. They literally have a little angel and devil sitting on their shoulders whispering into their ears all day.

They will behave and act one way, and then totally swap their behavior and act differently the next time you see them. In this way they don’t make sense. Geminis can also be exceptionally mischievous and can easily scam people, out of their money, or other treasures that the Gemini wants. This is easy for Gemini to do, as they all have the “gift of the gab.”

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5. Aries

An Aries who follows their true path can be an amazing athlete and leader. However, those Aries that don’t follow their true calling can be extremely immature, childish, brattish and narcissistic, only wanting things to go their way.

Worst Trait: their selfishness

They can be very selfish, and think that the world owes them a favor. Don’t forget that Mars rules Aries, and is the “red” planet, the planet of “war.” The Greek God Ares loved to battle, and enjoyed shedding blood.

Aries people can be very confrontational and create a lot of anger among others. They always want to come first, and sometimes don’t care who they break down, step on, or hurt, so that they can be on top. For this reason, Aries makes it onto this list of the worst zodiac signs as they can alienate people for their selfish attitude.

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All signs have their positives and negatives so don’t take this list of the worst zodiac signs as gospel. Instead take it as guidance – know your weaknesses so you can overcome them. At least now you know what to expect when a Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Gemini or Aries is not living up to their true potential.

If you have a friend, or lover, who is one of these Zodiac signs, who often falls into their “shadow” self, try to be the light in their life that lifts them out of it! You will feel all the better for it, and it will teach you how to deal with them best.

No-one is inherently bad, and with enough support and love from others, these Zodiac signs can live the joyous lives they’re meant to live! 

I'm female, 26, and a Gemini (June 11). I run this blog all by myself. My name's Jessica - I'm in no way a professional astrologer but I've studied the Zodiac signs for the past 6 years and use this site to share my information and knowledge with all of you.