Zodiac Birthstones

Every Zodiac sign connects to a special stone, or crystal, that celebrates your birth. Stones and crystals hold magical healing properties, and can do many different things for you. When wearing a stone connected to your Astrological sign, you are able to harness all of its power!

Birthstones by Zodiac Sign

Zodiac SignDate RangeBirthstone
Aries21 March-20 AprilDiamond
Taurus21 April-20 MayEmerald
Gemini21 May to 20 JuneCitrine
Cancer21 June to 22 JulyMoonstone
Leo23 July to 23 AugustRuby
Virgo24 August to 22 SeptemberBlue Sapphire
Libra23 September to 23 OctoberOpal
Scorpio24 October to 22 NovemberTopaz
Sagittarius23 November to 20 DecemberTurqoise
Capricorn21 December to 19 JanuaryGarnet
Aquarius20 January to 18 FebruaryAmethyst
Pisces19 February to 20 MarchAquamarine

Aries – 21 March-20 April

You are brave and fierce, strong and independent – a true warrior! You are energized by the planet Mars, and represented by the Greek god Ares. You have no fear, and make a true leader.

Challenges turn you on, and you are always ready to take on new experiences! 

Aries Birthstone – Diamond

aries birthstone zodiac

The Diamond is your special birthstone Aries. It is created under enormous heat and pressure, so that its brilliance can shine through. This is similar to your character, as you can face any challenge. 

This stone has enormous healing properties, and at a point in time was believed to protect the wearer in battle. It gives both wisdom and clarity to the Aries wearing it, helping towards self-realization, as well as spiritual enlightenment.

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Diamonds are meant to last forever, and are the symbol in marriage for eternity. They are the most prized possession by wives all over the world. For you, Aries, the diamond provides enormous strength.

Wear this in situations where you face many challenges, such as when studying for exams, competing in physical competitions, and going for job interviews. Wear it as earrings, on any ring but your wedding finger, unless married, and on pendants.

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Taurus – 21 April-20 May

Stable, practical, materialistic, foodie, domesticated, grounded and stubborn are all words to describe you Taurus. You are happiest when at home, that is beautifully decorated, where you can tend to the garden on a daily basis.

Taurus Birthstone – Emerald

taurus birthstone

Emeralds are beautiful green stones that are connected to Taurus. The Egyptians’ Taurus’ constellation represents both Osiris, which is a Sun god, as well as Isis. The Ancient Egyptians and Cleopatra thought that Emeralds would heal eye diseases, and the green color symbolized fertility and rebirth. Often, the dead were buried with emeralds, as they represented eternal youth.

Taurus is connected to the land, and the fertility and rebirth of it, as they are born with “green thumbs.” They are able to magically bring any garden to life, and make it green and lush – just like emeralds.

Venus is the planet that rules Taurus and emeralds. This planet is all about unconditional love, and that is what this stone represents for you Taurus. By wearing it, it will open your heart chakra, and give you inspiration, patience, balance and wisdom.

This stone will help you attract friends, give you peace of mind, a lot of harmony, as well as domestic bliss. Wear it when going out on dates, close to your heart, as a pendant. You can wear this with the perfume Emerald by Signature. It is for both men and women. 

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Gemini – 21 May to 20 June

As a Gemini, you’re highly communicative, extroverted, trend-making and loving, and make a great teacher and writer. You like to move around fast and get things done. You can get very anxious at times, and need to take time out to relax.

Gemini Birthstone – Citrine

gemini birthstone

The Citrine is a quartz crystal that comes in a color range of pale yellows, to beaming amber shades. It looks a bit cloudy, or smoky, and is a stone representing abundance, positive energy, and joy. 

This crystal is similar to Gemini’s disposition, as you are really sunny in general and happy-go-lucky! It’s a wonderful stone for you, that reminds you to focus on the joyful things in life and be grateful for them.

Wear this stone when asking for financial assistance, as it helps to manifest both opportunities and abundance connected to money. It awakens the chakra connected to the solar plexus, and provides confidence and personal power. 

Gemini and connections to others go hand in hand. When you have important conversations with others, make sure to always wear your citrine crystal. If you don’t wear it as jewelry, keep it in your pocket or purse.

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Cancer – 21 June to 22 July

You are affectionate, emotional, sensitive, moody, and very domesticated. You love the security of being at home, and people will always find you cooking up a storm in the kitchen. You belong near the ocean, under a sky full of stars and a bright full moon.

Cancer Birthstone – Moonstone

The Moon rules Cancer, so it makes sense that the moonstone is your special birthstone. It is a gorgeous pearly-looking stone that comes in whites, grays, oranges, browns, blues, pinks and even resembles the rainbow. 

cancer birthstone zodiac

Because it is connected to the divine feminine and the Greek goddess Demeter, it has certain healing properties, such as helping with PMS and hormonal balance, as well as fertility issues. It also brings great comfort when things have changed in your life, and it encourages both harmony and balance.

This stone especially connects with Cancer, as it helps to open the third eye and crown chakras, and makes your psychic abilities even stronger. Wear it in situations where you feel you need extra psychic power.

If you have bad PMS cramps, rub your moonstone all over your womb, and feel its beneficial properties. It’s also the perfect stone to wear when trying to conceive.

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Leo – 23 July to 23 August

You are brave and self-confident! You love the spotlight, as it always shines on you. It’s your place in this world to lead, and you do it so well! Red is your favorite color, and extroverted, happy people are your favorite people to hang out with.

Leo Birthstone – Ruby

ruby birthstone zodiac

This gorgeous red stone will give you a feeling of love, nurture, good health, great knowledge and amazing fortune. It also improves energy, as well as concentration, so it’s the perfect stone to wear when studying or working hard.

Leo is a sign that rules creativity, and is represented by a lion. It’s connected to the Sun, the center of our solar system, so wearing a ruby gives a lot of vitality. It also offers loyalty, honor, as well as compassion.

For this reason, a ruby is given as a gift on “ruby” (40th) wedding anniversaries. Rubies protect the home, possessions, as well as the family. Leo represents children, so it makes sense that rubies protect the family.

Wear a ruby in a necklace, close to the heart on dates. Leo actually rules the heart, as it is the most important organ of the body. Also wear it when shopping for décor for the home, and when being creative, such as acting, painting, playing music or writing.     

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Virgo – 24 August to 22 September

As a Virgo, you are a perfectionist, and happy to serve others, as long as you are working hard and appreciated. You tend to have a lot of anxiety, and good health is important to you. You may own a lot of pets.

Virgo Birthstone – Blue Sapphire

virgo birthstone zodiac

The blue sapphire is Virgo’s birthstone. It is no coincidence that the late Princess Diana wore a beautiful blue sapphire stone surrounded by diamonds as her wedding ring. She was seen as very virginal and innocent at the time of her wedding. These qualities are similar to Virgo, the virgin.

This special stone helps with self-expression, which is very needed by Virgos, who can be so shy at times. It helps with communication and the expression of your inner self. It allows you to express your truth. 

It is a wonderful stone that helps heal the thyroid and throat chakra, and calms and balances the nervous system. As a Virgo, when feeling nervous, you should hold a blue sapphire while drinking chamomile tea.   

The blue sapphire also offers protection, luck in money, as well as spiritual insight. It is the perfect stone to wear when meditating. Place the crystal on your throat when meditating, while lying down. It’s also great to wear when asking for a promotion.

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Libra – 23 September to 23 October

Libra is a lovely sign that represents harmony, partnership, marriage and relationships. It also represents objective judgment, and the rational ability to see things from both sides. Balance is everything to a Libra, as you need this to lead a happy life.

Libra Birthstone – Opal

libra birthstone zodiac

This beautiful stone comes in a range of different colors. It increases positivity in you, and allows you to be able to say, “no,” and stop with all the people-pleasing. It allows you to be stronger when making rational decisions. 

Libra is all about balance, so it makes sense that different opals ignite our sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras. That balances all our different chakras, and each opal can be used specifically.

Opals boost your passion, lift your spirits, and help with stomach and gallbladder problems. Green or pink opals especially pertain to you, Libra, as they open your heart and allow you to get rid of others’ bad energy, such as jealousy.

You should wear opals, especially green or pink ones when going on dates. Blue opals are best worn at work, when communicating ideas. When you tap into your spirituality, you should wear a violet or white opal. 

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Scorpio – 24 October to 22 November

You are sassy and feisty all in one! Scorpios are the most intense, magnetic, and powerful of all the Zodiac signs. You have huge sexual energy, and people can’t help but be attracted to you. You are also very sensitive, emotional and psychic. The ocean is your oasis. 

Scorpio Birthstone – Topaz

scorpio birthstone zodiac

Topaz is a gorgeous stone. The colors it comes in are red-pink, colorless, gray, blue, green, brown, yellow and orange. It is Scorpio’s zodiac birthstone, and has different healing properties. It is beautiful both aesthetically, and the way it feels.

Scorpio is a feminine sign to do with transformation, death and rebirth. As a Scorpio, you can be quite introverted and being around too many people can drain you. This stone will recharge you, and align your body’s meridians.

You need a lot of peace and quiet in your life and topaz will recharge, heal, stimulate and motivate you. It attracts joy into your life when you feel like you’re walking under a gray cloud. It helps take away all those dark thoughts.  

Topaz helps you keep true to yourself, and allows you to forgive, which is sometimes hard for you. It makes you happy, more generous and attracts good fortune and health. Topaz is what you need for love, and you should wear it on dates, and when having hard conversations with difficult people. 

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Sagittarius – 23 November to 20 December

You are independent, thrill-seeking, adventurous, spiritual, and need your freedom more than anything. Sagittarians are philosophical and enjoy pursuits of the mind, such as higher education. They rule publishing and the media, as well as long distance travel.

Sagittarius Birthstone – Turquoise

sagittarius birthstone

This beautiful stone goes back to 6000 BC where it was first discovered. It was a culturally diverse stone, used by ancient Egyptians, Iranians, Persians, Mexicans, Aztecs, and Native American Indians. This fits in well with Sagittarius, which is the Zodiac sign that rules different cultures.

Turquoise helps with the breath, and is an amazing stone to keep close by while meditating and doing breathwork. Sagittarius is connected to spirituality and philosophy, and both of these are about slowing down and connecting with your higher power, which can be done through the breath.

Sagittarius is also a sign of no boundaries. You may indulge too much in all sorts of things that can affect your mental health. Turquoise helps with your emotional and mental health, and makes things more serene and peaceful. Wear turquoise when you need to calm down and relax.

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Capricorn – 21 December to 19 January

Capricorns are the most ambitious Zodiac sign. You are disciplined, enjoy hard work and climbing to the top of the corporate ladder. You need order and structure to make you feel calm. You are the General of any army!

Capricorn Birthstone – Garnet

capricorn birthstone

This birthstone connects to Capricorn, and is all about commitment. This is a subject close to your heart, as you are loyal to those you love, and committed to any work, or college project you are busy with. 

Garnets also represent creativity. Capricorns are creative when it comes to entrepreneurship and the building of businesses. For this reason, many CEOs are Capricorns. You should always wear a garnet when going to job interviews, in work meetings, and at work, in general.

The garnet is connected to Greek mythology, and the story of Persephone, who was given pomegranates before she left Hades in the underworld. Garnet is “granatus” in Latin, which means seed, as it looks like a pomegranate seed. 

Therefore, this stone gives a lot of strength, courage, and the ability to have positive thoughts. It is thought of as a stone for good luck when traveling. 

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Aquarius – 20 January to 18 February

You are weird, wacky, and wonderfully unique. Science, math and technology is your gift to the world. You also naturally attract friends, and have an objective view of the world. You are the most emotionally detached of all the Zodiac signs.

Aquarius Birthstone – Amethyst

aquarius birthstone

Amethysts are extremely popular purple crystals that you can simply gaze at for hours on end. They allow Aquarians to always stay level-headed and lighthearted, and connect with their spirituality.

This stone has been around since 25000 BC, is connected with “the all,” and is said to take its rich color from Dionysus’ (the Greek god of fertility) tears. It connects you with your crown chakra and helps with spirituality.

It offers you stress relief, which is great, as your nerves are sometimes on edge with all that Uranian energy. It also protects you, and allows you to have more humility. Wear this stone when socializing in big groups of friends.

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Pisces – 19 February to 20 March

You are magical and mysterious, full of unconditional love, creative and live in your own world. You have qualities about you that are very ethereal, and are interested in everything esoteric. You are the flower child of the Zodiac. 

Pisces Birthstone – Aquamarine

pisces birthstone

Aquamarine is a gorgeous, light-blue colored stone that fits in perfectly with the colors that represent Pisces. Back in the day, sea merchants carried around aquamarines to protect them from drowning. It is known as the “mermaids’” stone – just like Pisces is the mermaid of the Zodiac sky!

The Greek god Poseidon was ruler of the ocean and valued aquamarine. He is known as Neptune in Roman mythology, which is Pisces’ ruler. It is a wonderful healing stone that brings a lot of relief to all three of the most important parts of you – mind, body and soul.

Pisces is a very emotional being, and aquamarine helps to soothe and calm the wearer. It helps not let emotions overwhelm you. This is a wonderful crystal to wear when feeling depressed, or lonely and overly emotional, or when you feel like you need to connect to the energy of the ocean. 

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No matter what Zodiac sign you are, your special birthstone should always be kept close by for when you need it the most. Watch your life become more abundant when you wear crystals everyday and bring them into your home. 

Amethysts, diamonds and rubies are just the tip of the iceberg! There are even more stones that represent your Zodiac sign – just delve deep, do your research, and you’ll be amazed at what these can do for your life!

I'm female, 26, and a Gemini (June 11). I run this blog all by myself. My name's Jessica - I'm in no way a professional astrologer but I've studied the Zodiac signs for the past 6 years and use this site to share my information and knowledge with all of you.